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There were a total of 150 events during 2015.

Event Name Start Date End Date Japanese Equivalent JP Start JP End Event Type
The Elysian Palace release banner.png
The Elysian Palace
2015-12-30 2015-12-31 Tower Event
Descent Into Darkness release banner.png
Descent Into Darkness
2015-12-28 2015-12-31 Gifting Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 35 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 35
2015-12-21 2015-12-28 Guild Battle
Fullmetal Mayhem release banner.png
Fullmetal Mayhem
2015-12-21 2015-12-24 Legion Battle
Home Sweet Home release banner.png
Home Sweet Home
2015-12-18 2015-12-21 Team Event
Trees of Paradise release banner.png
Trees of Paradise
2015-12-17 2015-12-21 Training-Tower Event
Beneath the Masques release banner.png
Beneath the Masques
2015-12-14 2015-12-17 Clash Event
Go With The Floe release banner.png
Go With The Floe
2015-12-11 2015-12-14 Training Event
Garden of Tranquility release banner.png
Garden of Tranquility
2015-12-08 2015-12-11 Tower Event
Tiger Crane Clash release banner.png
Tiger Crane Clash
2015-12-07 2015-12-11 Dice Event
Pearls of the Deep release banner.png
Pearls of the Deep
2015-12-04 2015-12-07 Raising Event
Psychic Showdown release banner.png
Psychic Showdown
2015-12-01 2015-12-04 Frontlines Event
From the Ruins Reborn release banner.png
From the Ruins Reborn
2015-11-28 2015-12-01 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 34 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 34
2015-11-24 2015-12-01 Guild Battle
Hymn of Heroes release banner.png
Hymn of Heroes
2015-11-24 2015-11-27 Panel Event
Secrets of the Misty Isle release banner.png
Secrets of the Misty Isle
2015-11-22 2015-11-24 Tower Event
Knights of the Round Desk release banner.png
Knights of the Round Desk
2015-11-21 2015-11-24 Gifting Event
A Warrior's Last Oath release banner.png
A Warrior's Last Oath
2015-11-19 2015-11-21 Colosseum Event
Kiss of Desire release banner.png
Kiss of Desire
2015-11-16 2015-11-19 Popularity Event
When Lightning Strikes release banner.png
When Lightning Strikes
2015-11-12 2015-11-16 Dice Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 33 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 33
2015-11-05 2015-11-12 Guild Battle
Through the Pearly Gates release banner.png
Through the Pearly Gates
2015-11-05 2015-11-09 Frontlines Event
Honor's Razor Edge release banner.png
Honor's Razor Edge
2015-11-02 2015-11-05 Colosseum Event
Simply Elementary release banner.png
Simply Elementary
2015-11-01 2015-11-05 Training Event
A Tricky Proposition release banner.png
A Tricky Proposition
2015-10-29 2015-11-01 Colosseum Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 32 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 32
2015-10-24 2015-11-01 Guild Battle
Jewels of the Jungle release banner.png
Jewels of the Jungle
2015-10-24 2015-10-28 Panel Event
The Mysterious Manor release banner.png
The Mysterious Manor
2015-10-21 2015-10-24 Tower Event
The Path Not Taken release banner.png
The Path Not Taken
2015-10-20 2015-10-24 Dice Event
Dance Til You Drop release banner.png
Dance Til You Drop
2015-10-16 2015-10-20 Gifting Event
Fields of Plenty release banner.png
Fields of Plenty
2015-10-13 2015-10-16 Tower Event
In Autumn Fields release banner.png
In Autumn Fields
2015-10-12 2015-10-16 Clash Event
A Heavenly Respite release banner.png
A Heavenly Respite
2015-10-09 2015-10-12 Colosseum Event
Dragon You Down release banner.png
Dragon You Down
2015-10-08 2015-10-12 Training Event
The Whispering Wood release banner.png
The Whispering Wood
2015-10-05 2015-10-08 Frontlines Event
Rise of a New Don release banner.png
Rise of a New Don
2015-10-02 2015-10-05 Team Event
Over the Moon release banner.png
Over the Moon
2015-10-01 2015-10-05 Panel Event
