Big Thunder Mountain

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Big Thunder Mountain
Big Thunder Mountain release banner.png
Start Date 2015-1-22
End Date 2015-1-23
Event Type Tower Event
Event Cards Thunder Packs
Preceded By Temple of Strife
Followed By Evergreen
The Fantasica Chronicles 18
Big Thunder Mountain announcement.jpg
Big Thunder Mountain release.jpg

Event Info

Event Info

On the summit, you will encounter a boss every 10 floors. Defeat all the bosses and ascend to the top floor!
Defeat the final boss on the 100th floor to clear the summit.
Defeating each of the bosses will ear you a reward. Clearing the summit will also earn you a reward!
The rewards you receive every 10th floor will be determined at random from your second playthrough on. Good luck!
The Big Thunder Mountain event also includes special card rewards for BT Pts. earned.

Card rewards will be sent to your Unit List. If your Unit List is full, rewards will be sent to your inbox instead.

Event Schedule

January 22nd, 2015, post-maintenance
January 23rd, 2015, maintenance

New Units

The following units in Thunder Packs give bonus BT points in the Big Thunder Mountain event:

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Helen.gif Helen icon.png
9 Magic 30 D 130 235,098 175,349 196,654 Knockback,

Thunder Packs
One Shot Packs 34
Challenger Packs 52
OP Unit Exchange
OP Unit Exchange 5
Sameen.gif Sameen icon.png
7 Melee 15 A 130 103,419 70,361 75,228 Knockback,

Thunder Packs
Trice.gif Trice icon.png
5 Missile 20 D 150 23,800 37,450 33,100 Poison,

Speed Order
Thunder Packs

Reward Units

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
BT Point Rewards
Dyeus.gif Dyeus icon.png
8 Magic 30 C 175 128,395 196,684 143,773 Area Attack,

Chain Lightning
Big Thunder Mountain
350,000 BT Point Reward
Wakiya.gif Wakiya icon.png
6 Missile 25 D 150 55,175 86,110 68,025 Slow,

Chain Lightning
Big Thunder Mountain
30,000 BT Point Reward


Lap 1 Rewards

Floor Reward
10 Time elixir p icon.png Time Elixir(P) x 3
20 Anu icon.png Anu
30 Danu icon.png Danu
40 Tartu icon.png Tartu
50 Pouch icon.png Lucky Pouch x 3

Lap 1 Rewards

Floor Reward
60 Potion icon.png Potion x 2
70 Time elixir icon.png Time Elixir x 2
80 Ambrosia icon.png Ambrosia x 2
90 Time elixir icon.png Time Elixir x 3
100 Ticket 5 icon.png 5★+ Ticket x 1

Lap 2 Rewards

Floor Reward
100 Soma icon.png Soma x 3

BT Point Rewards

BT Pts Reward
30,000 Wakiya icon.png 6★ Wakiya
350,000 Dyeus icon.png 8★ Dyeus

No Rank Rewards.

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