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Event Info

During a panel event, doing regular quests or special boss quests award BT points. All BT points earned by all players contributes to unlocking ten panels; each panel contains a reward. The ten rewards only require participation in the event, there is no minimum amount of BT needed for them.

Panel Events traditionally granted a new unit upon unlocking the 5th Panel and the Final Panel, which was a great way for new players to get a free 7★ card. More recently, however, there have been no unit panel rewards; instead, tickets with a chance to draw a high rarity unit have been granted instead.

Bonus BT points

A.S. This whole paragraph seems to be outdated and describe only events approximately before February 2018.

Most Panel Events have special bonus units associated with them which award multipliers on BT points gained. Bonus BT points are awarded based on the single highest-rarity special event unit that you deploy. Bonuses do not stack, and your allies' units do not count.

The bonus appears to be:

  • 3-star unit: 1.05x multiplier
  • 4-star unit: 1.1x multiplier
  • 5-star unit: 1.25x multiplier
  • 6-star unit: 1.5x multiplier
  • 7-star unit: 2x multiplier
  • 8-star unit: 2.5x multiplier
  • 9-star unit: 2.75x multiplier
  • 10-star unit: 2.95x multiplier

Quest BT Points

When completing regular quests, each monster is worth a certain amount of BT points, so quests with monsters of higher rarities and/or higher monster counts will award more BT than quests with fewer, lower rarity monsters.

Only quests with 5-minute or greater cooldowns award BT points. The best quests for BT points so far are:

Most Points per Quest
Quest BT Points
59-6 1,300 BT
56-6 1,260 BT
52-6 1,240 BT
54-6 1,230 BT
54-5 1,230 BT
50-6 1,109 BT
48-6 1,105 BT
44-6 1,080 BT
43-6 1,025 BT
Low Level Alternatives
Quest BT Points
25-3 907 BT
21-5 676 BT
10-5 465 BT

For a list of BT for all quests, head on over to the Quests page!

Special Quest BT Rewards

In addition to completing normal quests, players can spend event tickets to fight special event bosses, for high amounts of BT points. Certain boss quests (shown in a red color on the quest selection screen) until 2018 were only able to be damaged by units that grant bonuses for that event. If you do not have a bonus unit, deploying allies who DO have bonus units leadered was the way to defeat a special boss (albeit without EU BT points multiplier)

Raw Data Experiment(s)

In September 2018 after only pulling two minor EUs (7&8) after Ex1 to Ex4 pulls, I decided to skip ranking and to proof-check the statistics gathered above by other players earlier.

Quest 59-6 59-6 59-6 59-6 59-6 59-6 59-6
BT Pts before 0 4 290 8 580 9 880 12 740 15 600 18 330
BT Pts after 4 290 8 580 9 880 12 740 15 600 18 330 22 620
Gained BT Pts 4 290 4 290 1 300 2 860 2 860 2 730 4 290
Base BT (wiki) 1 300 1 300 1 300 1 300 1 300 1 300 1 300
BT Pts multiplier 3,3 3,3 1 2,2 2,2 2,1 3,3
EUs deployed 7 and 8 7 and 8 none only 8 only 8 only 7 7 and 8
Allies deployed 4 none none none 3 none 3

I interpret this experiment the following way:

  • the quests statistics did not changed, base BT Pts values of different quests probably still hold (though only checked 59-6)
  • the amount of deployed allies, if any, does not change the BT Pts value of the quest for the Panel events
  • the EU multiplication statistics changed drastically. EU 7 and EU 8 values (and probably other EUs too) are different now
  • the EUs are stacking now. Deploying multiple different EUs (probably multiple same EUs as well) gives more bonus than any single of them would.
  • the observed EU stacking formula probably was (3.3 - 1.0) = (2.2 - 1.0) + (2.1 - 1.0), however it is a single experiment with single EU7 plus single EU8
  • someone yet has to test this formula over 3 and more different EUs (for example: EU7 + EU8 + EU9)
  • someone yet has to test this formula with a number of same EUs (for example: EU7 + EU7) - I think I saw somewhere a situation when copies of a same EU did not multiply
  • most probably that change happened the same moment when "only EU can hit Lampy the special boss, other units only do 1 harm point" condition was retracted

Previous Panel Events

Event Banner Start Date End Date Rank BT Pts Panel
The Best Laid Plans release banner.png
The Best Laid Plans
06/05/2018 06/11/2018 Blank icon.png Blank icon.png Aeroma icon.png
11★ Aeroma
Cherry Blossoms banner.png
Cherry Blossoms
04/17/2018 04/23/2018 Padus icon.png
11★ Padus
Pendula icon.png
11★ Pendula
Aeroma icon.png
11★ Aeroma
Undersea Dreams banner.png
Undersea Dreams
02/05/2018 02/12/2018 Khalfina icon.png
11★ Khalfina
Pristi icon.png
11★ Pristi
Aeroma icon.png
11★ Aeroma

Panel events became more frequent in 2014, with a total of 12 over the course of the year. At the beginning of the year, they remained long (~ 7 days), but by the fall they had been shortened to 3 - 4 days apiece. Starting with The Flying Fortress of Fiends event in April, top rank rewards now granted an 8★ unit.</p>

The panel rewards were upgraded again as of the A Taste of Autumn event - now participants received a 6★ unit from the 5th panel, and a 7★ unit from the final panel
The final panel in A Taste of Autumn, containing 7★ Raisa, was never unlocked due to unreachable BT point requirements; Raisa was later released during 4M DL Celebration Packs