My Little Princess release banner.png
My Little Princess
2015-09-28 2015-10-01 Raising Event
Pale Moon Rising release banner.png
Pale Moon Rising
2015-09-25 2015-09-28 Tower Event
Spellarium of Secrets release banner.png
Spellarium of Secrets
2015-09-21 2015-09-24 Training Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 31 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 31
2015-09-21 2015-09-26 Guild Battle
The Knight's Watch release banner.png
The Knight's Watch
2015-09-18 2015-09-21 Gifting Event
Coliseum Champions release banner.png
Coliseum Champions
2015-09-14 2015-09-17 Dice Event
Way of the Warrior release banner.png
Way of the Warrior
2015-09-11 2015-09-14 Colosseum Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 30 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 30
2015-09-07 2015-09-13 Guild Battle
Fall From Grace release banner.png
Fall From Grace
2015-09-07 2015-09-10 Tactics Event
Lighting the Dark release banner.png
Lighting the Dark
2015-09-03 2015-09-06 Panel Event
Thats the Spirit release banner.png
Thats the Spirit
2015-08-31 2015-09-03 Training Event
Cave of Illusion release banner.png
Cave of Illusion
2015-08-28 2015-08-31 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 29 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 29
2015-08-24 2015-08-31 Guild Battle
Treasures Untold announcement banner.png
Treasures Untold
2015-08-24 2015-08-27 Raising Event
Home at Last release banner.png
Home at Last
2015-08-21 2015-08-24 Team Event
Bathed in Flames release banner.png
Bathed in Flames
2015-08-20 2015-08-24 Training Event
Bonded by Blood release banner.png
Bonded by Blood
2015-08-17 2015-08-20 Gifting Event
The Palace of Veils release banner.png
The Palace of Veils
2015-08-14 2015-08-17 Colosseum Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 28 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 28
2015-08-10 2015-08-16 Guild Battle
The Magical Gathering release banner.png
The Magical Gathering
2015-08-10 2015-08-13 Panel Event
Arouettes Last Crusade release banner.png
Arouettes Last Crusade
2015-08-06 2015-08-10 Frontlines Event
Catastrophe Unleashed release banner.png
Catastrophe Unleashed
2015-08-03 2015-08-06 Training Event
Aquatic Academy release banner.png
Aquatic Academy
2015-07-31 2015-08-03 Panel Event
Wings of Death release banner.png
Wings of Death
2015-07-29 2015-07-31 Tower Event
Skies of the Valkyries release banner.png
Skies of the Valkyries
2015-07-28 2015-07-31 Gifting Event
A Tour to Remember release banner.png
A Tour to Remember
2015-07-26 2015-07-28 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 27 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 27
2015-07-22 2015-07-28 Guild Battle
An Otherworldly Invitation release banner.png
An Otherworldly Invitation
2015-07-22 2015-07-25 Panel Event
Marienges Tricky Trials 2 release banner.png
Marienges Tricky Trials 2
2015-07-21 2015-07-22 Quest Challenge Event
At Deaths Doorstep release banner.png
At Deaths Doorstep
2015-07-19 2015-07-22 Training Event
A Promise of Home release banner.png
A Promise of Home
2015-07-17 2015-07-19 Team Event
Gifts from the Sea release banner.png
Gifts from the Sea
2015-07-16 2015-07-19 Gifting Event
Whispers from Below release banner.png
Whispers from Below
2015-07-14 2015-07-16 Colosseum Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 26 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 26
2015-07-10 2015-07-16 Guild Battle
Under Her Control release banner.png
Under Her Control
2015-07-10 2015-07-13 Panel Event
All Good Things banner.png
All Good Things
2015-07-08 2015-07-10 Colosseum Event
Legacy of the East release banner.png
Legacy of the East
2015-07-07 2015-07-10 Frontlines Event
Love is a Crime release banner.png
Love is a Crime
2015-07-04 2015-07-07 Training Event
