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~~Greetings. I just started my wiki page and I wonder if I can be on the “Sale board” even if I give away Units and monsters? I give away Units and monsters. All one have to do is pick what one want and I will send them if they are available. I tried to follow “User talk:Mastupuchu” tutorial for how to make a page searchable but it dit not quite work for me. I hope I can help any player who seeks card but can't get them because of the “Price” someone has made up. My page is all done for the players to go trough, about 200 cards on my wiki page to give away to would be my pleasure to help any player who need. Link to my page:

I would be honored if I could be on the boards among the other Fantasica players. Best regards from Fantasica Player. Written: Thursday, April 12, 2018. //Xlivia ~~


Sales List

Hi Kitty, i just realize my number is missing from the sales list. Mind to add me back? Username Annsoon88.

Hi! Can you please add me to the sales list? ^~^ Thanks - User:Sfaulhab1

Hey! Hope you don't mind adding me to the sales page please:) username Fhanfhan Thank you so much for your support!!

Hi!! Can you add me to the sales list as well? (User: wishiewashie)

Hey! Can you please add me to the sales list? I just set it up :D Thanks! User:LuziMiazawa

Hi, could you add my new list by chance?i could not find the edit for the list. thank you theophorte

Hi hiii, I just made my own list and wanted to ask if I could have myself in the sales lists~ Thank you very much! N1GHTSH4DE96

  • Update* Thankies! \<( ^ w ^ )>/

Hi, I would like to list myself in the sales list but I'm new & still learning of how things works here. Thank you for the trouble if u see this. SocialStore

-Hi Kitty, can you ad me pls. Name is and wiki

Hi, can you add this page to the new sales list and alphabetical sales page list? thanks! :) JusticeFox13

Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place. But, I hope you could help me add my name to the sales list. Thank you for your help. Sales Name : -TakeMeWithU- -TakeMeWithU-

Hi, could you please add me to the sales lists? Thank you so much! inkspill88

Hey, could you add me to the priced sales list? my units are priced Smileychanny thanks ^^/

Hi! Could you add me to the sales list? Thank you!! Still working on my page. Sahas83

Hello, Could you please add me to the sales list? Thanks. User:Razor_Petalz - Can you please add me again? i have been removed?- THANK YOU, I have fixed it.

Hi, Can u please add me to your sales list.. User:XNEC-LORDx

Hey there, could you please add me to the sales list? Trying to add prices to my units :) Thanks for your hard work! User:BestTobli

Hiya! Would you be able to help add me to the sales list? I just finished adding units to my page! Thank you so much!! ^^ User:Ukanlosslayer

Xlivia (talk) May I have permission to be added among the "With prices" list which is under the "Player sales" list? I have added Pure prices at my ~ENHANCING GODDESS~ and ~1-9★ AWEKENING/RECRUIT MONSTERS. TYVM for the add at players list, Grateful! // XliviaXlivia (talk) 15:49, 16 December 2018 (UTC)


If you have a unit that I can Album please drop me a note here.

- Hiya. This is Tacos. I have some cards you seem to be looking for. Snowshoe & Lory. That is, I thought you were looking for Snow but I may be wrong. Anyway, feel free to contact. ~DragonTacos

-Yes you may album Cathy ^-^ , What's your info so I can send? Rawrnessgirl

-I have 5* Frieda it looks like you need to album? I'd be happy to be gift her to you if that's ok. Let me know :) inkspill88

- Hi I have a TON of le's you're lf. Hmu after tl and you can album them all. Here's my list of le's lexi61299

-Hi I have a lot that you want to album I see 😄 my name is Belletjuh, kik, game and wiki. Hope to speak to you soon

- i hv some 11* but i generally hate glitters, so they are mostly non-MLB. If you ok with MLB them yourself for albuming - drop by :D Also ur 11-both tabs falls out of sync at Sekisou v2 Arioch (talk) 16:37, 12 March 2019 (UTC)

Wiki Editing

Hi there, I don't know if I'll have time to upload the images and create unit pages, but I'd be happy to learn about uploading just in case ^^ ~Jarrbox

I'm sorry for your loss. I can build the pages and create the units! Fortunately I'm familiar with the process because I did it for a short while. Good luck meeting your 5pm deadline! ~Jarrbox

No problem! Glad to help ^^

Hey there! Just wanna let you know I added pages for the events and packs that came out today so all you'd have to do is upload the files :) I can also create the unit pages if you want, I just wasn't sure if I should right now since I can't fill out any of the unit's stats. Oh, I just have "TBD" for the 3 Step Packs since I don't know what they're gonna be ^^; One more thing, I labeled Loki (10* rank reward for Give & Take-Tis the Season) as "Loki_(Xmas)" because there's already a 10* Loki and it's not related at all to the new Loki, so I thought it would be weird to call it "Loki 10 v2" since they look nothing alike haha. Anyways, let me know if you need any help or clarification on stuff! Merry Christmas! ~Jarrbox

I think that's solved by clearing the browser cache, but I'll stop messing with it then. Another alternative is to name the "coming soon" banner as "announcement" instead of release (e.g. Coliseum of Chaos) Both will end up displaying on the event page but at least there will be no distortion issues! It's just a suggestion though. ~Jarrbox

