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Welcome to the world of FANTASICA! This page serves as a guide for people who are new to the game or wiki and includes tips, tricks, and information that might be useful.

Please contact Jarrbox if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding this page!


Downloading the Game

The game can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Be forewarned, the game is huge (~6 GB) and cannot be moved to an SD card!

Once the game has been installed, you will be asked to create an account. You do not have to link your account to Facebook in order to play the game.

After creating your account, the long downloading process will begin.

In terms of very basic gameplay (Quests, Training, etc), I think the game does a decent job at explaining that so it will not be covered.

Just in case, you can always view the Help page which can also be accessed in the game Menu on the second page.

The rest of this guide will focus on how to catch up to everyone else in the game.

Getting Stronger Units

The quickest way to get a high rarity unit in any gacha game will be to spend real money on packs. If that is not a viable option for you, there is another way.

Obtaining Higher Rarity Cards

Currently, it is possible to get up to 10* units from Standard Card Packs (Brave Packs, Premium Ticket Packs).

Brave Points (BP) can be obtained by sending and receiving Brave with strangers and allies. Both BP and Premium Tickets can be obtained from Leana's Exchange Shop.

Leana Points (LP) can be obtained by exchanging cards or items in the shop.

It is also possible to get 7-11* units from Epic Ticket Packs. Epic Tickets can be obtained via login rewards or events. More details about Card Packs can be found in the Card Pack page. (This is the best option, at least consider pulling a single pack. You can get a decent unit for as little as 10 mobacoin.)

Enhancing Units

Enhancing lower rarity units into a higher rarity unit will increase the unit's Attack and HP. Brave Packs can help generate units to feed into your stronger ones.

It is recommended to exchange 5-6* units into LP to generate more BP to get more cards from Brave Packs.

1-3* cards can be either used for enhancing or sold for Luna, depending on what you need more.

If you do not need certain 7*s and above, it is better to exchange them into Orb Points (OP) in the OP Exchange so you can further increase the strength of your higher rarity units.

Increasing A Unit's Level Cap/Power

It is possible to use items like Ambrosia icon.png Ambrosia, Soma icon.png Soma, Ichor icon.png Ichor, Aurora Essence icon.png Aurora Essences, Prismatic Orb icon.png Prismatic Orbs, Celestial Orb icon.png Celestial Orbs, and Empyreal Orb icon.png Empyreal Orbs to increase a unit's maximum level, depending on its rarity. More details can be found in each item's wiki page.

If you have multiple copies of the same unit, you can use the other copies to Ascend your unit to make it stronger. You can also recieve Ascension goddesses from Events and Login Rewards. Keep in mind that the unit will become untradeable once it's 4th Ascended. More details about ascension can be found in the Ascension page.

Obtaining Rank Reward Units

Once you have a decent team of 10*s, you can effectively try ranking in Events for 11★ and 12★ units. Some events are easier to rank in without spending than others. More details about possible strategies for each event can be found in each event type's page.

Increasing Player Level

Currently, the Player Level cap was increased from its previous cap of 100. As of now, it is unclear what the new maximum level is.

Player level impacts when you're able to level up certain Skills that will give you bonuses to Attack, HP, Leader Speed, etc.

The player level can be increased via Training and by attacking other players in Battles. In Battles, the amount of experience gained is directly proportional to the rarity of monsters a player possesses in their inventory.

It may seem daunting to try to catch up in player level, but there are some players who are willing to tarnish their battle record for the greater good. Ask a high level player to temp ally 91225309 (type this into the trade id box to find the player) is usually willing to do so for a few hours any way. With Armygirl's or anyone else that has an SS magic as a leader (ask them to lead an SS (they'll understand)) help, you can defeat most players and earn enough points to make it to level 31 in about 6 battles. You are awarded points even if you lose.

More details about skills, player level, and IDs of players who have a large amount of exp can be found in the Skills page.

Once you have reached Player Level 31 you will be permitted to trade.


