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Helping out on the Wiki!

This wiki is maintained entirely by editors who help by sharing their knowledge and time. We have no affiliation with Mobage / Silicon Studio, so if you're interested in helping, it's always very much appreciated! :)

Below are some tips and guidelines for anyone who wants to help, noting some of the areas that need regular updates, and how to do so in a way that keeps the wiki consistent and full of clean data.

Event-Based Updates

Every time there's a new event cycle (aka every time Fanta goes down for maintenance after an event ends - roughly twice a week, often on Sunday/Monday and Thursday/Friday), a number of things need to be updated on the wiki to help reflect all of the new data:

Event Pages

The new event should be listed in several places:

  • On the Events page, with the start / end dates and type. New events are added to the top of the current year list.
  • On the appropriate/relevant event type page. For example, if the new event is a Panel Event, it should be added to the Panel Event page.
  • The page for the event itself needs to be created. It's generally easiest to use the most recent event of the same type (so for a new Panel Event, copying the code from the most recent Panel event), and update accordingly. Main sections, regardless of event type, will generally be:
    • Event Info
    • Event Schedule
    • Bonus Units
    • Reward Units
    • Bosses (for Training Events, etc)
    • Reward items gained in the event
    • Rank Reward Info

Pack Pages

Fanta generally releases a new purchasable pack every single day. These should be:

  • Linked on the event page they are tied to. Note that all pack pages should be linked to an event. Even if a pack does not contain new / bonus units, it should be linked to the event page corresponding to the event items that are bundled with it.
  • Listed on the pack type page that they correspond to. Dream Packs should be listed on the Dream Packs Page, One Shot Packs on the One Shot Packs Page, etc.
  • The pack pages themselves should be created. The easiest way is generally to copy the code from the previous pack of the same type (example: if creating Extreme Packs Season 57, look at the code on Extreme Packs Season 56, and update accordingly). Pack pages should include:
    • The start and end dates the pack is available
    • A list of all newly introduced / bonus units contained in the pack (unit rows and also card art)
    • A list of 7★ and higher rarity reprints that are included, if known (unit rows only)
    • The associated event, and the event items that came bundled with the pack

Unit Pages

Every unit (and monster unit) should have their own page. The template for a unit page is as follows:

To update this unit's stats directly, please use:


[[Category:Artist:ARTIST_NAME]] [[Category:Weapon:WEAPON_NAME]]

The template for a monster unit page is as follows:

To update this unit's stats directly, please use:


[[Category:Artist:ARTIST_NAME]] [[Category:Weapon:WEAPON_NAME]]

In both cases, replace UNIT_NAME / MONSTER_NAME, ARTIST_NAME, and WEAPON_NAME as needed. Capitalization DOES make a difference when it comes to Artists and Weapons.

NOTE: The unit and monster templates pull information from the backend database. If you create a unit / monster page and it looks strange / nothing appears correctly, it means the unit hasn't been created in the database yet. That's ok! Once it has been set up in the database, the page will look normal.

Unit Naming Conventions

  • If a unit has a monster version, the monster version should be named UNIT_NAME_m.
  • 10★ cards have a regular form, and a level broken form. The level broken form should be named UNIT_NAME_mlb.
    • Example: Galadriel's level broken form is Galadriel_mlb. Note that separate pages are NOT created for the level broken forms - they will appear, in tabbed format, within the main unit's page.
  • If a new unit is added, and a unit of the same name already exists, the new unit should be named with the rarity at the end.
    • Example: Lana already existed, so Lana_7 was created when the latter was added to the game.
  • If a unit of the same name already exists, that is already of the same rarity, then a descriptor should be added to the end.
    • Example: 6★ Aragon already existed, so Aragon_(Hero) was created when another 6★ Aragon was added to the game.
  • For Popularity Events, the four maidens should all be created with both versions showing their rarities.

Exchange Pages

As each new 10★ Ticket Exchange is active, keeping it up to date with the following:

  • Events / Packs that tickets of that type were gained from
  • Packs that included 10★s that will be available in the exchange (basically all 10★s EXCEPT for Rank Rewards and Evos)
  • Card art at the bottom for the 10★s that will be included

Main Page

The main page should be updated so that the banners on the right hand side reflect current info:

  • Events in the current event cycle
  • Packs in the current event cycle (generally only packs that introduce new units are listed)
  • Keeping the Login Bonus and 10★ Ticket Exchange current (only changes about once per month)

General Updates and Maintenance

In addition to event-based updates, here are some other areas that could use some attention:

Ongoing Updates

Page Updates

  • The Quests page needs to be updated whenever additional episodes are unlocked.
  • The Training page needs to be updated whenever additional chapters are added. There are some chapters that are also currently missing Exp / BT / Luna values.
  • The Titles page needs to be updated - it's been a long time since anyone has had a chance to add event-rank titles to the list.

Unit Updates

Check out the Missing Stats page to see units and monsters that are missing Max or MLB stats (or both). A lot of lower level cards in particular are missing this data.



Any help is very much appreciated. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a note for -Kattiara (talk). :)

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