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If you have screenshots of unit/monster stats but don't feel like editing the wiki, we will gladly put it in for you!

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Notes About Wiki Stuff:

Formulas for Ascension Values
In general, the values for ascension have shown the following pattern:
  • Atk: The ascension increment can be modeled by ASC_ATK = (MLB_ATK) / N, where N is a numerical constant related to the rarity of the unit and its Atk.
  • Cost: Units with costs of 35, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5(?) will decrease the cost by 1. Units with costs of 30 and 40 will decrease the cost by 2.
  • Range: Range will always increase by 5.
  • HP: The ascension increment can be modeled by ASC_HP = (MLB_HP) / M, where M is a numerical constant related to the rarity of the unit and its HP.

Table of Constant Values

The following relations have been found by sampling the ascension values of units on the wiki whose values have already been confirmed via in-game ascension.

After messing around with the numbers of at least 5 different units, the following constants were found:

Rarity Value of N Value of M Notes
11★ 20 10 Applies to both empowered and un-empowered forms.
10★ 20 10 Applies to both empowered and un-empowered forms.
9★ 20 10
8★ 9.26 9.28 For N: Round DOWN to the nearest multiple of 25 (100, 125, 150, 175, etc.)
For M: Round DOWN to the nearest multiple of 500 (500, 1000, 1500, etc.)
7★  ???  ???
6★  ???  ???
5★  ???  ???
4★  ???  ???
3★  ???  ???
2★  ???  ???
1★  ???  ???

In conclusion, as long as the MLB stats of a unit and what it ascends are known, the values of the ascension can be calculated.

I sound like a mega nerd I'm sorry

However, these patterns have NOT been rigorously tested and the formulas were derived from a very small sample size,

so don't take my word for it LOL so let me know if you find any exceptions to them.

EDIT: The 8★ formula doesn't really work because I think they changed how they did it at some point idk.

Empowered MLB Stats

I think I figured out how to figure out how to determine the Empowered MLB stats for 11*s (if they ascend attack),

based on the promotional poster thing they have in the event rules and pack pages.

The page always displays the un-empowered Lv 260 stats first, then the 4th ascended empowered stats.

Knowing what we do about 11* stats, we can assume:

X / 20 = Y and Z = 4*Y + X

where X is the MLB stat, Y is the ascension value, and Z is the MLB + 4th ascended stats from the new unit page.

By substituting the first equation into the second, we get the following relationship:

X = Z / 1.2

This means that simply dividing the MLB + 4th ascended stat by 1.2 will yield the empowered MLB stats.

More formulas to note for units that are 3rd ascended and lower:

  • 3rd Ascended: X = (20/23)*Z
  • 2nd Ascended: X = (10/11)*Z
  • 1st Ascended: X = (20/21)*Z
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