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Event Types

These are "main" events, which always have rank rewards associated with them. Ranked Events tend to be the longest type of event (3 - 7 days). There are always bonus/event units associated with ranking events, and often there are multiple packs, introduced over the course of any given event, which will include bonus units.

These events tend to be short (1 - 3 days), and are usually run concurrently with Ranked Events. While they have bonus units associated with them, they do not have rank rewards. Note that while historically, there may have been ranked instances, this is a list of CURRENT event types run without rankings.

Functional Events are ones that serve a specific purpose (such as to recruit or awaken units), or grant specific items. Functional events never have any ranking associated with them, and never have any bonus units associated with them (an exception being Els EU).

Ranking Events are ones that are based on player rankings outside the original event. This includes MVP Rankings and Monthly Rankings

Event types that been held in the past, but have seemingly been retired from currently used event types (i.e. have not occurred in over one year).

Some general suggestions are outlined at Event Types Summary

Event List

☆Prizes and Dates are a best guess until event is released☆☆☆User:Kittylitter

 2018 Events   2017 Events   2016 Events   2015 Events   2014 Events   2013 Events   2012 Events 

Edit: 2018 Events List | 2017 Events List | 2016 Events List | 2015 Events List | 2014 Events List | 2013 Events List | 2012 Events List
Event Name Start Date End Date Japanese Equivalent JP Start JP End Event Type
It's All Greek to Me banner.png
It's All Greek to Me
2018-02-27 2018-03-06 Dice Event
Princess Party banner.png
Princess Party
2018-02-22 2018-02-27 Team Event
When Sparks Fly banner.png
When Sparks Fly
2018-02-20 2018-02-27 Gifting Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 61 banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 61
2018-02-15 2018-02-19 Guild Battle
A Kyng's Lyfe banner.png
A Kyng's Lyfe
2018-02-12 2018-02-19 Tower Event
The Sun Never Rises banner.png
The Sun Never Rises
2018-02-07 2018-02-12 Colosseum Event
Undersea Dreams banner.png
Undersea Dreams
2018-02-05 2018-02-12 Panel Event
Simply Bovine banner.png
Simply Bovine
2018-01-31 2018-02-05 Colosseum Event
A Different Beat banner.png
A Different Beat
2018-01-29 2018-02-05 Clash Event
Wild Side banner.png
Wild Side
2018-01-25 2018-01-29 Quest Challenge Event
Mysterious Ways banner.png
Mysterious Ways
2018-01-23 2018-01-29 Training Event
Armored in Light banner.png
Armored in Light
2018-01-18 2018-01-22 Colossi Event
Snake Your Booty banner.png
Snake Your Booty
2018-01-16 2018-01-22 Tower Event
Age of Ishtaria-Unbreakable banner.png
Age of Ishtaria-Unbreakable
2018-01-12 2018-01-15 Colosseum Event
An Age Between banner.png
An Age Between
2018-01-10 2018-01-15 Legion Battle
The Twilight Troupe banner.png
The Twilight Troupe
2018-01-07 2018-01-10 Tower Event
The Animal Inside banner.png
The Animal Inside
2018-01-05 2018-01-10 Frontlines Event
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