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Latest Events and Card Packs
The Fantasica Chronicles 62 banner.png
Event Name The Fantasica Chronicles 62
Event Type Guild Battle
Start Date 2018-03-13
End Date 2018-03-19
Higanbana banner.png
Event Name Higanbana
Event Type Colosseum Event
Start Date 2018-03-13
End Date 2018-03-19
Loveless Series banner.png
Card Pack Loveless Series
Pack Type LE Series
Start Date 2018-03-15
End Date 2018-03-19
Three Step Packs 83 banner.png
Card Pack Three Step Packs 83
Pack Type Step Up Packs
Start Date 2018-03-13
End Date 2018-03-19
Ultimate Plus Packs 74 banner.png
Card Pack Ultimate Plus Packs 74
Pack Type Ultimate Plus Packs
Start Date 2018-03-15
End Date 2018-03-19
Spring Awakens Login Bonuses banner.png
Event Name Spring Awakens Login Bonuses
Event Type Login Bonus
Start Date 2018-02-27
End Date 2018-04-02
11★ Sanctum Exchange announcement banner.png
Event Name 11★ Sanctum Exchange 8
Event Type 11★ Exchanges
Start Date 2018-03-06
End Date 2018-05-31
OP Unit Exchange 3 banner.png
Event Name OP Unit Exchange 6
Start Date 2017-12-18
End Date 2018-03-19
Soul Linking banner.png
Event Name Soul Linking
Start Date 2016-10-07
End Date N/A
Fantasica Faithful Rewards banner.png
Event Name Fantasica Faithful Rewards
Start Date 2014-10-01
End Date Currently Undetermined
Leana's Exchange Shop banner.png
Event Name Leana's Exchange Shop
Start Date 2013-03-25
End Date N/A

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Note to sellers and buyers-If you are looking for a specific card, you can click on that card, if not using the card list it will take you to the units page, from that page click on the card front and all pages that use that card will be listed in the bottom under file usage. This makes it easy to see who has the unit for sale. Occasionally, you will find that unit on someones wish list or collections page, so I suggest you try the next name in the list.If you can not find the recruited version, please try the monster version.

Set up a page and list yourself here.

Helpful Guide to setting up your page

Quick guide may help you set up your page

Current PC Trends

If you need help, adding yourself click on my name Kittylitter and then go to discussion and leave me a note with your user name Sales

Alphabetic Sale List and Usernames
adowakat aLittleAnarchy animestar5000 Annsoon88 Arkovo auspixious
Bananadog2000 BittenPeach Blake11189 BlueberrySundae bunny61 cacovach
Celestialchil Chantben30 Cherrytree97 ChocolateBerry1 cmpoon Cookieus
CuteHeroV2 Daria37558 Darkknessfall Darksnowlilyy de4625 Delpinia
Dragonofdark78 Dxiongg Egg Emma EmmyAngelface EvilArden
Fb:(34353622937833 Fiorsae ForTheGloryofSatan FuHiwou FutureCrow gamergirl1d25
Ganbaranai8 gbsdx Ghostics Greedypaws happytoki94 Hellbrand
jessicadarlin2 JeTrexFKaiser jonnydill98 JovialOne Jrakeon Kitsun94
Kukikinz Lataleonline01 LHGalthena Lillyhope Lilocarnifex LionHeart1111
Loghn Lynxlamour M4cD4rk Maladark mayramorte molave3
Moogle155 msklase musicman901 myunn nckfans Pervbro
puchupuchun Raugmoth rawr138 Rawrnessgirl Razor Petalz Renica-Vice
Ryndisu sakuranadine SayuMayu Scilixx SerraGn shadowblade465
Shahmirian Shelov ShrineMaiden07 SillyIllyFlitty♡ Smileychanny SoullessMimy
SPrawn13 StarFatedLove23 Tallepal Tankjob TariaT tdegirmenci
tessaroars ThreeArmHolocaust TotoEgy tyamms72 Voltekka10 Vytone
Woodsy Wuchasu xlonelytearsx yagami678 YuyukoSaigyouji Zeromoodex5

Brand New or Updated Sales Only (this section will be wiped every Tuesday, but here is where YOU can stand out)
Emma Jrakeon Zli4cat animestar5000
Priced Units
adowakat Celestialchil Cherrytree97 cmpoon Darksnowlilyy
Dxiongg gamergirl1d25 Ganbaranai8 happytoki94 Jrakeon
LHGalthena Lilocarnifex molave3 myunn puchupuchun
Rawrnessgirl SayuMayu SerraGn SoullessMimy Tankjob
tdegirmenci tessaroars ThreeArmHolocaust TotoEgy yagami678
YuyukoSaigyouji animestar5000
Fire Sales Only (must be at least 1/3 to 1/2 normal PC, also please make a tabber or section with your Firesales for easy access)





Do you want to help out with the wiki but don't know how to get started?

Contact Jarrbox via kik or in-game or send a message to Kittylitter and we can help answer any questions you may have!

You can find the contact information for Jarrbox here: User:Jarrbox
You can find the contact information for Kittylitter here: User:Kittylitter

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Create New Units:

What's New?

Want to Help? Editing Tips!

  • The Editing Tips page has been UPDATED to include additional assistance.
  • The Missing Stats page has been UPDATED to be more user-friendly! Any max or max level broken stats for units or monsters is greatly appreciated in the community.
  • For anyone looking to add Ascension stats, check out Editing Ascension Stats.

Help is always appreciated! :)

Wiki Editor Contact Board

The Wiki Editor Contact Board is up! If you have any questions, concerns, statistics for units, or if you happen to notice any discrepancies on the site, please feel free to visit this section and contact one of your wiki editors!

Thank you for helping us make the wiki as wonderful as it can be!


Find the current feed of the official Fantasica announcements here:

Announcement Archive

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