Event Start Date End Date Rank BT Pts Panel
The Walking Earth release banner.png
The Walking Earth
12/19/2014 12/22/2014 Aurore icon.png
8★ Aurore
Edith icon.png
8★ Edith
Delphine icon.png
6★ Delphine
The Fires Still Burn release banner.png
The Fires Still Burn
11/28/2014 11/29/2014 N/A Cyanea icon.png
8★ Cyanea
Beata icon.png
7★ Beata
Stories in the Dark release banner.png
Stories in the Dark
11/19/2014 11/21/2014 Rexana icon.png
8★ Rexana
Terri icon.png
8★ Terri
Ellein icon.png
7★ Ellein
A Taste of Autumn release banner.png
A Taste of Autumn
10/24/2014 10/27/2014 Vivian icon.png
8★ Vivian
Willia Tell icon.png
8★ Willia_Tell
Raisa icon.png
7★ Raisa
Treasures of the Deep release banner.png
Treasures of the Deep
9/29/2014 10/02/2014 Salacia icon.png
8★ Salacia
Renlo icon.png
7★ Renlo
Mariana icon.png
5★ Mariana
Over the Rainbow release banner.png
Over the Rainbow
9/08/2014 9/11/2014 Gloriana icon.png
8★ Gloriana
Troid icon.png
7★ Troid
Wish icon.png
5★ Wish
Pass into Legend release banner.png
Pass into Legend
7/26/2014 8/04/2014 Fulgora icon.png
8★ Fulgora
Bennosuke icon.png
7★ Bennosuke
Colt icon.png
5★ Colt
Climb into the Light release banner.png
Climb into the Light
6/26/2014 6/30/2014 Lillium icon.png
8★ Lillium
Medea icon.png
7★ Medea
Huch icon.png
5★ Huch
Under the Pale Moonlight release banner.png
Under the Pale Moonlight
6/05/2014 6/09/2014 Silvana icon.png
8★ Silvana
Penelope icon.png
7★ Penelope
Giada icon.png
5★ Giada
The Flying Fortress of Fiends release banner.png
The Flying Fortress of Fiends
4/18/2014 4/25/2014 Aurora icon.png
8★ Aurora
Thanatos icon.png
6★ Thanatos
Ritsu icon.png
5★ Ritsu
Sins of the Father release banner.png
Sins of the Father
3/06/2014 3/12/2014 Bane icon.png
7★ Bane
Scrios icon.png
7★ Scrios
Schlacht icon.png
5★ Schlacht
Little Shack of Horror announcement banner.png
Little Shack of Horror
1/27/2014 2/7/2014 Gashadokuro icon.png
7★ Gashadokuro
Yuurei icon.png
6★ Yuurei
Zakuro icon.png
5★ Zakuro

There were 8 Panel Events over the course of 2013. Panel events were still relatively long at this point, averaging 7 - 10 days in length. Beginning with The Symphony of Rapture in late July, the top rank rewards were now 7★ units.</p>

The final event of 2013, Night of Wonder, upgraded the panel rewards - the 5th panel now gave a 4★ unit, and the final panel gave a 5★ unit, to all participants.

Event Start Date End Date Rank BT Pts Panel
Night of Wonder release banner.png
Night of Wonder
12/19/2013 12/31/2013 Luneville icon.png
7★ Luneville
Belfort icon.png
6★ Belfort
Rochelle icon.png
5★ Rochelle
Halloween Fiesta release banner.png
Halloween Fiesta
10/31/2013 11/12/2013 Madeleine icon.png
7★ Madeleine
Ami icon.png
6★ Ami
Emilia icon.png
4★ Emilia
Call of the Desert release banner.png
Call of the Desert
9/27/2013 10/8/2013 Colbert icon.png
7★ Colbert
Krene icon.png
6★ Krene
Arena icon.png
4★ Arena
The Symphony of Rapture release banner.png
The Symphony of Rapture
7/29/2013 8/12/2013 Alondra icon.png
7★ Alondra
Eriohnet icon.png
6★ Eriohnet
Jubel icon.png
4★ Jubel
The Gates of Darkness release banner.png
The Gates of Darkness
5/30/2013 6/11/2013 Harthi icon.png
6★ Harthi
Ombre icon.png
6★ Ombre
Nefer icon.png
4★ Nefer
Dark Deeds release banner.png
Dark Deeds
3/29/2013 4/8/2013 Ridill icon.png
6★ Ridill
Zande icon.png
5★ Zande
Lingzi icon.png
4★ Lingzi
Trials of Sol-Lune release banner.png
Trials of Sol-Lune
2/28/2013 3/8/2013 Diana (Valentines) icon.png
6★ Diana_(Valentines)
Matahari icon.png
6★ Matahari
Tarte icon.png
4★ Tarte
Magic Academy release banner.png
Magic Academy
1/16/2013 1/23/2013 Tina icon.png
6★ Tina
Norma icon.png
5★ Norma
Olga icon.png
4★ Olga

First introduced in October 2012, there were 3 panel events before the end of that year. Events lasted at least a week, and rewarded all participants with a 3★ unit in the 5th panel, and a 4★ unit in the final panel.

Event Start Date End Date Rank BT Pts Panel
Xmas Gifts from Santa Claus 12/17/2012 12/26/2012 Francois (Xmas) icon.png
6★ Francois_(Xmas)
Santa Karl icon.png
4★ Santa_Karl
Debbie (Xmas) icon.png
6★ Debbie_(Xmas)
The Fires of the Apocalypse 2 11/12/2012 11/19/2012 Diana icon.png
6★ Diana
N/A Adalina icon.png
4★ Adalina
The Fires of the Apocalypse 10/12/2012 10/19/2012 Ellen icon.png
6★ Ellen
N/A Katherine icon.png
4★ Katherine

To create a new page for an upcoming Panel Event, the Panel Event Template can be used as a starting point.

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