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Path Events Info

Path Events are pvp-centric events where you create a deck and battle against other players for prizes.

To start, position your units on the Fate Map. Here is where they will battle enemy units. Once battle starts, your units will advance along their own path of fate. When one of your units lands on an Attack Square, they will attack your opponent. Reduce the enemy team's HP to 0 to win!

Battles require FP to initiate. FP regenerate at a rate of one every 10 minutes. You can have a maximum of six FP at any time. Alternatively, you can use a Merlen Flask to instantly restore your maximum FP.

For more information about editing your team, please check the Editing Your Deck section. For more information about battles in general, please check the Battles section.

Your performance in battle will earn you BT Pts. Player rankings will be determined by the amount of BT Pts you earn during the event. Higher rankings will offer better rewards, so good luck!

Previous Path Events

Event Start Date End Date Rank Items
Stories for Shahriyar release banner.png
Stories for Shahriyar
06/12/2017 06/14/2017 Scheherazade icon.png
11★ Scheherazade
Marjanah icon.png
11★ Marjanah
Kiss of the Rose release banner.png
Kiss of the Rose
03/31/2017 4/03/2017 Kardinal icon.png
11★ Kardinal
Victual icon.png
11★ Victual

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