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Latest Events and Card Packs
One Door Closes banner.png
Event Name One Door Closes
Event Type Panel Event
Start Date 2019-03-12
End Date 2019-03-26
Heroic Packs 44 banner.png
Card Pack Heroic Packs 44
Pack Type Heroic Packs
Start Date 2019-03-12
End Date 2019-03-26
Memorial Packs 2015 banner.png
Card Pack Memorial Packs 2015
Pack Type Memorial Packs
Start Date 2019-03-15
End Date 2019-03-18
Memorial Packs 2016 banner.png
Card Pack Memorial Packs 2016
Pack Type Memorial Packs
Start Date 2019-03-19
End Date 2019-03-22
Memorial Packs 2017 banner.png
Card Pack Memorial Packs 2017
Pack Type Memorial Packs
Start Date 2019-03-23
End Date 2019-03-26
Memorial Packs 2018 banner.png
Card Pack Memorial Packs 2018
Pack Type Memorial Packs
Start Date 2019-03-27
End Date 2019-03-30
11★ Sanctum Exchange announcement banner.png
Event Name 11★ Sanctum Exchange 20
Event Type 11★ Exchanges
Start Date 2019-03-12
End Date 2019-03-31
OP Unit Exchange 3 banner.png
Event Name OP Unit Exchange 10
Event Type OP Exchanges
Start Date 2018-12-19
End Date 2018-03-31
Soul Linking banner.png
Event Name Soul Linking
Start Date 2016-10-07
End Date 2019-03-31
Fantasica Faithful Rewards banner.png
Event Name Fantasica Faithful Rewards
Start Date 2014-10-01
End Date 2019-03-31
Leana's Exchange Shop banner.png
Event Name Leana's Exchange Shop
Start Date 2013-03-25
End Date 2019-03-31

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Important Announcement - Game Closure

As many of you might already know, MyNet announced on January 27th at 10:00 PM PST that the game will be shut down due to discontinued support for the engine that Fantasica runs on. Purchases will be disabled on 2/25/19 at 10:00 PM PST and the final closure will be on 3/31/19 at 10:00 PM PST.

It was a joy being able to work with this community to build one of the best wikis I've seen for a game by far. Since its creation, the wiki has expanded and improved in a positive way. It's unfortunate that it had to be cut short due to technical limitations.

Although Fantasica is ending, that doesn't mean the friendships made on this game have to end with it! If you decide to keep in contact with the people you met in this game, make sure to get their contact information before March 31st, 2019 at 10:00 PM.

If you're interested, a discord was created for the wiki (a long time ago but I didn't know what I was doing so it's a mess) so if you want to join it to keep in touch with other players feel free to do so:

See you all on the other side!

PS- I will still edit the wiki in case there are any updates from now until the end and will upload any screenshots of card backs or stats if you'd still like to contribute.

Official Notice of Closure

Close 1.jpg
Close 2.jpg
Close 3.jpg


Petition for Change

If you want to support changing fanta, consider signing the petition.

Getting Started

Are you new to the game and want to know how to catch up?

Do you want to create a sales page on the wiki but don't know where to start?

Well look no further! The Getting Started page is finally here!

Other Useful Links:

CLICK HERE if you're having game problems

Fantasica Error.jpeg

This is a problem been attacking players this week. If you find yourself suffering too, here are the solutions discovered so far:

1. Exit the app a few times
2. Restart your phone
3. Wait about 2 hours and try again
4. Last resort (didn't help anyone, but standard fanta response) uninstall and reinstall.

Wiki Editors Need Your Help!

  • Need screenshots of Missing Card Backs and/or Missing Stats
    • Send screenshots to User:Xlivia or join the KIK group at #FanScreenshots
      NOTE: You will not be able to send any screenshots for the first 24 hours after joining the KIK group.
  • Need updated info for Standard Card Packs
  • Need information on new skills
    • If you reach a new skill level, please either update the Skills page or screenshot (SS) the new skill requirements and send to armygirl691 through KIK.
  • Need to identify all missing sprites, icons, card fronts/backs, etc.
    • If you see a card that's missing art and not listed in the Missing Card Backs page, list it in User_talk:Armygirl691 or notify a wiki editor!
    • Note that updating missing/misspelled units is a difficult task and will take time. Currently armygirl691 is working on labeling every unit, monster, and item that Fanta has released, which is over 40,000 items.

Any contribution you make to the wiki is greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping make the Unofficial Fantasica Wiki the greatest it can be!

Help Out on the Wiki


Useful Links

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you happen to notice any discrepancies on the site, please feel free to visit the Wiki Editor Contact Board for information on contacting a wiki editor!


Find the current feed of the official Fantasica announcements here:

Announcement Archive

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