What You Sea

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What You Sea
What You Sea release banner.png
Start Date 2016-07-29
End Date 2016-08-01
Event Type Tower Event
Event Cards Mini Sea Packs
Preceded By Hell's Audition
Followed By Just Deserts
What You Sea announcement.jpg
What You Sea release.jpg

Event Info

Event Info
The What You Sea event consists of 20 floors.

During the event, you will encounter a boss every 5 floors. Defeat all the bosses up to the last floor!

Defeat the final boss on the 20th floor to clear the tower!

Defeating each of the bosses will earn you a reward. Clearing the 20th floor will also earn you a 7★ and Up Ticket!

The reward you receive every 5th floor will be determined at random from your second playthrough and on. Good luck!

The What You Sea event includes 10★ Nu Tickets and Goddesses of Ascension as special rewards for BT Pts earned.

  • These rewards will be sent to your Inbox.

Event Schedule

July 29, 2016, post-maintenance
August 1, 2016, maintenance

New Units

The following new units in Mini Sea Packs gave bonus BT points in The Phoenix Reborn event:

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Jinnai Kosaka 10.gif Jinnai Kosaka 10 icon.png
10 Magic 25 B 150 286,217 248,270 286,217 Poison,

Shadow Shackles
Mini Sea Packs
Kojiro Sasaki 8.gif Kojiro Sasaki 8 icon.png
8 Missile 25 C 150 124,110 162,554 141,205 Knockback,

Acid Rain
Mini Sea Packs
Jinpachi Nezu v2.gif Jinpachi Nezu v2 icon.png
6 Missile 15 C 150 67,783 81,035 54,040 Knockback,

Critical Shot
Standard Card Packs
Added during What You Sea

Reward Units

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Masazumi Honda v2.gif Masazumi Honda v2 icon.png
10 Magic 30 C 175 269,428 283,323 297,534 Knockback,

What You Sea
1,800,000 BT Points Reward


Boss Type Melee icon.png Missile icon.png Magic icon.png Floor
Lap 1
Vertex m.gif Vertex m icon.png
6 Air icon.png B D B 5
Walter M Elon.gif Walter M Elon icon.png
6 Ground icon.png D C C 10
Merrow m.gif Merrow m icon.png
7 Sea icon.png B B B 15
Poseidon m.gif Poseidon m icon.png
7 Sea icon.png C A B 20
Lap 2+
Shanshintei m.gif Shanshintei m icon.png
8 Ground icon.png B B B 5
Nieves m.gif Nieves m icon.png
8 Sea icon.png A A C 10
Morvydd m.gif Morvydd m icon.png
9 Sea icon.png A A A 15
Leviathan 9 m.gif Leviathan 9 m icon.png
9 Sea icon.png A A S 20


Floor Rewards

Floor Reward
1st Lap
5 Time elixir p icon.png Time Elixir(P) x 2
10 Soma icon.png Soma x 1
15 Ticket 6 icon.png 6★+ Ticket
20 Ticket 7 icon.png 7★+ Ticket

Lap 2+ Rewards

Possible Reward
Time elixir icon.png Time Elixir
Time elixir p icon.png Time Elixir(P)
Potion icon.png Potion
Potion p icon.png Potion (P)
Anu icon.png Anu
Danu icon.png Danu
Tartu icon.png Tartu

Lap 2+ Rewards

Possible Reward
Aer icon.png Aer
Epona icon.png Epona
Ambrosia icon.png Ambrosia
Soma icon.png Soma
Ichor icon.png Ichor
Ticket 5 icon.png 5★+ Ticket
Premium ticket2 icon.png 4★+ Ticket
Enurta icon.png Enurta

BT Point Rewards

BT Pts Reward
200,000 Aer icon.png Aer
400,000 Ticket 10 Nu icon.png 10★ Nu Ticket x 1
600,000 Aeru icon.png Aeru
900,000 Ticket 10 Nu icon.png 10★ Nu Ticket x 1
1,200,000 Aery icon.png Aery
1,500,000 Aurora Essence icon.png Aurora Essence x 3
1,800,000 Masazumi Honda v2 icon.png 10★ Masazumi Honda
2,100,000 Aerora icon.png Aerora
2,500,000 Masazumi Honda v2 icon.png 10★ Masazumi Honda

No Rank Rewards.

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