Shoot for the Sky release banner.png
Shoot for the Sky
2015-07-01 2015-07-04 Raising Event
Fire in the Jungle release banner.png
Fire in the Jungle
2015-06-29 2015-07-01 Tower Event
Seven Deadly Sins release banner.png
Seven Deadly Sins
2015-06-28 2015-07-01 Gifting Event
To Dye For release banner.png
To Dye For
2015-06-26 2015-06-28 Team Event
In the Cards release banner.png
In the Cards
2015-06-25 2015-06-28 Tactics Event
Hall of the Great release banner.png
Hall of the Great
2015-06-22 2015-06-25 Training Event
The Blue Planet release banner.png
The Blue Planet
2015-06-20 2015-06-22 Colosseum Event
Working Wonders release banner.png
Working Wonders
2015-06-16 2015-06-19 Raising Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 25 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 25
2015-06-16 2015-06-22 Guild Battle
Deep Dungeon Divers release banner.png
Deep Dungeon Divers
2015-06-13 2015-06-16 Dice Event
The Dream Catcher release banner.png
The Dream Catcher
2015-06-11 2015-06-13 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 24 announcement banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 24
2015-06-07 2015-06-13 Guild Battle
A Toast to Tomorrow release banner.png
A Toast to Tomorrow
2015-06-07 2015-06-10 Gifting Event
On Distant Shores announcement banner.png
On Distant Shores
2015-06-04 2015-06-07 Training Event
Hand in Hand release banner.png
Hand in Hand
2015-06-01 2015-06-04 Panel Event
Nightmare Come True banner.png
Nightmare Come True
2015-05-27 2015-06-01 Gifting Event
The Path of Penitence release banner.png
The Path of Penitence
2015-05-26 2015-05-28 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 23 banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 23
2015-05-25 2015-05-28 Guild Battle
Signed in Blood release banner.png
Signed in Blood
2015-05-22 2015-05-25 Tower Event
False Prophecies release banner.png
False Prophecies
2015-05-19 2015-05-22 Panel Event
Labyrinth of Illusion release banner.png
Labyrinth of Illusion
2015-05-17 2015-05-19 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 22 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 22
2015-05-16 2015-05-19 Guild Battle
The Lotus Uprising release banner.png
The Lotus Uprising
2015-05-13 2015-05-16 Clash Event
Mysteries Within release banner.png
Mysteries Within
2015-05-10 2015-05-13 Legion Battle
Ladies of Luck release banner.png
Ladies of Luck
2015-05-07 2015-05-10 Dice Event
The Last Stand release banner.png
The Last Stand
2015-05-03 2015-05-07 Colosseum Event
It's Show Time! release banner.png
It's Show Time!
2015-05-03 2015-05-07 Training Event
Oath of the Brave release banner.png
Oath of the Brave
2015-04-30 2015-05-03 Panel Event
The House of Wax release banner.png
The House of Wax
2015-04-27 2015-04-30 Gifting Event
End of the Rainbow release banner.png
End of the Rainbow
2015-04-25 2015-04-27 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 21 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 21
2015-04-23 2015-04-27 Guild Battle
Scion of the Sun release banner.png
Scion of the Sun
2015-04-23 2015-04-24 Tower Event
Spring Winds release banner.png
Spring Winds
2015-04-20 2015-04-23 Raising Event
Heavens Reach release banner.png
Heavens Reach
2015-04-16 2015-04-20 Tactics Event
Bones of the Earth release banner.png
Bones of the Earth
2014-04-13 2014-04-16 Training Event
Pillars of Ice release banner.png
Pillars of Ice
2015-04-11 2015-04-13 Tower Event
Extra Credit at the Magic Academy release banner.png
Extra Credit at the Magic Academy
2015-04-09 2015-04-13 Gifting Event
Weapons of Choice release banner.png
Weapons of Choice
2015-04-06 2015-04-09 Clash Event
The Still of Night release banner.png
The Still of Night
2015-04-03 2015-04-06 Panel Event
Who's the MAN! release banner.png
Who's the MAN!
