The Gates of Darkness

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The Gates of Darkness
The Gates of Darkness release banner.png
Start Date 2013-05-30
End Date 2013-06-11
Event Type Panel Event
Event Cards Step Up Packs 6
Japanese Wiki Door leading to the abyss
Preceded By Awakening
Followed By Familiar Trials
The Gates of Darkness announcement.jpg

Event Info

...and from the gates spread a darkness that smothered even the night sky. Little hope remained for the Age of Man.

The Gates of Darkness is a co-op event where all players kill monsters to earn BT Pts.

  • To participate in the event, simply press the "Gates of Darkness" button found on your main page.

Complete quests and Gate Quests to earn BT Pts for yourself and the community. As the total number of BT Pts increases, Abyss Panels will open and bestow rewards on all players participating in the event.

  • The amount of BT Pts you can earn varies depending on the quest.
  • Even if you fail a quest, you can still receive a set amount of BT Pts.
  • Some time may be required before BT Pt totals update.

Abyss Panels hide rewards. Work together with other players to destroy the dark magic sealing these panels and receive the rewards hidden within!

  • All rewards will be sent to your Inbox.
  • Some rewards may include units. Units will be sent to your Unit List. If you Unit List is full, they will be sent to your Inbox instead.
  • Event-exclusive Titles can be found on your Profile page under Edit Title → Achievements.
  • You cannot receive more than one copy of any title.

Event Schedule

The Gates of Darkness will start on May 30, 2013 post-maint and end on June 11, 2013 at 2:00am PST/PDT.

  • These times may be subject to change.

The deadline to receive any event-related reward is June 18, 2013, 2:00 am PST/PDT.

Gate Panels

You will see a number of panels on the main page of the event. As event participants earn BT Pts through quests, each panel will open once the total number of points reaches a certain amount. Once a panel opens, all event participants will be eligible for that reward.

  • Panels will update periodically. If applicable, panel rewards will be distributed when the panel updates.

Gate Quests

Gate Quests are a special kind of quest that require at least one Abyss Key to undertake.

  • If you fail a Gate Quest, you will be able to continue where you left off once a certain amount of time has passed.

If you don't think you can complete the quest, or want to abandon it, tap the "Give Up" button to quit.

  • NOTE: If you quit a quest in this fashion, you will lose any progress made in that quest. Furthermore, any Abyss Keys spent to undertake the quest will be lost for good.

BT Pts

Defeat monsters during quests and special Gate Quests to earn BT Pts.

Deploy special, new units to receive bonus BT Pts each time you complete a quest.

  • The amount of bonus BT Pts will depend on the rarity of the unit.
  • Higher rarities will lead to a greater amount of bonus BT Pts.
  • You will only receive a bonus from the single, rarest, special unit that you deploy in a quest.
  • You will NOT gain a BT Pts bonus for deploying your ally's special units in quests.
  • Units awarded through Abyss Panels or BT Pts rewards will also count as a special unit during the Gates of Darkness event.
  • Monsters killed during Training and Battles will not grant you BT Pts.
  • BT Pts rewards will be sent to your Inbox once you have earned the necessary number of BT Pts.
  • None of the quests from the first 4 episodes will grant BT Pts.

BT Tracking Spreadsheet

Keep track of your BT throughout the event to make sure you're staying on track to earn Ombre or Lumiere before the event ends!

New Units

Five new units were added in Step Up Packs 6:

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Medicis.gif Medicis icon.png
6 Magic 25 D 150 57,845 60,550 73,005 Area Attack Standard Card Packs
Added during The Gates of Darkness
Leir.gif Leir icon.png
5 Melee 20 C 130 35,100 34,100 21,400 Knockback Standard Card Packs
Added during The Gates of Darkness
Canon.gif Canon icon.png
4 Missile 20 D 200 19,086 33,378 21,959 Standard Card Packs
Added during The Gates of Darkness
Grex.gif Grex icon.png
4 Melee 25 A 130 21,887 13,846 11,335 Poison Standard Card Packs
Added during The Gates of Darkness
Roy.gif Roy icon.png
4 Missile 25 D 150 23,043 12,335 21,580 Slow Standard Card Packs
Added during The Gates of Darkness


