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How it Works


Quest Challenge was remade, introducing new difficulty levels and rewards.

There are 6 levels: Rook, Adept, Veteran, Master, Legend Insanity.

All quests within a level have a 10 minute cooldown.

Clearing all quests for a level earns you a reward.

Only event units can be deployed in Quest Challenge.


In the Quest Challenge there are four levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Inferno.

Each level has five quests with a 10-15 minute cooldown.

Clearing all the quests for a difficulty level earns you a reward.

Previous Quest Challenge Events

Event Name Start Date End Date Insanity Clear Reward
Wild Side banner.png
Wild Side
01/25/2018 01/29/2018 Aterui icon.png
11★ Aterui

Event Name Start Date End Date Insanity Clear Reward
Trials & Tribulations-Le Monde banner.png
Trials & Tribulations-Le Monde
12/07/2017 12/11/2017 Le Monde icon.png
★ Le Monde
Trials & Tribulations The Lioness banner.png
Trials & Tribulations The Lioness
11/16/2017 11/20/2017 Genira icon.png
11★ Genira
Hot As Dragonfire banner.png
Hot As Dragonfire
10/10/2017 10/16/2017 Marin 11 icon.png
★ Marin 11
Sandora's Trials of Blood! banner.png
Sandora's Trials of Blood!
09/26/2017 10/02/2017 Sandora icon.png
11★ Sandora
Forging Courage banner.png
Forging Courage
08/17/2017 08/21/2017 Stella 11 icon.png
11★ Stella_11
Claws Out banner.png
Claws Out
07/21/2017 07/24/2017 Ek Chauj icon.png
11★ Ek_Chauj
Treemys Trials of Blood banner.png
Treemys Trials of Blood
07/11/2017 07/12/2017 Julle icon.png
11★ Julle
Grand Sphere Adventures release banner.png
Grand Sphere Adventures
06/30/2017 07/03/2017 Eioh icon.png
11★ Eioh
Age of Ishtaria Adventures banner.png
Age of Ishtaria Adventures
05/21/2017 05/23/2017 Meru icon.png
11★ Meru

Event Name Start Date End Date
Rebel Reinforcement Trials banner.png
Rebel Reinforcement Trials
01/26/2015 01/29/2015

Event Name Start Date End Date
Joachim's Mega Instant Platinum Body Factory of Beautiful Pain 04/01/2014 04/01/2014

Event Name Start Date End Date
Specialist Trials 2 release banner.png
Specialist Trials 2
07/17/2013 07/?/2013
Specialist Trials release banner.png
Specialist Trials
06/25/2013 06/28/2013
Familiar Trials release banner.png
Familiar Trials
06/11/2013 06/18/2013
The Trials of Divinity 05/10/2013 05/16/2013
Mina's Trials of Whim 5 03/21/2013 03/25/2013
Mina's Trials of Whim 4 02/07/2013 02/12/2013
Mina's Trials of Whim 3 01/09/2013 01/16/2013

Event Name Start Date End Date
Mina's Trials of Whim release banner.png
Mina's Trials of Whim 2
09/21/2012 09/28/2012
Mina's Trials of Whim 08/10/2012 08/21/2012

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