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During a Login Bonus event, players get various items and rewards sent to their inbox when logging in for the first time each day. The day resets at 4am PST (7am EST).

Login Bonuses normally reward units that are one level below the current highest rarity; i.e. for most of the time when 10★ units were the highest rarity, the Login Bonuses rewarded 9★ units. They units also tend to be weaker than ones purchased through packs or won in events, and often have high deploy costs.

Generally all units introduced as Login Bonus rewards have been untradeable, regardless of rarity.


Early Login Bonus events were held rather randomly and often granted event items for the event running at the time (they were frequently paired with early Panel Events, rewarding the tickets used for special boss quests).

Towards the end of 2013, Login Bonuses were gradually changed to be running constantly. The current structure is a given Login Bonus event will run for approximately one month, and reward a new, exclusive unit over the course of that time.

During 2014, 2015, and the first half of 2016, Login Bonus events rewarded a single copy of the new unit, usually towards the end of the period (after ~20 - 25 logins). Starting in July 2016 with Summertime Treats Login Bonuses, multiple copies of the unit were distributed, roughly once every 5 logins.

List of Login Bonus Events

Most early Login Bonus events are not documented, beyond the few that gave out special / limited edition items or units.

Event Start Date End Date Units
Summer Song Login Bonuses banner.png
Summer Song Login Bonuses
07/17/2018 08/20/2018 Nunakawa Hime icon.png
11★ Nunakawa_Hime
Junebug Login Bonuses banner.png
Junebug Login Bonuses
06/12/2018 07/16/2018 Magdalena 11 icon.png
11★ Magdalena_11
May Flowers Login Bonuses banner.png
May Flowers Login Bonuses
05/08/2018 06/11/2018 Ignat 11 icon.png
11★ Ignat_11
Cat Scratch Login Bonuses banner.png
Cat Scratch Login Bonuses
04/03/2018 05/07/2018 Dakiniten icon.png
11★ Dakiniten
Spring Awakens Login Bonuses banner.png
Spring Awakens Login Bonuses
02/27/2018 04/02/2018 Adasis icon.png
11★ Adasis
In the Air Login Bonuses 01/23/2018 02/26/2018 Fata icon.png
11★ Fata

Event Start Date End Date Units
Year's End Login Bonuses banner.png
Year's End Login Bonuses
12/18/2017 01/22/2018 Reindeer icon.png
11★ Reindeer
Winter's Past Login Bonuses banner.png
Winter's Past Login Bonuses
11/14/2017 12/17/2017 Urth icon.png
10★ Urth
Bling Bling Login Bonuses banner.png
Bling Bling Login Bonuses
10/10/2017 11/13/2017 Arlequin icon.png
10★ Arlequin
Fall in Love Login Bonuses banner.png
Fall in Love Login Bonuses
09/05/2017 10/09/2017 Hashmal icon.png
10★ Hashmal
Summers End Login Bonuses banner.png
Summers End Login Bonuses
08/01/2017 09/04/2017 Teeda icon.png
10★ Teeda
Fanta Fifth Login Bonuses banner.png
Fanta Fifth Login Bonuses
06/26/2017 07/31/2017 Thatoa icon.png
11★ Thatoa
Early Summer Login Bonuses banner.png
Early Summer Login Bonuses
05/23/2017 06/26/2017 Survy icon.png
10★ Survy
Don't Ask Login Bonuses banner.png
Don't Ask Login Bonuses
04/22/2017 05/23/2017 Paimon icon.png
10★ Paimon
Spring Fever Login Bonuses banner.png
Spring Fever Login Bonuses
03/16/2017 04/17/2017 Nona icon.png
10★ Nona
Magic Tome Login Bonuses banner.png
Magic Tome Login Bonuses
02/09/2017 03/16/2017 Merintha icon.png
10★ Merintha
Winter Warrior Login Bonuses banner.png
Winter Warrior Login Bonuses
01/06/2017 02/09/2017 Athenais icon.png
10★ Athenais

