Diana (Valentines)

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Diana, Fencer of the Heart
Diana (Valentines) icon.png
Diana (Valentines).gif Diana (Valentines) album.jpg
Missile icon.png Missile 150 Range C Speed
30 Cost Slow
Lvl Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Total Arena
120 86,005 72,935 63,045 221,985 87,734
140 99,581 84,372 72,905 256,858 118,465
Trials of Sol-lune
Rank Reward
1st - 25th

Diana (Valentines) card.jpg Diana (Valentines) card back.jpg

Diana (Valentines) jp.jpgDiana (Valentines) back jp.jpg

Diana (Valentines) kr.jpgDiana (Valentines) back kr.jpg

Diana (Valentines) cn.jpgDiana (Valentines) back cn.jpg

Alternate Versions

6★ Diana icon.png Diana
8★ Diana 8 icon.png Diana_8

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