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Event Types

These are "main" events, which always have rank rewards associated with them. Ranked Events tend to be the longest type of event (3 - 7 days). There are always bonus/event units associated with ranking events, and often there are multiple packs, introduced over the course of any given event, which will include bonus units.

These events tend to be short (1 - 3 days), and are usually run concurrently with Ranked Events. While they have bonus units associated with them, they do not have rank rewards. Note that while historically, there may have been ranked instances, this is a list of CURRENT event types run without rankings.

Functional Events are ones that serve a specific purpose (such as to recruit or awaken units), or grant specific items. Functional events never have any ranking associated with them, and never have any bonus units associated with them (an exception being Els EU).

Ranking Events are ones that are based on player rankings outside the original event. This includes MVP Rankings and Monthly Rankings

Event types that been held in the past, but have seemingly been retired from currently used event types (i.e. have not occurred in over one year).

Some general suggestions are outlined at Event Types Summary

Event List

☆☆☆Prizes and Dates are a best guess until event is released☆☆☆

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There were a total of 151 events during 2016.

Event Name Start Date End Date Japanese Equivalent JP Start JP End Event Type
The Demon's Folly release banner.png
The Demon's Folly
2016-12-27 2016-12-31 Colosseum Event
Prison Break release banner.png
Prison Break
2016-12-26 2016-12-31 Panel Event
Christmas Eve Cruise release banner.png
Christmas Eve Cruise
2016-12-23 2016-12-26 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 48 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 48
2016-12-19 2016-12-26 Guild Battle
Nature's Blessing release banner.png
Nature's Blessing
2016-12-19 2016-12-22 Legion Battle
Heroes for Hire release banner.png
Heroes for Hire
2016-12-15 2016-12-19 Frontlines Event
Seasons of the Heart release banner.png
Seasons of the Heart
2016-12-12 2016-12-15 Raising Event
Holly Jolly Jamboree release banner.png
Holly Jolly Jamboree
2016-12-09 2016-12-12 Colosseum Event
Warriors of Wonder release banner.png
Warriors of Wonder
2016-12-05 2016-12-12 Colossi Event
Of Ice and Stone release banner.png
Of Ice and Stone
2016-12-05 2016-12-08 Training Event
A Woman of Distinction release banner.png
A Woman of Distinction
2016-12-02 2016-12-05 Tower Event
Fate's Embrace release banner.png
Fate's Embrace
2016-12-01 2016-12-05 Clash Event
Secret Studies Society release banner.png
Secret Studies Society
2016-11-28 2016-12-01 Path Event
Steamy Springs Showdown banner.png
Steamy Springs Showdown
2016-11-25 2016-11-28 Colosseum Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 47 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 47
2016-11-21 2016-11-28 Guild Battle
Symphony of Destruction release banner.png
Symphony of Destruction
2016-11-21 2016-11-24 Gifting Event
The Monk in Black release banner.png
The Monk in Black
2016-11-18 2016-11-21 Tower Event
Raising Hell release banner.png
Raising Hell
2016-11-17 2016-11-21 Dice Event
Jurassic Heart release banner.png
Jurassic Heart
2016-11-14 2016-11-17 Raising Event
Eye of the Tigress release banner.png
Eye of the Tigress
2016-11-11 2016-11-14 Tower Event
Trappers in a Tizzy release banner.png
Trappers in a Tizzy
2016-11-06 2016-11-14 Colossi Event
Hunter, Hunted release banner.png
Hunter, Hunted
2016-11-06 2016-11-10 Frontlines Event
Chains of Command release banner.png
Chains of Command
2016-11-03 2016-11-06 Colosseum Event
In the Skies, Freedom release banner.png
In the Skies, Freedom
2016-11-02 2016-11-06 Panel Event
Camp Kunoichi release banner.png
Camp Kunoichi
2016-10-31 2016-11-02 Tower Event
Banchetto's Hello-ween release banner.png
Banchetto's Hello-ween
