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Basic Info

  1. Join a team and do quests/training to obtain event items.
    • All training episodes drop event items, but only quests 5+ do.
    • Event items from quests seem to be tied to their BT value from Panel Events. Higher BT quests seem to give more items on average.
  2. Donate items to your maiden to obtain PR points.
    • Periodically throughout the day there will be a "Fever Time" when you gain 1.5x PR Pts
    • You gain more PR Pts in larger donations:
      • 1 Event Item = ~5-10 Pts
      • 50 Event Items = ~400-550 Pts (8-11 per item)
      • 100 Event Items = ~1100-1200 Pts (11-12 per item)
Team Tickets
Special card packs that have a chance to pull event units. You will be able to spend Team Tickets once the event finishes.
Fever Time
Random 30-60 minute window that will give you 1.5x PR Pts. It's random by maiden and is not announced ahead of time.


When you join the event, you will have the choice to "Form a Team!" or "Join a Team!". You will then be given the option to choose a Maiden to represent. Once you have chosen a maiden, you will receive her blessing (3 event items.) Each team can have up to 10 members.

Depending on the average number of teams and members, there may be times when you will be unable to form a team. If you are unable to form a team, please choose "Join a Team" and your desired Maiden to participate in the event. Alternatively, you can try to Form a Team for another Maiden. Ability to form a team depends on team distribution and may be subject to change.

Once you form or join a team, it can not be disbanded. You may not change teams.

Teams are random; there is no way to specify which team to join.

The winning maiden is awarded to everyone who joined that team and not available with Maiden Tickets. The other maidens can be pulled randomly through the Maiden Tickets.

"Reborn" Winners

A number of team events have included the feature that the winning unit will be "reborn" - i.e. rereleased as an alternate, higher rarity version.

Previous Team Events

Event Start Date End Date Winner
The Dragon's Daughters banner.png
The Dragon's Daughters
05/03/2018 05/14/2018 Blank icon.png
Princess Party banner.png
Princess Party
02/22/2018 02/26/2018 Hu Shen icon.png
11★ Hu_Shen

Event Start Date End Date Winner
Star Search-Demsels in Distress banner.png
Star Search-Demsels in Distress
12/30/2017 01/04/201 Lilith 11 v2 icon.png
11★ Lilith_11_v2
Make It All Up banner.png
Make It All Up
10/24/2017 10/30/2017 Rossetto 11 icon.png
11★ Rossetto_11
Room For One More banner.png
Room For One More
09/14/2017 09/18/2017 Mackie icon.png
11★ Mackie
Where Ya Going banner.png
Where Ya Going
08/24/2017 08/28/2017 Adly icon.png
11★ Adly
Play to Win banner.png
Play to Win
07/27/2017 07/31/2017 Miss Cue icon.png
11★ Miss_Cue
Some Strings Attached release banner.png
Some Strings Attached
06/22/2017 06/26/2017 Felix & Huxley icon.png
11★ Felix_&_Huxley
Legends Reborn release banner.png
Legends Reborn
01/07/2017 01/10/2017 Nebthet icon.png
11★ Nebthet

Event Start Date End Date Winner Reborn
Time to Shine release banner.png
Time to Shine
10/24/2016 10/27/2016 Schedar icon.png
11★ Schedar
Beauty and the Beach release banner.png
Beauty and the Beach
09/05/2016 09/08/2016 Caladesi icon.png
10★ Caladesi
Kindred Hearts release banner.png
Kindred Hearts
08/06/2016 08/09/2016 Lupri icon.png
10★ Lupri
Satisfy Your Thirst release banner.png
Satisfy Your Thirst
04/22/2016 04/25/2016 Cosmopolitan icon.png
10★ Cosmopolitan
To Become a Grandmaster release banner.png
To Become a Grandmaster
02/20/2016 02/22/2016 Kora icon.png
10★ Kora

Event Start Date End Date Winner Reborn
Home Sweet Home release banner.png
Home Sweet Home
12/18/2015 12/21/2015 Tenille icon.png
8★ Tenille
Tenille 10 icon.png
10★ Tenille_10
Queen of the Ball release banner.png
Queen of the Ball
11/17/2015 11/19/2015 Adrienne icon.png
9★ Adrienne
Rise of a New Don release banner.png
Rise of a New Don
10/02/2015 10/05/2015 Carmelia icon.png
9★ Carmelia
Home at Last release banner.png
Home at Last
08/21/2015 08/24/2015 Eira icon.png
8★ Eira
Eira 10 icon.png
10★ Eira_10
A Promise of Home release banner.png
A Promise of Home
07/17/2015 07/19/2015 Aerina icon.png
8★ Aerina
Aerina 10 icon.png
10★ Aerina_10
To Dye For release banner.png
To Dye For
06/26/2015 06/28/2015 Mesure icon.png
9★ Mesure
Who's the MAN! release banner.png
Who's the MAN!
04/01/2015 04/03/2015 Orlando icon.png
2★ Orlando
Heart's True Desire release banner.png
Heart's True Desire
03/18/2015 03/20/2015 Pandra icon.png
8★ Pandra
Pandra 9 icon.png
9★ Pandra_9
Rock to the Top! banner.png
Rock to the Top!
02/24/2015 02/26/2015 Leed icon.png
9★ Leed
Homecoming of the Heart release banner.png
Homecoming of the Heart
01/30/2015 02/02/2015 Lisha icon.png
8★ Lisha
Lisha 9 icon.png
9★ Lisha_9

Event Start Date End Date Winner Reborn
Miss Tank Girl release banner.png
Miss Tank Girl
11/05/2014 11/11/2014 Amber 7 icon.png
7★ Amber_7

Event Start Date End Date Winner Reborn
Miss Fantasica release banner.png
Miss Fantasica
6/18/2013 6/25/2013 Lana icon.png
5★ Lana
Lana 7 icon.png
7★ Lana_7
Flower Maidens in Bloom! release banner.png
Flower Maidens in Bloom!
4/18/2013 4/26/2013 Orte icon.png
4★ Orte
Flowers for the Star Maidens release banner.png
Flowers for the Star Maidens
2/12/2013 2/19/2013 Mel icon.png
4★ Mel

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