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In Tower Events, you will encounter a boss every 5 - 10 floors. Defeating the bosses on the first two laps yields rewards (Time elixir icon.png TE/ Potion icon.png Pots / Brave Pts icon.png Brave / Luna icon.png Luna / etc).

Clearing the full Tower generally yields a 6★ unit or monster, and you start again at floor 1 on the next lap.

Clearing additional laps usually yields rewards such as Soma icon.png Soma, Ichor icon.png Ichor, Ticket 6 plus icon.png 6★+ Tickets, etc.

You can deploy one unit and three allies per floor.

Strategy & Tips

Clear out inactive allies and try to recruit some active ones for the event. Having a diverse pool of melee/missile/magic allies can be very helpful on the boss floors.

Clearing floors is the main way to gain BT, so Time Elixirs are in high demand. If you keep an eye out on the last couple days of the event you can often find great deals if you have Time Elixirs to spend!

Towers generally do not have ranking rewards (starting with Cave of Mischief in 2013), but it's a good idea to clear the first lap, as you will generally receive a 6★ unit or monster.

Previous Tower Events

To create a new page for an upcoming Tower Event, the Tower Event Template can be used as a starting point.

Event Start Date End Date Reward
Marred Beauty banner.png
Marred Beauty
04/05/2018 04/16/2018 Volha icon.png
11★ Volha
A Knight's Path banner.png
A Knight's Path
03/08/2018 03/12/2018 Guerrehet icon.png
11★ Guerrehet
A Kyng's Lyfe banner.png
A Kyng's Lyfe
02/12/2018 02/19/2018 Hadrianna icon.png
11★ Hadrianna
Snake Your Booty banner.png
Snake Your Booty
01/16/2018 01/22/2018 Fafnir 11 icon.png
11★ Fafnir_11
The Twilight Troupe banner.png
The Twilight Troupe
01/7/2018 01/10/2018 Shanla icon.png
11★ Shanla

Event Start Date End Date Reward
Towers of Treasure-Heartworkes banner.png
Towers of Treasure-Heartworkes
12/14/2017 12/17/2017 Maisie icon.png
11★ Maisie
Towers of Treasure Giving Thanks banner.png
Towers of Treasure Giving Thanks
11/23/2017 11/27/2017 Quelkana icon.png
11★ Quelkana
Changing Masters banner.png
Changing Masters
11/02/2017 11/07/2017 Takatora Todo 11 icon.png
11★ Takatora_Todo_11
Moonshine banner.png
10/19/2017 10/22/2017 Tsukiyomi icon.png
11★ Tsukiyomi
Changes banner.png
09/21/2017 09/25/2017 Shigetsuna Katakura 11 icon.png
11★ Shigetsuna_Katakura_11
Summer Retreat banner.png
Summer Retreat
08/31/2017 09/04/2017 Lioss icon.png
11★ Lioss
Caturday Night Fever banner.png
Caturday Night Fever
08/08/2017 08/14/2017 Sascha icon.png
11★ Sascha
An Autumn BATH banner.png
An Autumn BATH
07/15/2017 07/18/2017 Ujitsuna Hojo icon.png
11★ Ujitsuna_Hojo
She's All That! release banner.png
She's All That!
06/16/2017 06/19/2017 Ekei Ankokuji 11 icon.png
11★ Ekei_Ankokuji_11
Trapped! release banner.png
06/09/2017 06/12/2017 Danzo Kato 11 icon.png
11★ Danzo_Kato_11
Summer Oath release banner.png
Summer Oath
05/28/2017 06/01/2017 Hanzou Hattori 11 icon.png
11★ Hanzou_Hattori_11
One Blade release banner.png
One Blade
05/12/2017 05/17/2017 Ittousai Itou v2 icon.png
11★ Ittousai_Itou_v2
Seeds for Tomorrow release banner.png
Seeds for Tomorrow
04/28/2017 05/01/2017 Sanki Tashiro icon.png
11★ Sanki_Tashiro
Steel Wings release banner.png
Steel Wings
04/14/2017 04/17/2017 Kojiro Sasaki 11 icon.png
11★ Kojiro_Sasaki_11
One Spring Night release banner.png
One Spring Night
03/18/2017 03/21/2017 Toshiie Maeda 11 icon.png
11★ Toshiie_Maeda_11
Of Flowers and Fighters release banner.png
Of Flowers and Fighters
03/13/2017 03/16/2017 Motohide Hanabusa icon.png
11★ Motohide_Hanabusa
Path to Enlightenment release banner.png
Path to Enlightenment
02/17/2017 02/20/2017 Kenshin Uesugi 11 icon.png
11★ Kenshin_Uesugi_11
The Lone Fencer release banner.png
The Lone Fencer
01/20/2017 01/23/2017 Suden Konchiin v2 icon.png
11★ Suden_Konchiin_v2
The Sunrise Rebellion release banner.png
The Sunrise Rebellion
01/10/2017 01/12/2017 Tadayoshi Matsudaira icon.png
11★ Tadayoshi_Matsudaira