Boss Type Melee icon.png Missile icon.png Magic icon.png Tickets BT Points
Jormungand m.gif Jormungand m icon.png
4 Sea icon.png D C C 1 1,000
Hugues m.gif Hugues m icon.png
4 Ground icon.png D C D 1 1,000
Rosemary m.gif Rosemary m icon.png
4 Sea icon.png C B D 1 2,000
Witch m.gif Witch m icon.png
4 Sea icon.png C D B 2 5,000
Constance m.gif Constance m icon.png
5 Sea icon.png B C D 3 10,000
Agastache m.gif Agastache m icon.png
5 Sea icon.png D B B 4 16,000
Elizabeth m.gif Elizabeth m icon.png
5 Ground icon.png C C D 5 22,500
King Mandragora.gif King Mandragora icon.png
4 Ground icon.png D B C 6 30,000


Panel Rewards

Gates of Darkness panel.jpg

Final Panel:
Nefer icon.png

Reward Units

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Rank Rewards
Harthi.gif Harthi icon.png
6 Magic 30 D 150 92,680 76,290 66,400 Slow The Gates of Darkness
Rank Reward
1st - 50th
Sedna.gif Sedna icon.png
5 Melee 25 B 130 34,750 24,950 27,050 Poison The Gates of Darkness
Rank Reward
1st - 25th
51st - 500th
475 units awarded
Gaap.gif Gaap icon.png
4 Melee 30 C 130 33,439 8,498 18,309 Knockback The Gates of Darkness
Rank Reward
1st - 5th
51st - 300th
501st - 5000th
4805 units awarded
BT Point Rewards
Ombre.gif Ombre icon.png
6 Missile 30 C 175 65,135 76,325 66,505 Knockback,

Speed Order
The Gates of Darkness
2,300,000 BT Points Reward
Panel Rewards
Nefer.gif Nefer icon.png
4 Magic 15 D 150 14,226 22,007 16,262 Poison The Gates of Darkness
Final Panel Reward
Erlik.gif Erlik icon.png
3 Melee 20 C 150 16,900 12,102 7,634 Slow The Gates of Darkness
Panel 5 Reward

BT Rewards

BT Pts Reward
5,000 BT Brave Pts icon.png 2,000 Brave Pts
15,000 BT Luna icon.png 50,000 Luna
30,000 BT Abyss Key icon.png Abyss Key x 2
45,000 BT Title icon.png Key Master
60,000 BT Pouch icon.png Pouch x 2
80,000 BT Potion p icon.png Potion(P) x 2
100,000 BT Time elixir p icon.png Time Elixir(P) x 2
130,000 BT Title icon.png Gatekeeper
170,000 BT Anu icon.png Anu
BT Pts Reward
240,000 BT Danu icon.png Danu
350,000 BT Tartu icon.png Tartu
460,000 BT Premium ticket icon.png Premium Ticket x 1
600,000 BT Ambrosia icon.png Ambrosia x 1
800,000 BT Potion icon.png Potion x 2
1,000,000 BT Time elixir icon.png Time Elixir x 2
1,250,000 BT Pouch icon.png Pouch x 5
1,600,000 BT Premium ticket2 icon.png 4★ Plus Ticket x 1
2,300,000 BT Ombre icon.png 6★ Ombre

Rank Rewards

Rank Harthi icon.png Sedna icon.png Gaap icon.png Title icon.png Premium ticket2 icon.png Premium ticket icon.png Time elixir p icon.png
1st 6★ Harthi 5★ Sedna 4★ Gaap Abyssal Gatekeeper 4★+ Ticket x 3
2nd - 5th 6★ Harthi 5★ Sedna 4★ Gaap The Infernal 4★+ Ticket x 2
6th - 10th 6★ Harthi 5★ Sedna The Infernal 4★+ Ticket x 1
11th - 25th 6★ Harthi 5★ Sedna The Infernal
26th - 50th 6★ Harthi Dark Voyager
51st - 100th 5★ Sedna 4★ Gaap Dark Voyager Premium Ticket x 3
101st - 200th 5★ Sedna 4★ Gaap Dark Voyager Premium Ticket x 2
201st - 300th 5★ Sedna 4★ Gaap Dark Voyager Premium Ticket x 1
301st - 500th 5★ Sedna Dark Voyager
501st - 1,000th 4★ Gaap Premium Ticket x 3
1,001st - 2,000th 4★ Gaap Premium Ticket x 2
2,001st - 5,000th 4★ Gaap Premium Ticket x 1
5,001st - 10,000th Time Elixir (P) x 1


Gates of Darkness winners.jpg

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