2016-10-28 2016-10-31 Colosseum Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 46 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 46
2016-10-24 2016-10-31 Guild Battle
Time to Shine release banner.png
Time to Shine
2016-10-24 2016-10-27 Team Event
UnderTales release banner.png
2016-10-21 2016-10-24 Dice Event
City of Perdition release banner.png
City of Perdition
2016-10-18 2016-10-21 Tactics Event
Sunset Soiree release banner.png
Sunset Soiree
2016-10-15 2016-10-18 Tower Event
Mages of Might release banner.png
Mages of Might
2016-10-11 2016-10-18 Colossi Event
Go West! release banner.png
Go West!
2016-10-11 2016-10-14 Clash Event
Over the Moon 2 release banner.png
Over the Moon 2
2016-10-07 2016-10-11 Panel Event
Kanetsugu's Autumn Festival release banner.png
Kanetsugu's Autumn Festival
2016-10-04 2016-10-07 Colosseum Event
Milady's Secret Service release banner.png
Milady's Secret Service
2016-10-03 2016-10-07 Path Event
The Greatest Tragedy release banner.png
The Greatest Tragedy
2016-09-30 2016-10-03 Training Event
Threads of Fate release banner.png
Threads of Fate
2016-09-27 2016-09-30 Dice Event
Like a Bird release banner.png
Like a Bird
2016-09-24 2016-09-27 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 45 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 45
2016-09-20 2016-09-27 Guild Battle
Love You To Death release banner.png
Love You To Death
2016-09-20 2016-09-23 Gifting Event
Okuni's Last Show release banner.png
Okuni's Last Show
2016-09-17 2016-09-20 Colosseum Event
Enter the Hero release banner.png
Enter the Hero
2016-09-16 2016-09-20 Legion Battle
The Lingering Heat release banner.png
The Lingering Heat
2016-09-13 2016-09-16 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 44 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 44
2016-09-08 2016-09-16 Guild Battle
On a Sword Edge release banner.png
On a Sword Edge
2016-09-08 2016-09-12 Panel Event
Beauty and the Beach release banner.png
Beauty and the Beach
2016-09-05 2016-09-08 Team Event
After the Shadows release banner.png
After the Shadows
2016-09-02 2016-09-05 Colosseum Event
Duel on the Dance Floor release banner.png
Duel on the Dance Floor
2016-09-01 2016-09-05 Path Event
Monster Familiars 6 release banner.png
Monster Familiars 6
2016-08-30 2016-09-01 Monster Familiars Event
The Chemistry of Life release banner.png
The Chemistry of Life
2016-08-29 2016-09-01 Raising Event
Crescent Moon Oath release banner.png
Crescent Moon Oath
2016-08-25 2016-08-29 Tower Event
Fiends in a Frenzy release banner.png
Fiends in a Frenzy
2016-08-25 2016-08-29 Colossi Event
Beast Friends Furrever release banner.png
Beast Friends Furrever
2016-08-22 2016-08-25 Gifting Event
Beneath the Snow release banner.png
Beneath the Snow
2016-08-19 2016-08-22 Dice Event
All For One banner.png
All For One
2016-08-16 2016-08-19 Frontlines Event
Under the Sun release banner.png
Under the Sun
2016-08-13 2016-08-16 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 43 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 43
2016-08-09 2016-08-16 Guild Battle
Ready to Serve release banner.png
Ready to Serve
2016-08-09 2016-08-12 Clash Event
Kindred Hearts release banner.png
Kindred Hearts
2016-08-06 2016-08-09 Team Event
The Spirit Watch release banner.png
The Spirit Watch
2016-08-05 2016-08-09 Panel Event
A Time to Heal release banner.png
A Time to Heal
2016-08-02 2016-08-05 Colosseum Event
Just Deserts release banner.png
Just Deserts
2016-08-01 2016-08-05 Training Event
What You Sea release banner.png
What You Sea
2016-07-29 2016-08-01 Tower Event
MVP Rankings release banner.png
MVP Rankings
2016-07-28 2016-08-16 Ranking Event
Hell's Audition release banner.png
Hell's Audition
2016-07-28 2016-08-01 Legion Battle
Of Myth and Magic release banner.png
Of Myth and Magic
2016-07-25 2016-07-28 Path Event
Agents of B.R.E.W. release banner.png
Agents of B.R.E.W.
2016-07-22 2016-07-25 Dice Event
The Makers of Music release banner.png
The Makers of Music
2016-07-19 2016-07-22 Gifting Event
The Phoenix Reborn release banner.png
