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After new unit information is pulled from the game, through images and event information, it can be input into the wiki. Each unit and monster has four pieces of media attached to it, the Sprite (the animated in-quest/battle picture), the Card Front, the Card Back and the Icon.

Some image filepaths have a pixel size attached to them. You do NOT need to attach any pixel size. Just name the items or cards as detailed below. Only include numbers for Event/Pack versions, or for card rarity/versions, or if there are numbers naturally occurring in the title of the file.


Events and Packs

  • Guild Battle are listed in order of "The Fantasica Chronicles" instead of the subtitle of the event. Visit the Events page to verify the most recent number when renaming Guild War files.
  • Card Series has a tabbed listing of all pack types currently in existence in Fantasica. To rename your pack files, check the matching header and number the pack accordingly. Some will be named and won't need verifying, like Limited Edition Series packs, Prestige Packs, Extreme Packs and Dream Chests. Most others, however, do need to have a volume or edition number appended.


Guidelines for Naming Units & Monsters

  • Before you confirm the name of the unit, look it up in the wiki. The name may already be taken and you may need to append a version type or rarity number to the unit name.
  • Get used to using underscores You_Will_Use_Them_In_Everything_icon.png
  • DO NOT put apostrophes (') in unit names. It's just a pain. It doesn't end well.
  • IMPORTANT: Notice that capitalization is VERY important in the naming. Take a look at the templates below. You'll notice Unit_Name is capitalized. You should always follow the capitalization of the name as is shown on the card. Take a look at TeSha or jakRABID. It doesn't change the ability to search for the card, but it does ensure it is displayed correctly. Now, take a look at everything that FOLLOWS the Unit_Name portion. Items like _card, _card_back, _icon, _banner, _release, _announcement, _m (for monster), among others.


When you're establishing the file names for a new unit, please follow these templates:

Follow for 1★-9★ and unempowered 10★&11★

Unempowered 10★&11★ and 1★-9★
Sprite Card Front Card Back Icon
Unit_Name Unit_Name_card Unit_Name_card_back Unit_Name_icon

Follow for empowered 10★&11★

Empowered 10★&11★
Sprite Card Front Card Back Icon
Unit_Name_mlb Unit_Name_mlb_card Unit_Name_mlb_card_back Unit_Name_mlb_icon


Sprite Card Front Card Back Icon
Monster_Name_m Monster_Name_m_card Monster_Name_m_card_back Monster_Name_m_icon


Sometimes with items, you may want to make the icon smaller than the full size. To do this, you can append an _m or _s to the full file name, after _icon.

Event Items, Tickets, Misc
Item Name


Posters can have several types. The most common are "release" and "announcement," however sometimes there will be "results.jpg" for Team Event or other miscellaneous posters. When in doubt, take a look at the event type with which you're using the poster. Then look up historical events of the same type, locate the poster of the same type for that historical event and verify how it is named. If the new poster is completely unique, use your judgement.


Banners can have several types. The most common are "release_banner, "announcement_banner," and "_banner," however sometimes "fever banner.png" will be used for Team Event. Follow the instructions under Posters in the section above.


Sometimes other images will come up that you have to load that won't fit into any of the above categories. Use your best judgement. When I took over editing for a time, quite awhile ago, the Team Event fever period and results weren't loaded into the event page. I just made that up and stuck it in the page. If you take a look at the coding, it's as simple as this:
(Example taken from Legends Reborn)

[[File:Legends Reborn results.jpg]]

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