Event Start Date End Date Rank Lap BT Pts
Christmas Eve Cruise release banner.png
Christmas Eve Cruise
12/23/2016 12/26/2016 N/A Ticket 8 icon.png Sukemasa Oota icon.png
11★ Sukemasa_Oota
A Woman of Distinction release banner.png
A Woman of Distinction
12/02/2016 12/05/2016 N/A Ticket 8 icon.png Seika Fujiwara icon.png
11★ Seika_Fujiwara
The Monk in Black release banner.png
The Monk in Black
11/18/2016 11/21/2016 N/A Ticket 8 icon.png Suden Konchiin icon.png
11★ Suden_Konchiin
Eye of the Tigress release banner.png
Eye of the Tigress
11/11/2016 11/14/2016 N/A Ticket 8 icon.png Kunichika Chosokabe icon.png
11★ Kunichika_Chosokabe
Camp Kunoichi release banner.png
Camp Kunoichi
10/31/2016 11/02/2016 N/A Ticket 8 icon.png Juzo Kakei 11 icon.png
11★ Juzo_Kakei_11
Sunset Soiree release banner.png
Sunset Soiree
10/15/2016 10/18/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Serika icon.png
10★ Serika
Like a Bird release banner.png
Like a Bird
09/24/2016 09/27/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Danzo Kato icon.png
10★ Danzo_Kato
The Lingering Heat release banner.png
The Lingering Heat
09/13/2016 09/16/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Kanbei & Nagamasa Kuroda icon.png
10★ Kanbei_&_Nagamasa_Kuroda
Crescent Moon Oath release banner.png
Crescent Moon Oath
08/25/2016 08/29/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Yukimori Yamanaka icon.png
10★ Yukimori_Yamanaka
Under the Sun release banner.png
Under the Sun
08/13/2016 08/16/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Tokitaka Tanegashima icon.png
10★ Tokitaka_Tanegashima
What You Sea release banner.png
What You Sea
07/29/2016 08/01/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Masazumi Honda v2 icon.png
10★ Masazumi_Honda_v2
The Phoenix Reborn release banner.png
The Phoenix Reborn
07/16/2016 07/19/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Masaharu & Ujiharu Oda icon.png
10★ Masaharu_&_Ujiharu_Oda
The Way of Glory release banner.png
The Way of Glory
07/01/2016 07/04/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Yasumasa Sakakibara icon.png
10★ Yasumasa_Sakakibara
A Wanderer's Loyalty release banner.png
A Wanderer's Loyalty
06/17/2016 06/20/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Takatora Todo icon.png
10★ Takatora_Todo
Masazumi's Fall release banner.png
Masazumi's Fall
05/26/2016 05/30/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Masazumi Honda icon.png
10★ Masazumi_Honda
Sorrows of the Strong release banner.png
Sorrows of the Strong
05/14/2016 05/17/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Matabei Goto icon.png
10★ Matabei_Goto
Between Battles release banner.png
Between Battles
04/15/2016 04/18/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Ticket 10 Kappa icon.png
Joachim and the Tower of Musclebound Might release banner.png
Joachim and the Tower of Musclebound Might
04/01/2016 04/04/2016 N/A Dieter icon.png
9★ Dieter
Ticket 10 Iota icon.png
Warriors of Fate release banner.png
Warriors of Fate
03/18/2016 03/22/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Masamune Date icon.png
10★ Masamune_Date
Starry Night Dreams release banner.png
Starry Night Dreams
03/05/2016 03/07/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Ticket 10 Iota icon.png
Behind the Black Dragon release banner.png
Behind the Black Dragon
02/14/2016 02/16/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Ticket 10 Theta icon.png
Trials of a Warrior Princess release banner.png
Trials of a Warrior Princess
01/22/2016 01/25/2016 N/A Ticket 7 icon.png Ticket 10 Eta icon.png