Like many other games, this game has certain abbreviations and terminology that are unique to it. Note that the "currency" in this game is Pure (Potion icon.png Potions or Time elixir icon.png Time Elixirs). Below is a list of some of Fantasica's terminology:
(List inspired by User:Xlivia)

Term Meaning
4* A card with a rarity of 4 stars
Standard Cards Cards that can be obtained from Brave and Ticket packs (see Card Packs)
M The monster version of a card, e.g. Amor M
U The unit version of a card, e.g. Amor U. If a card does not have a monster variant, this term is not needed
LE LE = Limited Edition. Usually refers to event cards and other cards from special packs that will never be reprinted
EU EU = Event Unit. Cards that are pulled from the most recent pack that provide bonuses in the current event (i.e. bonus unit)
Asc Shorthand for Ascension, e.g. Asc3 = Unit was ascended 3 times
LB LB = Level Broken, means that the unit can reach its max level, but needs to be maxed
MLB MLB=Max Level Broken, the unit is at its highest level possible
Feeder Cards that are used to level up other units via Enhancing
Gods Goddess cards such as Anu icon.png Anu, Danu icon.png Danu, Tartu icon.png Tartu, and Enurta icon.png Enurta; Epona is not really considered a Goddess in trades
Tradeable Potion icon.png Potions
Time Elixers
Tradeable Time elixir icon.png Time Elixirs
Typically a trade of either Pots or TE (no cards), but some sellers accept both Pots & TE in the same trade
Mixed Trade that consists of Pots/TE and one or several cards
Offer Pots/TE or cards that the buyer/seller is willing to trade for a card; may or may not be accepted by the other party
OBO OBO = Or Best Offer. If a seller is receiving multiple offers, the one with the highest offer will obtain the card
PC PC = Price Check. Can be used to ask others what a certain card is worth or what a seller prices their cards at
Lowball When someone asks for a card at a price that is much lower than what its worth
OP OP = Overpriced. Term used for cards listed at prices that are much higher than what they're worth
A sale where cards usually go for a much lower price than normal
WTB = Want to Buy. Indicates a person is buying a certain card, etc.
WTS = Want to Sell. Indicates a person is selling a certain card, etc.
WTT = Want to Trade. Indicates a person is trading a card for something else, etc.
WTA = Want to Album. Indicates a person wants to borrow a card just long enough to take it out of their inbox and return it to the owner
NFS NFS = Not for Sale. Indicates a person is just showing off their collection and will not consider any offers
DC DC = Dream Card. A card someone wants but does not have yet and is usually somewhat unobtainable without a lot of pure
Auction A player-made event where a seller sets a card they're selling as a leader and others bid on the seller's wall. Can last a few minutes to a few hours
WOF WOF = Wheel of Fortune. A player-made event that works similar to Dream Packs where you pay pure for a "spin" with certain cards as the grand prize


Creating a User Page

First, create an account, by clicking on the top-right part of the screen where it says "Create account". After that, fill out the form that appears with your new username and password.

Once your account is created, the text in the top-right will be replaced with your username. Clicking on it will bring you to your user page.

Since the account is new, it's likely the page doesn't exist yet. You can create a page by clicking the "Create" button on the new page.

Once you click "Create", all you have to do is type in the text box that appears! This website uses a form of HTML called MediaWiki. Some useful links on MediaWiki basics can be found below:

There was also a wiki user, now retired, who created a nice little page on editing on the wiki, located here. If you have any questions about editing please don't hesitate to message User:Jarrbox about it!

Using Your Page for Trading

Since Fantaistrade is no longer running, it has been a common occurrence to turn a user page into a Sales Page, where one can use the wiki's resources to list the units they have available for sale or trade.

It can also be used for things like Collection, Album, Current Team, etc. (basically anything utilizing the files on the wiki)

Some things you'll want to include in your sales page are:

  1. A way to contact you (In-game ID, KIK, Line, Discord, etc.)
  2. Some sort of easy-to-read sales format (some examples and templates can be found in the Category:Data Templates page)
  3. The text [[Category:Sales]] anywhere on your page to make sure you appear in the Player Sales list
    • If you included prices with your cards, add [[Category:Sales:Priced]] anywhere on your page to be included in the Player Sales With Prices list

Contributing to the Wiki

If you've stumbled around the wiki, you will know there are quite a few pages that are outdated or incorrect in some way.

If you're interested in updating the wiki, please refer to the Editing Tips page for more details!

You can also check out Missing Stats to see what cards need their stats updated and Editing Ascension Stats for help with updating a card's ascension stats.

Note: Even if you don't know the exact value for the ascension stats, just putting a "1" where the value should go will be extremely helpful for those who are wondering if they should invest in a unit!

Last but not least, you can visit the Wiki Editor Contact Board to see who you can contact about questions or comments regarding the wiki.

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