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In FANTASICA, you will use an army of units to beat back hordes of monsters bent on total destruction.

There are a variety of ways to collect new units.

Defeat the evil horde and win back peace for the realm of mortals!


Training button.jpg
Whenever you select Training, the unit you have designated as your Leader will enter the desired training ground.

Once there, you can defeat monsters for EXP to raise your player level, discover treasure chests, and even find new units for your army.

Each action during training requires a set amount of Training Points.

  • Units do not gain experience via training.

Training Points (TP)

Each action during training consumes Training Points (TP).

You regain 10 TP every 60 seconds. Or you can use a Potion to regenerate all of your Training Points at once.

Player Level

Defeat monsters in Training or other players in Battle to earn experience points.

Earn enough experience points and you will gain a level.

Higher levels will give you access to more powerful Skills for you to learn.

Unit Level

Unit Level refers to the level of each individual unit.

Complete quests or Enhance a unit to give it the experience points necessary to increase its level.

Increasing a unit's level will give it the strength to perform better in quests and battle.


Skill button.jpg

Skills are abilities that, once learned, will grant you a variety of benefits.

Learning a skill requires both Luna and Ally Points (Ally Pts).

Your player level may also influence what skills you are able to learn.

While the bonuses provided by these skills seem small, they add up over time so don't be afraid to take advantage of them early on.

Unit Skills

Some units possess unit skills.

Unit skills are divided into two groups - quest skills and arena skills.

Unit skills are listed on the back of the unit card and are also visible when you deploy a unit.

Quest Skills

You can also check a unit's skill when you deploy it.

  • Area Attack (AA): Deals damage to all enemies in an area.
  • Attack Boost (AT↑): Increases attack power for units of a given type.
  • Poison (POI): Inflicts poison damage over time.
  • Knockback (KB): Forces advancing enemies back a certain distance.
  • Slow (SLW): Slows movement of attacking enemies.

Arena Skills

Offensive Skills

  • Double Attack (2x): Allows a unit to attack twice in a single turn
  • Triple Attack (3x): Allows a unit to attack three times in a single turn.
  • Quad Attack (4x): Allows a unit to attack four times in a single turn.
  • Penta Attack (5x): Allows a unit to attack five times in a single turn.
  • Critical Shot (CRT): Ignores defense skills; inflicts massive damage.
  • Drain Attack (DrA): Upon activation, restores health equal to a portion of damage dealt.
  • Speed Order (SPD): Increases the speed of your entire team by a fixed amount.
  • Defense Order (DEF): All allies take less damage for a set number of turns.
  • Incinerate (INC): Sets target aflame. Burning targets take damage every turn until extinguished.
  • Backstab (BS): Inflict big damage to an enemy in the back ranks.
  • Nerve Strike (NS): Prevents a unit from using most skills for a set number of turns.
  • Stone Breath (StB): Units are temporarily unable to attack or use defensive skills. This attack deals no damage.
  • Snipe (SNI): Inflicts increased damage on unit with lowest maximum HP.
  • Acid Rain (ACI): Inflicts a poison-like state on multiple units. Affected units takes damage whenever they attack for a set number of turns.
  • Chain Lightning (ChL): Deals damage to all enemy units on field, while stunning them for a length of time.
  • Fire Storm (FS)
  • Blood Pact (BP): Unleashes a single attack on the enemy. The lower the HP of the attacking unit, the more damage it will deal. This attack will not trigger if the attacker's HPs are full.
  • Stone Shot (SS): Inflicts damage on an enemy unit and prevents it from attacking for a set number of turns.
  • Angelic Aura (AnA): Heals all allies of any negative status effects and prevents further negative status effects for a set number of turns.
  • Gravity Pulse (GP): Reduces the HPs of an attacking unit. The higher the attacker's HPs, the greater the effect.

Defensive Skills

  • Iron Wall (IW): Offers a flat chance to completely nullify all damage when this unit is attacked.
  • Blink (BNK): Whenever this unit receives damage from a melee unit, it had a set chance to nullify that damage and then slow the attacking unit for a set number of turns.
  • Riposte (RIP): This unit has a set chance to inflict damage to any melee attacker that attacks it. *Applies to normal, melee attacks, double attacks, triple attacks, quadra attacks, and penta attacks. Each separate attack has a chance to proc this ability.
  • Pariah (PAR): Whenever an ally unit it attacked, this unit may step in and receive the damage instead. This skill does not activate when the unit with Pariah is attacked.


