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Latest Events and Card Packs
The Fantasica Chronicles 46 release banner.png
Event Name The Fantasica Chronicles 46
Event Type Guild Battle
Start Date 2016-10-24
End Date 2016-10-31
Banchetto's Hello-ween release banner.png
Event Name Banchetto's Hello-ween
Event Type Colosseum Event
Start Date 2016-10-28
End Date 2016-10-31
Sweet Treats Series banner.png
Card Pack Sweet Treats Series
Pack Type LE Series
Start Date 2016-10-27
End Date 2016-10-31
Mini Treat Packs banner.png
Card Pack Mini Treat Packs
Pack Type Preset Packs
Start Date 2016-10-28
End Date 2016-10-31
Fall For You Login Bonuses release banner.png
Event Name Fall For You Login Bonuses
Event Type Login Bonus
Start Date 2016-09-27
End Date 2016-10-31
10★ Omicron Ticket Exchange banner.png
Event Name 10★ Omicron Ticket Exchange
Event Type Ticket Exchange
Start Date 2016-10-03
End Date 2016-11-04
OP Unit Exchange banner.png
Event Name OP Unit Exchange
Start Date 2016-10-14
End Date 2016-12-12
Soul Linking banner.png
Event Name Soul Linking
Start Date 2016-10-07
End Date N/A
Fantasica Faithful Rewards banner.png
Event Name Fantasica Faithful Rewards
Start Date 2014-10-01
End Date Currently Undetermined
Leana's Exchange Shop banner.png
Event Name Leana's Exchange Shop
Start Date 2013-03-25
End Date N/A

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What's New?


Big thanks to everyone who's been helping on the wiki - especially TORAelle and Mwilkens37 while I was on vacation! :) -Kattiara (talk)

LINE Wiki Chat

Using the LINE Chat App, a group chat has been created for Wiki Editors and Wiki Users to share information! In this chat, you can share Unit Stats/Ascension Information/Ranking Information easily via message or screenshot. PM User:Mwilkens37 on LINE for an invite!

Missing Stats

Missing Stats HAS BEEN UPDATED to be more user-friendly! Check out the updates to this page. Please feel free to update Max or Max Level Broken stats for any units or monsters that you have maxed out. This information is greatly appreciated in the community.

Soul Linking

Soul Linking is here! There is a page related to how to use this new Fantasica feature. Contact a Wiki Editor to provide additional information!

Editing Tips

For anyone who is interested in helping out on the wiki, we've put together a list of Editing Tips! These are some general guidelines, as well as a list of areas that could use some love and attention, for anyone looking to lend a hand. Help is always appreciated! :)

Ascension Stats

We've been in the process of adding the ability to track Ascension stats. For info on how to do so, check out the Editing Ascension Stats section of the Ascension page. Thanks to everyone who helps contribute! :)

Wiki Editor Contact Board

The Wiki Editor Contact Board is up! If you have any questions, concerns, statistics for units, or if you happen to notice any discrepancies on the site, please feel free to visit this section and contact one of your wiki editors!

Thank you for helping us make the wiki as wonderful as it can be!


Find the current feed of the official Fantasica announcements here:

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