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Welcome to our Wiki Editor Contact Board!


The purpose of this contact board is for open contact between wiki users and wiki editors. If you see a problem, feel free to report it.

What we DO:

1) Accept unit/monster stat updates if you have a Max/Max Level Broken listing that is not already shown on the wiki.

2) Fix any reported coding problems that may cause problems in wiki usage.

3) Correct reported problems with event, pack, or unit information.

What we do NOT DO:

1) Provide any information that we do not already have listed from the current game release.

2) Provide any tips, tricks, hints or cheats towards pulling and ranking. The game file doesn't give us any help other than what you see. ^-^

Main Editors & Contacts

User:Jarrbox mostly adds missing card backs/stats and updates old wiki pages to be more user friendly. Used to check accuracy of new event and card pages, but recently hasn't had time to do that.

User:Kittylitter old player & main uploader. Visit user page for contact. Kittylitter is Not fantasica ign see if you can figure out who this player is based on the units left to album =)

User:forstle is the un-official wiki event rank recorder. Contact forstle via kik with final rank SS.

User:Xlivia primarily collects screenshots of card backs, stats, and whatever else might be useful for the wiki. Although doesn't edit pages, works closely with editors by brainstorming ideas and providing updated information for missing/outdated pages on the wiki.

Retired Heroes

User:TORAelle old player & editor, now retired. The contributions made by this person were greatly appreciated!

User:Chewycat12 is an occasional editor. Contact on line or kik @ chewycat12.

User:Beato is an uploader and editor. Visit user page for contact.

User:Kattiara edited this wiki for a very long time, often on her own. She is now retired. We love her always!

User:Mwilkens37 is retired, now never to return. The wiki was the best part of the Fantasica community, I'll miss it the most.

User:Kadaan founder of this wiki site! Will always be a part of it, but has since retired from Fantasica.

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