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Latest Events and Card Packs
Forever Alone banner.png
Event Name Forever Alone
Event Type Dice Event
Start Date 2017-09-19
End Date 2017-09-25
Changes banner.png
Event Name Changes
Event Type Tower Event
Start Date 2017-09-21
End Date 2017-09-25
Heroic Packs 2 banner.png
Card Pack Heroic Packs 2
Pack Type Heroic Packs
Start Date 2017-09-19
End Date 2017-09-25
Mini Change Packs banner.png
Card Pack Mini Change Packs
Pack Type Preset Packs
Start Date 2017-09-21
End Date 2017-09-25
Three Step Packs 74 banner.png
Card Pack Three Step Packs 74
Pack Type Step Up Packs
Start Date 2017-09-23
End Date 2016-09-25
Fall in Love Login Bonuses banner.png
Event Name Fall in Love Login Bonuses
Event Type Login Bonus
Start Date 2017-09-05
End Date 2017-10-09
11★ Sanctum Exchange announcement banner.png
Event Name 11★ Sanctum Exchange
Event Type 11★ Exchanges
Start Date 2017-08-01
End Date 2018-01-31
Banner Not Found
Event Name OP Unit Exchange 5
Start Date 2017-06-22
End Date 2017-??-??
Soul Linking banner.png
Event Name Soul Linking
Start Date 2016-10-07
End Date N/A
Fantasica Faithful Rewards banner.png
Event Name Fantasica Faithful Rewards
Start Date 2014-10-01
End Date Currently Undetermined
Leana's Exchange Shop banner.png
Event Name Leana's Exchange Shop
Start Date 2013-03-25
End Date N/A

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