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Dice / Casino Event

In Dice Events, you use Dice Points to move around boards and complete laps.

Dice Points

You have a maximum of 6 Dice Points, which regenerate at the rate of 1 point per 10 minutes. When you spend a point, you "roll" a dice to determine how many spaces your unit will move around the board. You can use bonus items to increase the number of dice you're rolling (and therefore, the total amount of spaces moved in a turn).

Rolling multiples of the same number (when using bonus dice) also have multipliers applied.

  • Rolling a low level bonus die adds one additional die, for a total of two dice.
  • Rolling a mid level bonus die adds four additional dice, for a total of five dice.
  • Rolling a high level bonus die adds nine additional dice, for a total of ten dice.


There are usually several sets of boards. When you complete a lap, you are placed onto another board selected at random for the next lap. As you complete larger number of laps, the boards become larger and take longer to clear.

Bonus Boards

As you defeat bosses, you have a chance to earn bonus board items. After collecting a full set of five bonus board items, the next time you complete a lap, you'll be given the option to go to a bonus board. Doing so consumes your items; you will start to collect a new set when you return to normal boards.

The bonus boards tend to be small in size, and are filled with chests and high level bosses.


As you move around boards, you will encounter purple Boss Squares. These squares will always stop you, and prompt you to fight a boss. You have the option of fleeing, but doing so will clear any remaining movement points on your current Dice roll. Defeating the boss will give large amounts of BT points (which scale with the level of the boss), as well as randomized items (Potions, Time Elixirs, Ambrosia, Luna, Brave Pts, Bonus Board Items, etc.)

Previous Dice Events

Event Start Date End Date Rank Chest Lap
Fortune Favors banner.png
Fortune Favors
05/29/2018 06/04/2018 Flynn icon.png
11★ Flynn
Aeroma icon.png
11★ Aeroma
Marianela icon.png
11★ Marianela
Fool Me Twice banner.png
Fool Me Twice
04/03/2018 04/09/2018 Koyote icon.png
11★ Koyote
Aeroma icon.png
11★ Aeroma
Krow icon.png
11★ Krow
It's All Greek to Me banner.png
It's All Greek to Me
02/27/2018 03/05/2018 Kipni icon.png
11★ Kipni
Aeroma icon.png
11★ Aeroma
Aries 11 icon.png
11★ Aries_11

Event Start Date End Date Rank Chest
Tiger Crane Clash release banner.png
Tiger Crane Clash
12/07/2015 12/11/2015 Mulan icon.png
10★ Mulan
Sai icon.png
9★ Sai
When Lightning Strikes release banner.png
When Lightning Strikes
11/12/2015 11/16/2015 Conduit icon.png
9★ Conduit
Blackout icon.png
9★ Blackout
The Path Not Taken release banner.png
The Path Not Taken
10/20/2015 10/24/2015 Sienthe icon.png
9★ Sienthe
Aegroth icon.png
8★ Aegroth
Coliseum Champions release banner.png
Coliseum Champions
09/14/2015 09/17/2015 Ariadne icon.png
9★ Ariadne
Lika & Ajax icon.png
8★ Lika_&_Ajax
Deep Dungeon Divers release banner.png
Deep Dungeon Divers
06/13/2015 06/16/2015 Dissidia icon.png
9★ Dissidia
Quina 8 icon.png
8★ Quina_8
Ladies of Luck release banner.png
Ladies of Luck
05/07/2015 05/10/2015 Viseria icon.png
8★ Viseria
Azaria icon.png
8★ Azaria
Broken Circuit release banner.png
Broken Circuit
03/12/2015 03/15/2015 Pfeil icon.png
8★ Pfeil
Kanone icon.png
8★ Kanone
Tears of the Sun release banner.png
Tears of the Sun
02/09/2015 02/13/2015 Horakty icon.png
8★ Horakty
Nephthys icon.png
8★ Nephthys

Event Start Date End Date Rank Chest
The Emerald City release banner.png
The Emerald City
12/05/2014 12/09/2014 Locasta icon.png
8★ Locasta
Dorothy 8 icon.png
8★ Dorothy_8
Feast of the Gods release banner.png
Feast of the Gods
10/20/2014 10/24/2014 Zeus icon.png
8★ Zeus
Hera 8 icon.png
8★ Hera_8
A Hero's Path release banner.png
A Hero's Path
09/16/2014 09/19/2014 Napoleon icon.png
8★ Napoleon
Gilgamesh icon.png
7★ Gilgamesh
Turtle Island Trouble release banner.png
Turtle Island Trouble
06/12/2014 06/16/2014 Krang icon.png
8★ Krang
Kamu icon.png
7★ Kamu
A Star Is Born release banner.png
A Star Is Born
05/23/2014 05/26/2014 Felice icon.png
8★ Felice
Elinor icon.png
7★ Elinor
Valley of Shangri-La announcement banner.png
Valley of Shangri-La
03/21/2014 03/24/2014 Gregory icon.png
7★ Gregory
Taoyuan icon.png
6★ Taoyuan
Roll the Dice release banner.png
Roll the Dice
02/19/2014 02/23/2014 Joker icon.png
7★ Joker
Riche icon.png
6★ Riche

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