The Phoenix Reborn
2016-07-16 2016-07-19 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 42 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 42
2016-07-12 2016-07-19 Guild Battle
Witches' Brew release banner.png
Witches' Brew
2016-07-12 2016-07-15 Tactics Event
Demons in the Dark release banner.png
Demons in the Dark
2016-07-09 2016-07-12 Colosseum Event
Worth Fighting For release banner.png
Worth Fighting For
2016-07-08 2016-07-011 Panel Event
As the Winds Blow release banner.png
As the Winds Blow
2016-07-05 2016-07-08 Colosseum Event
The Shady Hill Keepers release banner.png
The Shady Hill Keepers
2016-07-04 2016-07-08 Training Event
The Way of Glory release banner.png
The Way of Glory
2016-07-01 2016-07-04 Tower Event
A Hard Day's Knight release banner.png
A Hard Day's Knight
2016-06-30 2016-07-04 Raising Event
Words with Wings release banner.png
Words with Wings
2016-06-27 2016-06-30 Dice Event
Of Strife and Accord release banner.png
Of Strife and Accord
2016-06-24 2016-06-27 Colosseum Event
Her Sweet Siren Song release banner.png
Her Sweet Siren Song
2016-06-23 2016-06-27 Legion Battle
Forged in Flame announcement banner.png
Forged in Flame
2016-06-20 2016-06-23 Frontlines Event
A Wanderer's Loyalty release banner.png
A Wanderer's Loyalty
2016-06-17 2016-06-20 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 41 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 41
2016-06-13 2016-06-20 Guild Battle
The Magic Show release banner.png
The Magic Show
2016-06-13 2016-06-16 Gifting Event
Garden in the Sky announcement banner.png
Garden in the Sky
2016-06-09 2016-06-13 Path Event
As the Cogs Turn release banner.png
As the Cogs Turn
2016-06-06 2016-06-09 Training Event
Master of Tactics release banner.png
Master of Tactics
2016-06-03 2016-06-06 Colosseum Event
The Blossom Game release banner.png
The Blossom Game
2016-06-02 2016-06-06 Panel Event
Shadowfall release banner.png
2016-05-31 2016-06-02 Colosseum Event
They Come at Night release banner.png
They Come at Night
2016-05-30 2016-06-02 Legion Battle
Princesses of Peril release banner.png
Princesses of Peril
2016-05-26 2016-05-30 Colossi Event
Masazumi's Fall release banner.png
Masazumi's Fall
2016-05-26 2016-05-30 Tower Event
A Perilous Peace release banner.png
A Perilous Peace
2016-05-23 2016-05-26 Frontlines Event
Vengeance's Dark Wings release banner.png
Vengeance's Dark Wings
2016-05-20 2016-05-23 Tactics Event
Seeds of Fire release banner.png
Seeds of Fire
2016-05-17 2016-05-20 Gifting Event
Sorrows of the Strong release banner.png
Sorrows of the Strong
2016-05-14 2016-05-17 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 40 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 40
2016-05-10 2016-05-17 Guild Battle
Beyond the Clouds release banner.png
Beyond the Clouds
2016-05-10 2016-05-13 Training Event
A Bloody Invitation release banner.png
A Bloody Invitation
2016-05-06 2016-05-10 Path Event
Princess of the Age release banner.png
Princess of the Age
2016-05-03 2016-05-06 Colosseum Event
Heart of a Summoner release banner.png
Heart of a Summoner
2016-05-02 2016-05-06 Panel Event
A Warrior's Enmity release banner.png
A Warrior's Enmity
2016-04-29 2016-05-02 Colosseum Event
Lines in the Sand release banner.png
Lines in the Sand
2016-04-28 2016-05-02 Frontlines Event
The New Paranormal release banner.png
The New Paranormal
2016-04-25 2016-04-28 Raising Event
Satisfy Your Thirst release banner.png
Satisfy Your Thirst
2016-04-22 2016-04-25 Team Event
The Oblivion Games release banner.png
The Oblivion Games
2016-04-21 2016-04-25 Dice Event
What the Wizard Knows release banner.png
What the Wizard Knows
2016-04-18 2016-04-21 Training-Tower Event
Between Battles release banner.png
Between Battles
2016-04-15 2016-04-18 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 39 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 39
2016-04-07 2016-04-18 Guild Battle
Call of the Skies release banner.png
Call of the Skies
2016-04-11 2016-04-14 Training Event
Birth of a King release banner.png