Quests button.jpg

In quests, your main objective is to defend yourself from waves of oncoming enemies.

Defeat all of the enemies to earn a 100% Cleared rating. This is the only way to unlock new quests.

The number of available Deploy Points varies with the quest. Allow even one monster to penetrate your defenses, and you lose.

If you find yourself failing with a 97% - 99% percent Clear rating, something as small as changing unit position could be the key to successfully clearing a stage. Look for key positions and strategies in each stage to be victorious in battle.

Once you've completed an episode, you'll also gain access to challenge quests.

So go on and jump into the fray. Good luck, soldier!

Dual Skills

Some units have more than one, non-arena skill. These units have what are called, "Dual Skills."

Check the back of a card to view each of the unit's individual skill levels.

Attack Boost (Male)/Attack Boost (Female) will show up on the front of the card as Atk ↑ (Male) or Atk ↑ (Female).

For example, if a unit has Knockback 4 and Attack Boost (Male) 2 it will appear as Knockback+Atk ↑(Male)4+2.

  • Units with Dual Skills will still receive the benefits of the player skill, "Battle Seasoned," However, this effect will only modify the first skill listed on the back of the card.
  • Arena skills will still receive the benefits bestowed from "Battle Seasoned."

When a unit with a Dual Skill participates in an event battle or Battle of Heroes mode, it will have access to both of these skills.

However, only one of these skills will activate per attack. Which skill activates is determined on a per attack basis.

Ally Points

Ally icon.png

Ally Points (Ally Pts) can be earned whenever your Allies summon your leader unit in battle.

Similarly, your allies will earn Ally Points whenever you use their units in quests or battles.

  • Ally Pts are capped at 100,000 pts. Any Ally Pts gained past that will be discarded.

Brave Points

Brave Pts icon.png

Brave Points are earned whenever you send Brave Pts to your allies, or when they do the same to you.

At any time, you can use 200 Brave Pts to draw a normal card pack.

Brave points are capped at 100,000 points.

  • Any Brave Pts you earn after the 100,000 point cap will be discarded.

Enhancing Units

Enhance button.jpg

You can upgrade your units by choosing and sacrificing other units in a process called "Enhancing."

When beginning the procedure, you'll need to designate the card you wish to enhance, and the "catalysts," or cards you wish to sacrifice.

When your designated card receives enough experience, its level will increase.

  • Catalysts will be irrevocably consumed in the process. Please be advised.
  • Luna is also required to enhance a card.
  • You can not use Leader cards or cards in your Favorites list as catalysts.

Blessings of the Goddess

Anu icon.png
Danu icon.png
Tartu icon.png

Use one of the 3 Goddess units in Enhancing to increase a unit's level by a set amount.

"Blessings of the Goddess" refers to the effect gained by sacrificing one of the 3 Goddess units (Anu, Danu, Tartu) during Enhancing.

If the sacrificed goddess is of the same weapon type as the target unit you are enhancing, then the target unit will gain 3 levels. If the type is different, the target unit will only gain 1 level.

  • Anu, Goddess of the Sword: Melee units + 3 levels
  • Danu, Goddess of the Bow: Missile unit + 3 levels
  • Tartu, Goddess of Magic: Magic units + 3 levels
  • Goddess / Unit don't match: Enhanced unit + 1 level

Goddess units cannot be deployed in quests, training, or battle. You also may not select a goddess unit to be enhanced.

  • Including a goddess unit in the Enhancing process will consume it even if the unit hits its level cap before the goddess can be used.
  • Epona, Goddess of Wealth is intended for sale only.

Selling her will earn you a large amount of Luna. She cannot be deployed in a quests, training, or battles, and only offers a small amount of EXP when sacrificed for enhancing.

  • Amount of levels gained from the Blessings of the Goddess is set and does not increase during Boost Fests.