Event Start Date End Date Rank Lap BT Pts
The Elysian Palace release banner.png
The Elysian Palace
12/30/2015 12/31/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Ticket 10 Zeta icon.png
Garden of Tranquility release banner.png
Garden of Tranquility
12/08/2015 12/11/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Ticket 10 Zeta icon.png
From the Ruins Reborn release banner.png
From the Ruins Reborn
11/28/2015 12/01/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Ticket 10 Epsilon icon.png
Secrets of the Misty Isle release banner.png
Secrets of the Misty Isle
11/22/2015 11/24/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Ticket 10 Epsilon icon.png
The Mysterious Manor release banner.png
The Mysterious Manor
10/21/2015 10/24/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Ticket 10 Delta icon.png
Fields of Plenty release banner.png
Fields of Plenty
10/13/2015 10/16/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Ticket 10 Delta icon.png
Pale Moon Rising release banner.png
Pale Moon Rising
09/25/2015 09/28/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Ticket 10 Gamma icon.png
Cave of Illusion release banner.png
Cave of Illusion
08/28/2015 08/31/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Ticket 10 Beta icon.png
A Tour to Remember release banner.png
A Tour to Remember
07/26/2015 07/28/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Chrysta icon.png
9★ Chrysta
Fire in the Jungle release banner.png
Fire in the Jungle
06/29/2015 07/01/2015 N/A Soma icon.png Ivana icon.png
8★ Ivana
The Dream Catcher release banner.png
The Dream Catcher
06/11/2015 06/13/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Sanya icon.png
8★ Sanya
The Path of Penitence release banner.png
The Path of Penitence
05/26/2015 05/28/2015 N/A Kushiel icon.png
6★ Kushiel
Phanuel icon.png
8★ Phanuel
Signed in Blood release banner.png
Signed in Blood
05/22/2015 05/25/2015 N/A Mormo icon.png
6★ Mormo
Balaam icon.png
8★ Balaam
Labyrinth of Illusion release banner.png
Labyrinth of Illusion
05/17/2015 05/19/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Zue icon.png
8★ Zue
End of the Rainbow release banner.png
End of the Rainbow
04/25/2015 04/27/2015 N/A Ticket 6 plus icon.png Sophie icon.png
8★ Sophie
Scion of the Sun release banner.png
Scion of the Sun
04/23/2015 04/24/2015 N/A Ichor icon.png Rem 8 icon.png
8★ Rem_8
Pillars of Ice release banner.png
Pillars of Ice
04/11/2015 04/13/2015 N/A Soma icon.png Amari icon.png
9★ Amari
Full Bloom release banner.png
Full Bloom
03/24/2015 03/26/2015 N/A Kiku icon.png
6★ Kiku
Futaba icon.png
8★ Futaba
Enemy Lines release banner.png
Enemy Lines
03/10/2015 03/12/2015 N/A Soma icon.png Ermady icon.png
9★ Ermady
The Lesser Key banner.png
The Lesser Key
02/20/2015 02/23/2015 N/A Ayna icon.png
6★ Ayna
Gusayna icon.png
8★ Gusayna
Big Thunder Mountain release banner.png
Big Thunder Mountain
1/22/2015 1/23/2015 N/A Soma icon.png Dyeus icon.png
8★ Dyeus