Birth of a King
2016-04-07 2016-04-11 Path Event
In Riotous Bloom release banner.png
In Riotous Bloom
2016-04-04 2016-04-07 Panel Event
Joachim and the Tower of Musclebound Might release banner.png
Joachim and the Tower of Musclebound Might
2016-04-01 2016-04-04 Tower Event
Into the Oubliette release banner.png
Into the Oubliette
2016-03-31 2016-04-04 Dice Event
Longing for Glory release banner.png
Longing for Glory
2016-03-28 2016-03-31 Clash Event
Chains That Bind release banner.png
Chains That Bind
2016-03-26 2016-03-28 Colosseum Event
The Ogres of Misty Moon release banner.png
The Ogres of Misty Moon
2016-03-25 2016-03-28 Legion Battle
Touched by Temptation release banner.png
Touched by Temptation
2016-03-22 2016-03-25 Tactics Event
Warriors of Fate release banner.png
Warriors of Fate
2016-03-18 2016-03-22 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 38 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 38
2016-03-13 2016-03-22 Guild Battle
Swords Have Stories release banner.png
Swords Have Stories
2016-03-13 2016-03-17 Panel Event
The Queen of Snowcastle release banner.png
The Queen of Snowcastle
2016-03-10 2016-03-13 Training Event
Her Infernal Uprising release banner.png
Her Infernal Uprising
2016-03-07 2016-03-10 Frontlines Event
Starry Night Dreams release banner.png
Starry Night Dreams
2016-03-05 2016-03-07 Tower Event
Kingdom of Justice release banner.png
Kingdom of Justice
2016-03-03 2016-03-07 Gifting Event
The Blood Rose Society release banner.png
The Blood Rose Society
2016-02-29 2016-03-03 Legion Battle
Blazing in the Dark release banner.png
Blazing in the Dark
2016-02-26 2016-02-29 Colosseum Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 37 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 37
2016-02-22 2016-02-29 Guild Battle
Song of the Spirit Wood release banner.png
Song of the Spirit Wood
2016-02-22 2016-02-25 Raising Event
To Become a Grandmaster release banner.png
To Become a Grandmaster
2016-02-20 2016-02-22 Team Event
Blade of the Founders release banner.png
Blade of the Founders
2016-02-19 2016-02-22 Frontlines Event
No King For Men release banner.png
No King For Men
2016-02-16 2016-02-19 Clash Event
Behind the Black Dragon release banner.png
Behind the Black Dragon
2016-02-14 2016-02-16 Tower Event
My Love's So Sweet release banner.png
My Love's So Sweet
2016-02-12 2016-02-16 Dice Event
The Moonblossom Incident release banner.png
The Moonblossom Incident
2016-02-08 2016-02-12 Panel Event
The Forgotten Library release banner.png
The Forgotten Library
2016-02-06 2016-02-08 Colosseum Event
Leviathan's Revenge release banner.png
Leviathan's Revenge
2016-02-04 2016-02-08 Training Event
A Touch of Crimson release banner.png
A Touch of Crimson
2016-02-01 2016-02-04 Gifting Event
Nobunaga's Fury release banner.png
Nobunaga's Fury
2016-01-29 2016-02-01 Colosseum Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 36 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 36
2016-01-25 2016-02-01 Guild Battle
To Catch a King release banner.png
To Catch a King
2016-01-25 2016-01-28 Tactics Event
Trials of a Warrior Princess release banner.png
Trials of a Warrior Princess
2016-01-22 2016-01-25 Tower Event
Fantasica's Got Talent release banner.png
Fantasica's Got Talent
2016-01-21 2016-01-25 Raising Event
Empire of Eight release banner.png
Empire of Eight
2016-01-18 2016-01-21 Clash Event
The Enchanter's Gallery release banner.png
The Enchanter's Gallery
2016-01-15 2016-01-18 Dice Event
The Crimson Crusade release banner.png
The Crimson Crusade
2016-01-12 2016-01-15 Frontlines Event
Fires of Perdition release banner.png
Fires of Perdition
2016-01-08 2016-01-12 Colosseum Event
Under the Starry Skies release banner.png
Under the Starry Skies
2016-01-06 2016-01-12 Training Event
A Swallow's Last Flight release banner.png
A Swallow's Last Flight
2016-01-02 2016-01-06 Colosseum Event
The Newborn Life release banner.png
The Newborn Life
2015-12-31 2016-01-06 Panel Event

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