Warriors of Fate

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Warriors of Fate
Warriors of Fate release banner.png
Start Date 2016-03-18
End Date 2016-03-22
Event Type Tower Event
Event Cards Mini Warrior Packs
Preceded By The Fantasica Chronicles 38
Followed By Touched by Temptation
Warriors of Fate announcement.jpg
Warriors of Fate release.jpg

Event Info

Event Info
The Warriors of Fate event consists of 20 floors.

During the event, you will encounter a boss every 5 floors. Defeat all the bosses up to the last floor!

Defeat the final boss on the 20th floor to clear the castle!

Defeating each of the bosses will earn you a reward. Clearing the 20th floor will also earn you a 7★ and Up Ticket!

The reward you receive every 5th floor will be determined at random from your second playthrough and on. Good luck!

The Warriors of Fate event includes 10★ Iota Tickets and Goddesses of Ascension as special rewards for BT Pts earned.

  • These rewards will be sent to your Inbox.

Event Schedule

March 18, 2016, post-maintenance
March 22, 2016, maintenance

New Units

The following new units in Mini Warrior Packs gave bonus BT points in the Warriors of Fate event:

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Kanbei Kuroda.gif Kanbei Kuroda icon.png
10 Magic 30 C 150 271,586 307,061 265,375 Poison,

Bale Storm
Mini Warrior Packs
Nagamasa Kuroda.gif Nagamasa Kuroda icon.png
8 Magic 15 C 150 116,421 136,965 128,425 Poison,

Acid Rain
Mini Warrior Packs
Toshitaka Kuroda.gif Toshitaka Kuroda icon.png
6 Magic 20 C 150 68,025 82,825 61,455 Area Attack,

Triple Attack
Standard Card Packs
Added during Warriors of Fate

Reward Units

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Masamune Date.gif Masamune Date icon.png
10 Magic 30 C 150 259,691 267,323 301,587 Knockback,

Nerve Strike
Warriors of Fate
1,500,000 BT Points Reward
Shigezane Date.gif Shigezane Date icon.png
8 Melee 25 C 150 179,604 138,682 122,408 Slow,

Warriors of Fate
1,000,000 BT Points Reward
Kojuro Katakura.gif Kojuro Katakura icon.png
7 Missile 30 D 150 0 0 0 Area Attack,

Speed Order
Warriors of Fate
700,000 BT Points Reward


Boss Type Melee icon.png Missile icon.png Magic icon.png Floor
Lap 1
White Tiger m.gif White Tiger m icon.png
5 Ground icon.png B C D 5
Yamato m.gif Yamato m icon.png
7 Ground icon.png A B D 10
Da Ji m.gif Da Ji m icon.png
8 Ground icon.png C A A 15
Luna 8 m.gif Luna 8 m icon.png
8 Ground icon.png B B A 20
Lap 2
Meeko m.gif Meeko m icon.png
6 Ground icon.png B D C 5
Kleptes m.gif Kleptes m icon.png
8 Sea icon.png A B A 10
Vomer m.gif Vomer m icon.png
8 Ground icon.png B B C 15
Vargus m.gif Vargus m icon.png
9 Air icon.png S A A 20


Note that each lap gives about 136k points from the 2nd lap onwards. This means that 12 full laps are needed for 1.5 million points without event units.

Floor Rewards

Floor Reward
1st Lap
5 Time elixir p icon.png Time Elixir(P) x 2
10 Soma icon.png Soma x 1
15 Ticket 6 icon.png 6★+ Ticket
20 Ticket 7 icon.png 7★+ Ticket

Lap 2+ Rewards

Possible Reward
Time elixir icon.png Time Elixir
Time elixir p icon.png Time Elixir(P)
Potion icon.png Potion
Potion p icon.png Potion (P)
Anu icon.png Anu
Danu icon.png Danu
Tartu icon.png Tartu

Lap 2+ Rewards

Possible Reward
Aer icon.png Aer
Epona icon.png Epona
Ambrosia icon.png Ambrosia
Soma icon.png Soma
Ichor icon.png Ichor
Ticket 5 icon.png 5★+ Ticket
Premium ticket2 icon.png 4★+ Ticket

BT Point Rewards

BT Pts Reward
500,000 Aer icon.png Aer
600,000 Ticket 10 Iota icon.png 10★ Iota Ticket x 1
700,000 Kojuro Katakura icon.png 7★ Kojuro Katakura
800,000 Aeru icon.png Aeru
900,000 Ticket 10 Iota icon.png 10★ Iota Ticket x 1
1,000,000 Shigezane Date icon.png 8★ Shigezane Date
1,200,000 Aery icon.png Aery
1,500,000 Masamune Date icon.png 10★ Masamune Date

No Rank Rewards.

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