Tower Events became more consistent again in 2014, with 10 events over the latter half of the year. These remained shortened, "mini" events that were on average only 1 - 3 days in length. These were also usually run at the same time as another "full" event that would have ranking rewards, whereas the Tower Events still did not.

Event Start Date End Date Rank Lap BT Pts
The Alabaster Temple release banner.png
The Alabaster Temple
12/18/2014 12/19/2014 N/A Soma icon.png Cherubim icon.png
8★ Cherubim
Cry of the Amazons release banner.png
Cry of the Amazons
11/17/2014 11/19/2014 N/A Ticket 5 icon.png Samson icon.png
8★ Samson
No More Dragons release banner.png
No More Dragons
11/14/2014 11/15/2014 N/A Ticket 5 icon.png Mei Feng icon.png
8★ Mei_Feng
Demon's Day Off release banner.png
Demon's Day Off
11/06/2014 11/10/2014 N/A Teela icon.png
7★ Teela
Orr icon.png
8★ Orr
Call of the Summoner release banner.png
Call of the Summoner
10/23/2014 10/24/2014 N/A Ticket 5 icon.png Lei icon.png
8★ Lei
The Trapped Goddess release banner.png
The Trapped Goddess
09/25/2014 09/26/2014 N/A Soma icon.png Bastet icon.png
8★ Bastet
Heart of the Jungle release banner.png
Heart of the Jungle
09/11/2014 09/12/2014 N/A Ticket 5 icon.png Ea Dragonsbane icon.png
8★ Ea_Dragonsbane
The Ruins of Dragon Castle release banner.png
The Ruins of Dragon Castle
09/01/2014 09/03/2014 N/A Soma icon.png Verdandi icon.png
8★ Verdandi
The Tower of Trials release banner.png
The Tower of Trials
08/19/2014 08/21/2014 N/A Ticket 5 icon.png Trip icon.png
8★ Trip
Demon's Tower Revisited release banner.png
Demon's Tower Revisited
05/21/2014 05/23/2014 Gloria (Princess) icon.png
6★ Gloria_(Princess)
Gloria icon.png
4★ Gloria

2013 saw a drop in Tower Events, with only 2 held over the course of the year. These events were much shorter (3 - 4 days each), and unlike previous Tower Events, did not have any ranking rewards.

Event Start Date End Date Rank Lap BT Pts
The Mystic Summit release banner.png
The Mystic Summit
11/19/2013 11/21/2013 N/A Mitra icon.png
6★ Mitra
Cave of Mischief announcement banner.png
Cave of Mischief
4/8/2013 4/11/2013 N/A Holly icon.png
5★ Holly

The first event in Fantasica after the game launched in 2012 was Demon's Tower that August. There were an additional three Tower Events over the rest of the year, for a total of 4 in 2012. At this point, Tower Events were between one and two weeks long.

Event Start Date End Date Rank Lap BT Pts
The Halls of Valhalla announcement banner.jpg
The Halls of Valhalla
12/28/2012 1/7/2013 Loki icon.png
6★ Loki
Sleipnir icon.png
5★ Sleipnir
Amazons of the Hidden Jungle 11/22/2012 11/29/2012 Hippolyte icon.png
6★ Hippolyte
Hera icon.png
4★ Hera
Black Dragon Castle 9/28/2012 10/5/2012 Georgios icon.png
6★ Georgios
Sonia icon.png
5★ Sonia
Demon's Tower 8/23/2012 9/4/2012 Gloria (Princess) icon.png
6★ Gloria_(Princess)
Gloria icon.png
4★ Gloria

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