Event Start Date End Date Units
Stocking Stuffer Login Bonuses release banner.png
Stocking Stuffer Login Bonuses
11/27/2015 12/31/2015 Klepta icon.png
9★ Klepta
Thanksgiving Login Bonuses release banner.png
Thanksgiving Login Bonuses
11/05/2015 11/27/2015 Ash icon.png
9★ Ash
Trick or Treat Login Bonuses release banner.png
Trick or Treat Login Bonuses
10/12/2015 11/05/2015 Li Qiu icon.png
9★ Li_Qiu
Bountiful Harvest Login Bonuses release banner.png
Bountiful Harvest Login Bonuses
09/18/2015 10/12/2015 Folita icon.png
9★ Folita
Final Splash Login Bonuses release banner.png
Final Splash Login Bonuses
08/24/2015 09/17/2015 Lacrimosa icon.png
9★ Lacrimosa
Summer Love Login Bonuses release banner.png
Summer Love Login Bonuses
07/28/2015 08/20/2015 -
3YA 9★ Login Bonus Special banner.png
3YA 9★ Login Bonus Special
07/04/2015 07/28/2015 Robin icon.png
9★ Robin
3Year Anniversary Birthday Bonus banner.png
3Year Anniversary Birthday Bonus
06/19/2015 07/04/2015 Britney icon.png
8★ Britney
Hey June Login Bonus banner.jpg
Hey June Login Bonus
05/19/2015 06/10/2015 Scorpia icon.png
8★ Scorpia
April Showers Login Bonus banner.png
April Showers Login Bonus
04/16/2015 05/19/2015 -
Pandora's Box Login Rewards banner.png
Pandora's Box Login Rewards
04/03/2015 04/16/2015 Pandoras Box 6 m icon.png
Spring 2015 Login Bonus banner.png
Spring 2015 Login Bonus
03/12/2015 04/03/2015 Varak 8 icon.png
8★ Varak_8
Mystic Magic Mojo Login Bonus banner.png
Mystic Magic Mojo Login Bonus
03/02/2015 03/12/2015 Tartu icon.png
4★ Tartu
The Days with Danu Special Login Bonus banner.png
The Days with Danu Special Login Bonus
02/19/2015 03/02/2015 Danu icon.png
4★ Danu
Macho Melee Madness Login Bonus banner.png
Macho Melee Madness Login Bonus
02/05/2015 02/19/2015 Anu icon.png
4★ Anu
January 2015 Login Bonus banner.png
January 2015 Login Bonus
01/09/2015 01/31/2015 Kotoko icon.png
7★ Kotoko

Event Start Date End Date Units
December 2014 Login Bonus banner.png
December 2014 Login Bonus
12/12/2014 12/31/2014 Sandra 7 icon.png
7★ Sandra_7
4M DL Celebration banner.png
4M DL Celebration
11/02/2014 11/30/2014 Destiny icon.png
8★ Destiny
Fantasica Faithful Rewards banner.png
Fantasica Faithful Rewards
10/01/2014  ??/??/?? Varak icon.png
7★ Varak
Hello Fall Login Bonuses banner.png
Hello Fall Login Bonuses
09/22/2014 10/10/2014 -
September Login Bonus release banner.png
September Login Bonus
09/01/2014 09/16/2014 Vontain icon.png
7★ Vontain
2 Year Anniversary login Bonus Bonanza banner.png
2 Year Anniversary login Bonus Bonanza
06/06/2014 06/16/2014 Shaft icon.png
6★ Shaft
Club FANTA  ??/??/2014  ??/??/2014 Bristol icon.png
6★ Bristol
3.5M DL Celebration release banner.png
3.5M DL Celebration
02/27/2014 04/08/2014 Giselle icon.png
6★ Giselle

Event Start Date End Date Units
Christmas with Santa Karl release banner.png
Christmas with Santa Karl
12/25/2013 12/27/2013 -
FANTASICA Holiday Season banner.png
FANTASICA Holiday Season
12/10/2013 12/24/2013 Selina icon.png
6★ Selina
3M DL Celebration banner.png
3M DL Celebration
11/12/2013 11/21/2013 Grace icon.png
6★ Grace
First Anniversary -- -- Mina icon.png
6★ Mina

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