Luna icon.png

"Luna" is the currency in FANTASICA, and is used to enhance units and purchase new skills.

You can earn Luna in the following ways:

  • Completing Quests
  • Training
  • Steal from other players in Battle
  • Selling Units

Luna is capped at 10,000,000.

  • Any Luna you earn past cap will be discarded. Please be advised.


Battle button.jpg

In FANTASICA, you can battle other players to steal Luna and artifacts.

Once you have initiated an attack, you will have to wait until your Battle Cooldown elapses before attacking again.

  • You can use Time Elixirs to reset your cooldown.

Furthermore, you can only attack the same opponent three times in one day.

  • The number of times you have attacked an opponent resets every day at 4:00 am PST/PDT.
When Attacking
You will launch an attack using your units, along with the leader units of your Allies.
If victorious, you may steal Luna, artifacts, or even gain experience points that can raise your player level.
When Defending
You will use your monster units to defend.
If you don't have any monster units at the time of attack, you will forfeit the battle.

Defeat will result in a possible loss of Luna and / or artifacts.


Allies button.jpg

You can gain assistance in quests and battles by recruiting other players to become your Ally.

  • You can enlist up to 20 Allies.
  • There is no penalty for removing someone from your Ally list.
  • The maximum number of possible Allies can be increased via skills.
  • You can also summon an Ally's Leader unit to assist you on the battlefield.

The window of opportunity for summoning an ally depends on their quest progression.

Allies who have advanced further than you along the quest line will only be available for shorter periods of time.

Allies who are behind or at the same quest progression will have a longer window of opportunity.

Finding players that play around the same time you do will make it easier for you to summon them in battle.


History button.jpg

You can view the following information via the History button.

Brave History

A record of any Brave Pts you have received from other players.

Ally History

A record of when your Leader unit has been summoned by your Allies.

Battle History

A record of when you have been attacked by other players.

War Board

You can write messages to other players by using the War Board.

Messages can contain up to 40 characters.

You can not write more than one message in a 60 second period.

You can send messages to all of your Allies at once via the Send All button on your Allies page.

Up to your last 20 messages will be saved. Older entries will be deleted starting from the oldest message.

Finally, your own Send All message will not appear on your own War Board.

  • Once a message has been sent, it can not be deleted.
  • Please refrain from posting slanderous or otherwise inappropriate messages.


Trade button.jpg

Trading allows you to exchange unit cards, monster cards, items, and Luna, with other players. The trade system is not in place to support the borrowing and lending of cards. Use it as such at your own peril.

You can trade with any player, not just your Allies, provided that both parties are at least player level 31.

However, you must first register your device before you can trade.

  • You can only trade up to a combination of five separate items in a single trade.
  • You can have up to five trades going on at one time.
  • Once you have an ongoing trade with a given player, you can not initiate another trade with that player until the previous one is finished.
  • You can not have five ongoing trades with the same player.
  • Any trades not concluded within 48 hours will be automatically cancelled.

Once you have initiated a trade, it will remain active until your trade partner cancels it or 48 hours passes - whichever comes first. You can not cancel the trade. Furthermore, you will lose the use of any items or cards that you have submitted for up to 48 hours depending on how quickly your trade partner responds. Please keep this in mind when trading during or before an event. Both players in a trade must be at least player level 30 to perform a trade.

Card Packs

Card Pack button.jpg

Card Packs come in the following types:

Normal Card Pack

You can draw one normal card pack for free once a day.
You can also spend 200 Brave Pts to draw a single pack.
Your free card pack refreshes everyday at 4:00 am PST/PDT.

Premium Card Pack

Premium card packs cost 300 Mobacoins.
Premium card packs offer a much greater chance to draw a rare card.
Furthermore, you can also earn premium tickets within the game. Each ticket gives you a single premium card pack for free.

Premium Starter Pack

Your first draw is available for the special, limited cost of only 100 Mobacoins.
This special card pack offers a higher chance of drawing especially rare cards.


Shop button.jpg

You can buy the following items at the shop:


You can purchase potions at the shop. Potions will instantly restore all of your Training Pts upon use.

Time Elixirs

You can also purchase time elixirs via the shop. Time elixirs will allow you to instantly reset your cooldown for quests and battles.


