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The Popularity Event is type of event in which the player must traverse an event-exclusive Training areas to rescue event characters from their pesky enemies. You will gain reward Pts which are measured in two ways - individual Pts which are tallied separately for each character; and total Pts which represent all the Pts you've earned.

Only the event-specific Training areas found on the event page will offer you the chance to encounter characters.

  • Every ten, event-exclusive Training areas you clear, you will encounter a boss. Defeating this boss will earn you prizes.
  • You can also gain Pts by assisting characters who call for help.

All Pts earned from any of the three characters, will also count towards your total Pts.

  • Pts are tallied separately for each characters.
  • Total Pts represent the amount of Pts earned from all characters.
  • Your Pt totals will determine your event ranking. Higher ranks will give greater prizes.
  • Earning Pts for each princess will enable you to earn rewards from that character. Furthermore, you can also earn rewards when your total Pts reach certain milestones.

After successfully defending a character, you may have a chance to earn additional Pts.

  • A character may ask you for a favor. Responding with the correct item, unit, or monster will earn you bonus Pts.
  • Any items, units, or monsters given to a character will be lost once the gifting is complete.
  • If you respond to a characters request with the incorrect gift, you will gain NO Pts. Please be advised.
  • Characters will also ask you for favors after you have successfully defended them a certain number of times.

As described above, favors will consist of listening to a characters request, identifying what kind of gift they want, and then responding in an appropriate manner. Success will award you with bonus Pts.


Deploy both your units, and the leader units of your allies, to protect the characters.

  1. You can deploy up to two of your own units, plus three of your allys' leader units, to protect a character.
  2. For each enemy unit that manages to touch the character, their Pt gauge will go down.
  3. The amount of the decrease will vary depending on the rarity of the unit that touches the character. The higher the rarity, the greater the decrease.
  4. If a characters Pts reach 0, then you will fail the quest.
  5. The amount of Pts you gain for successfully defending a character will be determined by that characters Pt gauge at the end of the quest.
  6. If you manage to clear a quest without any enemy units touching the character, you will achieve a Perfect Defense. Perfect Defense will award more Pts than usual.
  7. You may also gain an additional bonus after a successful defense. The amount of the bonus is determined at random.
  8. Failing to defend a character will result in a loss of Pts. The loss will vary depending on the characters overall popularity.

You can also use an Event Item during a quest to restore a portion of the characters Pt gauge.

  1. You can use as many Event Item's during a single quest as you like, but can only give a maximum of 10 for each gifting.
  2. Restoring more than the maximum number of Pts will result in the loss of those excess Pts. Please be advised.
  3. Event Items can be acquired by completing quests or as a bonus item bundled with some purchases.
  4. The Pt Gauge will be half-full at the start of each quest.
  5. Pt Gauges may vary in size depending on characters popularity and the difficulty of the current quest.

Occasionally, enemy units may use attack skills when they touch a character. The effect varies depending on the skill.

There are a total of five enemy unit skills:

Causes the Pt Gauge to decrease steadily for a set amount of time.
Prevents the use of Event Items for a set amount of time.
Reduces the attack speed of friendly units for a set amount of time.
Area Attack
Causes an additional 200 Pts to be lost in addition to normal attack damage.
Attack Up
Increases the amount of damage dealt by enemy units for a set amount of time.

Previous Popularity Events

Event Start Date End Date Rank Maiden 1 Maiden 2 Maiden 3 Maiden 4
Kiss of Desire release banner.png
Kiss of Desire
11/16/2015 11/19/2015 Luciere icon.png
10★ Luciere
Siam 9 icon.png
9★ Siam_9
Arcana 9 icon.png
9★ Arcana_9
Erise 9 icon.png
9★ Erise_9
Labbeth 9 icon.png
9★ Labbeth_9
Spirit of Love release banner.png
Spirit of Love
02/13/2015 02/16/2015 Tempesta icon.png
8★ Tempesta
Naida 8 icon.png
8★ Naida_8
Madrona 8 icon.png
8★ Madrona_8
Kindle 8 icon.png
8★ Kindle_8
Galena 8 icon.png
8★ Galena_8
Hearts of Magic release banner.png
Hearts of Magic
10/05/2014 10/08/2014 Ardris icon.png
8★ Ardris
Casrid 7 icon.png
7★ Casrid_7
Leylas 7 icon.png
7★ Leylas_7
Terra 7 icon.png
7★ Terra_7
Amelie 7 icon.png
7★ Amelie_7
Summer's Last Kiss release banner.png
Summer's Last Kiss
09/12/2014 09/16/2014 Kuon icon.png
8★ Kuon
Ibuki 7 icon.png
7★ Ibuki_7
Suzuka 7 icon.png
7★ Suzuka_7
Yuugiri 7 icon.png
7★ Yuugiri_7
Kagura 7 icon.png
7★ Kagura_7
Star Crossing release banner.png
Star Crossing
07/08/2014 07/14/2014 Besaid icon.png
8★ Besaid
Juliet 7 icon.png
7★ Juliet_7
Maria 7 icon.png
7★ Maria_7
Padme 7 icon.png
7★ Padme_7
Stefani 7 icon.png
7★ Stefani_7
School Daze release banner.png
School Daze
05/29/2014 06/01/2014 Cerberus 8 icon.png
8★ Cerberus_8
Cane 7 icon.png
7★ Cane_7
Lepre 7 icon.png
7★ Lepre_7
Mao 7 icon.png
7★ Mao_7
Miss Khuri 7 icon.png
7★ Miss_Khuri_7
Monster Maidens announcement banner.png
Monster Maidens
05/02/2014 05/08/2014 Dragon 8 icon.png
8★ Dragon_8
Goblin 7 icon.png
7★ Goblin_7
Mummy 7 icon.png
7★ Mummy_7
Slime 7 icon.png
7★ Slime_7
Arachne 7 icon.png
7★ Arachne_7
Royal Trouble release banner.png
Royal Trouble
02/07/2014 02/14/2014 Russelior icon.png
7★ Russelior
Tiara 6 icon.png
6★ Tiara_6
Celia 6 icon.png
6★ Celia_6
Elly 6 icon.png
6★ Elly_6
Phoebe 6 icon.png
6★ Phoebe_6
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