2015-04-01 2015-04-03 Team Event
Ladies of the Court release banner.png
Ladies of the Court
2015-03-30 2015-04-03 Raising Event
On Ghostly Sails release banner.png
On Ghostly Sails
2015-03-26 2015-03-30 Tactics Event
Full Bloom release banner.png
Full Bloom
2015-03-24 2015-03-26 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 20 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 20
2015-03-23 2015-03-26 Guild Battle
Being Human release banner.png
Being Human
2015-03-20 2015-03-23 Training Event
Heart's True Desire release banner.png
Heart's True Desire
2015-03-18 2015-03-20 Team Event
Feeding the Flames release banner.png
Feeding the Flames
2015-03-17 2015-03-20 Gifting Event
The Magic Club release banner.png
The Magic Club
2015-03-15 2015-03-17 Colosseum Event
Broken Circuit release banner.png
Broken Circuit
2015-03-12 2015-03-15 Dice Event
Enemy Lines release banner.png
Enemy Lines
2015-03-10 2015-03-12 Tower Event
The Night Shift release banner.png
The Night Shift
2015-03-08 2015-03-12 Legion Battle
Call of the Crystal release banner.png
Call of the Crystal
2015-03-05 2015-03-08 Clash Event
Ruins of Enchantment release banner.png
Ruins of Enchantment
2015-03-02 2015-03-05 Training Event
Arena in the Sky release banner.png
Arena in the Sky
2015-02-26 2015-03-02 Panel Event
Rock to the Top! banner.png
Rock to the Top!
2015-02-24 2015-02-26 Team Event
A Matter of Honor banner.png
A Matter of Honor
2015-02-23 2015-02-26 Gifting Event
The Lesser Key banner.png
The Lesser Key
2015-02-20 2015-02-23 Tower Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 19 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 19
2015-02-16 2015-02-23 Guild Battle
Sweet Revenge release banner.png
Sweet Revenge
2015-02-16 2015-02-19 Clash Event
Spirit of Love release banner.png
Spirit of Love
2015-02-13 2015-02-16 Popularity Event
Tears of the Sun release banner.png
Tears of the Sun
2015-02-09 2015-02-13 Dice Event
Bewitched by Moonlight release banner.png
Bewitched by Moonlight
2015-02-07 2015-02-09 Colosseum Event
Seas of Rust release banner.png
Seas of Rust
2015-02-05 2015-02-09 Training Event
A Time for Flowers release banner.png
A Time for Flowers
2015-02-02 2015-02-05 Panel Event
Homecoming of the Heart release banner.png
Homecoming of the Heart
2015-01-30 2015-02-02 Team Event
The Desert Rose release banner.png
The Desert Rose
2015-01-29 2015-02-02 Raising Event
The Fantasica Chronicles 18 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 18
2015-01-23 2015-01-29 East Guerrilla Warfare 2015-01-13 2015-01-23 Guild Battle
Evergreen release banner.png
2015-01-23 2015-01-26 Training Event
Big Thunder Mountain release banner.png
Big Thunder Mountain
2015-01-22 2015-01-23 Tower Event
Temple of Strife release banner.png
Temple of Strife
2015-01-19 2015-01-22 Panel Event
Machina Ex Deus release banner.png
Machina Ex Deus
2015-01-16 2015-01-19 Clash Event
Here Comes the Rain release banner.png
Here Comes the Rain
2015-01-13 2015-01-16 Gifting Event
New Year Spirits release banner.png
New Year Spirits
2015-01-11 2015-01-13 Colosseum Event
Where it Starts release banner.png
Where it Starts
2015-01-09 2015-01-13 Training Event
A Hero in the East release banner.png
A Hero in the East
2015-01-06 2015-01-09 Clash Event
Forbidden Magic release banner.png
Forbidden Magic
2015-01-04 2015-01-06 Colosseum Event
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