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Defender Quest

In Defender Quests, you will challenge a number of grueling challenges that will test your might and mettle!

There are thee tiers of difficulty. Each tier contains ten stages. Stages must be completed in succession-clear one stage to unlock the next. Complete all of the stages in a given tier and you will unlock the next difficult level. Complete all three difficult levels to unlock Endless Mode!

Each stage offers two types of reward: Mission Rewards and Treasure Chest ewards. Successfully defend the Treasure Chest to recieve its contents after completing the stage. Mission Rewards will become available only after you have completed all three objectives listed in a stage. (This is misleading information-you do not get bonus if you do the mission a second time. If you clear it the first time, there is no need to complete it a second time.)

Higher difficulties will offer greater rewards! Are you up for the challenge?

  • You can only receive Mission Rewards for each stage once!
  • These rewards will be sent to your inbox.

Combat in the Defender Quests Event

Combat in the Defender Quests event is based entirely on your own units.

each map will contain ARFs-- or Arcane Repulsor Fields--that will limit the type of unit you can deploy on that square. (e.g. Melee ARFs will only allow you to deploy Melee units on their squares.)

Each map also contains a Base. If a base's durability reaches 0, the quest will end in failure.

Be Warned! Some monsters--known as Hybrids--are immune to a number of player skills! Hybrids can be recognized by the off-color. Experiment to uncover their weaknesses, or use a bonus unit to bypass their protection!

Endless Mode

Complete the Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties to unlock Endless Mode. Endless Mode, like the other difficulties, also contain Mission and treasure Chest rewards. You may complete these stages as often as you like. The further you progress in Endless, the stronger your enemies will become. How long will you last, I wonder?

Tap Endless Ranked to view the hardiest, grittiest warriors participating in the event!

  • Rank-based rewards will NOT be distributed for Endless.

Endless Mode really isn't endless. It has 40 total stages. After completing the 40th lap, the endless loop starts back at 31. Since you have already cleared the mission, you can get treasure chest rewards but cannot get mission rewards anymore.


Hybrids may possess special auras that prevent some skills from working on them! Uncover their weaknesses or use a bonus unit to defeat them!

Red Monsters- Armored Enemies

  • Higher HP
  • Slower Moving
  • Weaker to Magic

Blue Monsters- Flying Enemies

  • Lower Hp
  • May Stray
  • Weaker to Missle

Purple Monsters- Magic Enemies

  • Speed/HP balanced
  • Weaker to Melee

Bonus Units

New units found in Packs can be deployed within the Defender Quests event at zero deploy cost. Their unit skills are also fully functional against all enemies, including Hybrids, within the event.


There will be no ranking for this event.


The difficulty of the Defender quest event, as well as the rewards, may be subject to change without prior notice.
Thank you for your understanding.

Treasure Chest rewards

Each map also contains a Treasure Chest. Monsters will attack this chest, destroying it if its durability reaches 0. If, after completing a stage, the Treasure Chest is still intact with at least on durability, you will receive its contents as a reward.


Each stage contains three missions. Complete the objectives for all of these missions to receive that stage's Mission Rewards.

  • You can only receive Mission Rewards for each stage once!

If you fail a mission in stages 31-40 you will have to go through the remaining stages. After completing stage 40, you will restart at 31 and will have a shot at the 3* reward again.


Boss Type Melee icon.png Missile icon.png Magic icon.png
Jupiter m.gif Jupiter m icon.png
6 Ground icon.png D A C
Salamander.gif Salamander icon.png
3 Ground icon.png B B D
Golem.gif Golem icon.png
5 Ground icon.png A A D
Earth Dragon m.gif Earth Dragon m icon.png
5 Ground icon.png B B D
Peacekeeper m.gif Peacekeeper m icon.png
5 Ground icon.png A D C
Faith m.gif Faith m icon.png
6 Air icon.png B B B
Alexander 5 m.gif Alexander 5 m icon.png
5 Ground icon.png A C D
Erhard m.gif Erhard m icon.png
5 Ground icon.png C C C
Ixis m.gif Ixis m icon.png
5 Air icon.png D B C
Witch m.gif Witch m icon.png
4 Sea icon.png C D B
Dorothy m.gif Dorothy m icon.png
4 Ground icon.png C C C
Vampiress m.gif Vampiress m icon.png
6 Air icon.png C D B
Leviathan.gif Leviathan icon.png
5 Sea icon.png C C D
Nessarose m.gif Nessarose m icon.png
5 Sea icon.png C D B
Spira m.gif Spira m icon.png
5 Sea icon.png B C D
Cruella m.gif Cruella m icon.png
8 Ground icon.png B C A
Marjoram m.gif Marjoram m icon.png
6 Air icon.png C B C
Anbien m.gif Anbien m icon.png
4 Ground icon.png B C D
Nieves m.gif Nieves m icon.png
8 Sea icon.png A A C
Rocky m.gif Rocky m icon.png
7 Ground icon.png A B C
Phlegethon m.gif Phlegethon m icon.png
7 Ground icon.png A A D
Casse m.gif Casse m icon.png
7 Air icon.png B A C
Kangxiu m.gif Kangxiu m icon.png
7 Ground icon.png C C B
Doupon m.gif Doupon m icon.png
7 Ground icon.png B A D
Sormr m.gif Sormr m icon.png
7 Ground icon.png A B C
Circinus m.gif Circinus m icon.png
8 Ground icon.png A C C
Phyrea m.gif Phyrea m icon.png
8 Sea icon.png B C A
The Empress m.gif The Empress m icon.png
8 Ground icon.png C A A
Vomer m.gif Vomer m icon.png
8 Ground icon.png B B C
Amanojaku m.gif Amanojaku m icon.png
9 Air icon.png A A A
Phoenix m.gif Phoenix m icon.png
9 Air icon.png S S A

Hybrid Monsters

Boss Type Melee icon.png Missile icon.png Magic icon.png
Cyclops.gif Cyclops icon.png
5 Ground icon.png D C D
Black Dragon.gif Black Dragon icon.png
6 Ground icon.png B A B
Azure Dragon m.gif Azure Dragon m icon.png
4 Sea icon.png D C B
Quetzalcoatl m.gif Quetzalcoatl m icon.png
6 Air icon.png B D B
Vampire.gif Vampire icon.png
5 Air icon.png D D B
Giant Bat.gif Giant Bat icon.png
1 Air icon.png B D C
Crimson Crab.gif Crimson Crab icon.png
2 Sea icon.png A B D
Ghost.gif Ghost icon.png
2 Air icon.png S A D
Imp.gif Imp icon.png
2 Air icon.png B C S
Wattson m.gif Wattson m icon.png
7 Ground icon.png A D D
Harpy m.gif Harpy m icon.png
3 Air icon.png C D B
Lich.gif Lich icon.png
2 Air icon.png D B B
Blank sprite.png Blank icon.png
Blank icon.png

Previous Defender Quest Events

Event Name Start Date End Date Insanity Clear Reward
One Worthy Claws banner.png
One Worthy Claws
05/31/2018 06/04/2018 Begonia icon.png
11★ Begonia
Whims of Madness banner.png
Whims of Madness
04/19/2018 04/30/2018 Vestio icon.png
11★ Vestio
Dead or Alive banner.png
Dead or Alive
03/22/2018 03/26/2018 Berserker icon.png
11★ Berserker
Defender Quests! banner.png
Defender Quests!
03/01/2018 03/05/2018 Al Azif icon.png
11★ Al_Azif

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