Legendary Artist Packs

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Legendary Artist Packs
Legendary Artist Packs banner.png
Start Date 2014-06-17
End Date 2014-06-18
Related Event The Fantasica Chronicles 9

Fantasica introduced, for one day only (June 17th 2014) the Legendary Artist Packs.

Featuring cards from these Artists:

When purchasing this pack, you will have a higher chance to receive a card from one of the above mentioned artists.
Various 7★ and 8★ were reprinted in this pack and are obtainable, such as Diana 8, Freyja 8, and Rose 8.

Please note: You may also receive cards that are NOT from the above mentioned artists. (e.g. Panama by ani)

None of the cards in this pack offer bonuses in the The Fantasica Chronicles 9.

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