Units button.jpg

Train or draw card packs to gain new cards.

Units gain experience points by completing quests or through enhancement. If they gain enough experience points, they will also level up. It is also possible to level units up by fusing them with other units via Enhance.

  • Units come in a variety of types. Some units are skilled at melee attacks, while others may be skilled in missile or magic attacks.

Units are further distinguished by whether they are skilled at attacking land, air, or ocean-based creatures. A wide variety of units will go a long way to ensuring your success in game.

  • Units whose starting parameters are listed at 0 can not improve that parameter regardless of level gain.


You also have the option to designate your unit as a Favorite.

Favorite units can not be sold or used in enhancing - protecting them from accidental deletion or sacrifice.

Leader Units

You can only have one unit set as your Leader Unit at any time.

Leader units can not be sold or used in enhancing - protecting them from accidental deletion or sacrifice.

Monster Cards

Outside of unit cards, you can also collect monster cards.

Monster cards serve as your defenders whenever you are attacked by another player.

As with unit cards, monster cards can be enhanced or sold.

  • You can not designate a monster card as your Leader.
  • Monster cards can not be summoned to assist you with quests.

Card Collection

Album button.jpg

You have two card albums to keep track of your collection: a unit album, and a monster album.

Once you have owned a card, it will show up in one of your albums.

Try collecting them all to fully unlock your albums!


Potion icon.png
Potion p icon.png

Potions will fully restore any Training Pts that you may have lost during Training.

You can buy potions via the shop, or whenever you run out of Training Pts.

Alongside Potions, you also have Potion(P)s. While their effects are same, Potion(P)s are different in that they can NOT be traded. When possible, FANTASICA will automatically use Potion(P)s over regular Potions. Finally, the number of Potions displayed during Training represents your total number of Potions, both regular and (P) varieties.

Time Elixirs

Time elixir icon.png
Time elixir p icon.png

Time elixirs will instantly reset one of your active cooldowns after completing a quest or battle.

You can buy time elixirs via the shop, or from the quest and battle areas if you are suffering from any active cooldowns.

Similar to Time Elixirs, you also have Time Elixir(P)s. While their effects are the same, Time Elixir(P)s can NOT be traded. When possible, FANTASICA will automatically use Time Elixir(P) over regular Time Elixirs. The number of Time Elixirs displayed on the Quest page represents your total number of Time Elixirs, both regular and (P) varieties.

Your Inbox

Inbox button.jpg

If you have any pending gifts, they will be stored within your Inbox.

While in your Inbox, click on the Accept button to transfer said item to your inventory.

Gifts have no expiration date.

  • Only the first 1000 items in your Inbox will be displayed. Withdraw items from your Inbox to display additional items.
  • The Inbox will be capped at a maximum of 1000 items in the near future. Once at cap, you will no longer receive ANY items until you have lowered the number of items in your Inbox to under 1000. If you are at the maximum, you may want to withdraw some items as soon as possible.
  • You must first register your device before you can withdraw items from your Inbox.


Artifacts button.jpg

Artifacts are items that you can receive by defeating quest bosses.

The artifact you receive will be chosen at random.

Artifacts are split into artifact sets, and each set is comprised of multiple items.

Collect all of the artifacts in a set and you will earn a rare card as a reward.

Level Breaking and Leana's Exchange Shop

Use Ambrosia to increase a unit's maximum level.

To Level Break a unit, tap on Enhance from the main page, then select the desired unit and tap the Level Break button to increase its maximum level.

You can typically find Ambrosia in Leana's Exchange Shop, or as a reward in some events.

Leana's Exchange Shop is a place where you can exchange unwanted units / items for Leana Points (LP).

  • Once a unit or item has been exchanged for LP, it will be lost for good.
  • You can only have up to a maximum of 9,999,999 LP at any time.

You can exchange up to 10 units at once.

You can then exchange LP for a Goodie Bag. Goodie Bags can contain a variety of rewards, including Ambrosia.

  • The contents of all Goodie Bags are determined at random.


Titles are monikers that can be received through various means such as Title Packs and event rewards.

You can set your title from the Profile page. From the Profile page, select Edit Title and then your desired title from one of two groups - Achievements and Title Packs.

  • Titles are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.
  • You can also unlock titles by using Ally Pts to draw Title Packs.


Your monster just wanna help!

  1. Tap the Familiars button on your main page
  2. Choose a monster
  3. Send them out to look for goodies!
  4. Your familiar may come back with some random goodie!

Pouches can lead to rare items!

  • You must pay 500 Luna to send a Familiar to forage.
  • Once you have sent a Familiar out, it will not return until the required time has elapsed.
  • The amount of time required to forage increases with monster level.
  • You cannot trade, recruit, enhance, or sell a familiar that is foraging.
  • At the very least, you will always gain EXP for foraging.
  • Posts that violate the Terms of Use may result in suspension or extermination of account.
  • Reward content, as well as availability, may be subject to change without prior notice.

Hero Pts. & Rewards

Trade Hero Pts. Get LOOT!

Tweets, emails, SMS, reviews, and Facebook posts will earn you 20 Hero Pts. You can only get Hero Pts in this fashion once a day. Your Hero Pt counter will reset everyday at 4:00 am PST/PDT. You can only earn Hero Pts from reviews once every 10 days. All rewards will be sent to your Inbox.

  • Only submissions (posts, tweets, etc.) sent from within the FANTASICA app will earn you rewards.
  • Submissions made from outside the FANTASICA app will NOT count towards your rewards.
  • While you freely post your Referral ID on third-party sites, the player assumes all responsibility for any trouble that may result from said action.
  • If you wish to change your account or login status of any third-party sites (like Twitter or Facebook), please exit the FANTASICA app, make the necessary changes, then restart FANTASICA for best results.
  • Please refrain from posting non game-related personal information.
  • Posts that violate the Terms of Use may result in suspension or extermination of account.
  • Reward content, as well as availability, may be subject to change without prior notice.

More About Device Registration

In order to gain access to all of FANTASICA's features, you must first register your device.

  • Once you have registered an account on a device, you can not link it to another device.

If you do not register your device, you will be unable to receive event rewards, login bonuses, or receive any items / cards that have been sent to your Inbox.

Furthermore, you will not have access to the trade feature.

You can register your device from your Inbox page.

  • You can not register more than one account on a single device.
  • You can not have more than one device registered on a single account.

Take care to send only accurate information when registering. Users who send fraudulent information may have their accounts banned.

Customer Support

Thank you for playing FANTASICA. Customer Support is currently available to customers with questions regarding game content, items, and units. Due to the large number of requests we have, and the fact that we handle questions as they come in, it may be some time before we can respond to your queries.

In order to help us assist players with very real problems, please check the two most common reports and their suggested fixes below.

Disappearing Items or Cards
Currently all accounts and records of used, held, enhanced, spent, or sacrificed items / cards are functioning correctly.
Training Points, Ally Points, Luna are not Displaying Correctly on Login
Your onscreen data needs to be refreshed. Please reload the page and check to see if the problem persists.

If you are suffering from one of the two problems listed above, please check to see if the suggested methods work before submitting a customer service form.

This small, simple act will go a long way to helping us get to customers who may be experiencing other difficulties.

Furthermore, in order for us to offer you the highest level of assistance, please be as specific as possible about the nature of your problem in your customer service form.

Submitting Your Form

Device Make and Model
When submitting your form, please make sure to use the same device that you are experiencing your game-related difficulties on. Using any other device may prevent us from accurately determining the cause of and cure for your problems. If you have multiple devices, please use the device that holds the account in which you experienced your problem.
Supplying Details
Please be as specific as possible. Adding details like when the event occurred, the affected parties, what page you were on, what you were attempting to do, how much, how many, and anything else you can think of will be a great help.

When giving a specific item or unit name, please make sure that the name is entered correctly.

If you forget the name of a card or item, feel free to add that information in a separate report at a later time.

  • When writing names, please use the full name as it is appears within the game.


If you are blocking sites by domain, it is possible that our reply will not reach your mail inbox.

Please make sure that you can receive mail from the following domain:

Thank you for your cooperation and we will do our best to reply to your queries as soon as humanly possible.

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