I understand, I was talking about the posters too. The "coming soon" poster would be named Event_announcement.jpg and when the event released the released poster would be named Event_release.jpg. The banners can remain however you were naming them. The "_announcement.jpg" and "_release.jpg" endings are treated differently so they don't override each other at any point. I feel bad about you having to be the main person running the site and have been trying to at least learn how to do as much as you do, but it's been hard since it's my last semester in school and I have to finish writing my thesis and take a comprehensive exam. I don't want you to feel pigeon-holed into running the site if you can't do it anymore though, and if you really want to quit, I'll still be here to update the site, it'll just probably take a little longer for me to upload the images. And hopefully someone will be nice enough to help out too, haha. But anyways my point is, don't force yourself to manage the site if it's stressing you out too much. In the end Fanta is just a game, and if they have a problem with you wanting to take a break from editing or quit the game they can take it up with me! I appreciate everything you've done for this site because I know it's a very time-consuming and thankless job that you're not even getting paid for. It'll be sad to see you leave, but ultimately you should do what makes you happier. This paragraph was probably longer than it needed to be, sorry LOL ~Jarrbox

Ahh okay, sorry for assuming! I know what you mean about the changes though. Some of them have been nice (like making Panel Events more accessible for f2p) but I also don't like how the pool of artists has been reduced to the 4 you mentioned. I've definitely been playing more casually than before. I'll still learn how to upload the files properly so that maybe we can alternate every week or something if you'd like. If you'd still rather be the main uploader that's fine too! Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help, otherwise I'll probably just continue trying to update and clean up older pages haha. ~Jarrbox

Sorry don't mean to intrude but can someone check Raimlor and Raimlor_m? He's listed as an 8* on both pages but I am about 90% sure he is a 7*. I would edit the page myself but I'm not completely sure myself. Again I apologize for intruding. ~ gamergirl1d25

Hey there, the front card image uploaded for Tir na nOg seems to be a thumbnail instead of the full sized image. I can't seem to be able to do anything about it so I'm letting you know. ~Jarrbox

Hiho~ I noticed that there still exists a page for a typo for the 7* Unit Yuanshin Tainzun, namely I tried to remove it myself, but I couldn't find it in the Database. Thanks for all the effort <3 ~ Cherrytree97

Hi there, noticed there was a unit page typo for Yukine 7* (the blue one) where it was labeled as an 8*, so I created another page for her here. As a result, the old page ( should probably be deleted. When you have time, could you delete the page? Thanks in advance! ~Jarrbox

Oh yikes! Yea it would be better if you didn't have to do that haha. I'll do my best to keep it updated in the meantime! ~Jarrbox

Always glad to help when I can! I just wish I had time to do more. I know there are a lot of things you do that I always forget to do, so thank you for taking care of those despite not having easy access to wifi! ~Jarrbox

Please, when you create new Unit pages, can you put there different stats edit URL, one easier to use ? Arioch (talk) 15:55, 10 January 2019 (UTC)


Team (voting) events

Make_It_All_Up and previous. Bonus cards claim to affect Training. However neither event Rules, nor Team Event page, nor conventional wisdom supposrts it. Bonus cards seem to only effect Quests not Trainings. Arioch (talk) 21:32, 24 October 2017 (UTC)

Sales list

Hi there! I had some spare time so I tried to edit the sales list by alphabetical order, but I noticed people re-editing it to put their names at the end of the list just to gain visibility I guess (I say so because there were no "new entries", the number of sellers was the same, only the order had changed). Some users on Fanta complimented me for the edit I made, since in their opinion (and mine as well) sales list is now easier to consult so I was wondering...can we keep it this way?
Maybe in order to prevent people to randomly change the list with the sole purpose of being more visible (and thus having more chance of selling their cards) we could add a short message on the top of the list, asking people to try to maintein alphabetical order!
I know tons of people are not familiar with HTML: when users want to add their name to the sales list they can put it at the end, then we can periodically check it and put the new entries in the right alphabetical order! ^^
I hope you understand what I've written, English is not my native language so it's difficult for me to properly convey my thoughts and express my opinions. Thanks for reading! ^^ - SoullessMimy

Hello there! I really want you too add me too in the sales list please..X) Many thanks..sorry if i write the note on the wrong place.. dunno where to post the note... Sales Name : Cookieus

I didn't see an edit for the sales list, only the WTB but I could be dumb.. Can you add me please? I will be adding to it daily as I work through my inbox: Sales Name : Scilixx

Hello there, small question. I priced my units yet I don't appear in the tab for priced units. Also after updating sales list I'm never shown in the updated sales section? Am I missing something? Thanks for awesome Wiki! (user: Tallepal)

For Tallepal: I dunno if your questions have already been answered, in any case I'll answer too, so it may be of some use for other players: "Priced Units" list and "Updated sales" list are not automatically updating. They work exactly like the main sale list works: you have to edit the page and add your name to the desired list! :) (user: SoullessMimy) - Thanks for your quick reply and advice, got it now :3

Hey I would like to be added to the sales list page please. Username is ilovemywife24. Also some weeks when I add my name to the new updated sales page that gets wiped every Tuesday my username doesn't link to my page correctly.

Re: It's All Greek to Me

Minthe is epic boss like Morea, Calet/Rua are special bosses but not epic Arioch (talk) 14:29, 27 February 2018 (UTC)

Upd. For new dice some bosses on my page too Arioch (talk)


Please leave the name of the unit and rarity here!

Hey hun, the Back Art for 7* Lapinea is missing. Oh and the Art and Back Art for Fire Wolf 6 is missing. Also there exists a page for Fire Wolf 5*. ~ Cherrytree97


Extreme Pack Season 115 1/23 need banner and fix poster spelled wrong heroic Packs 12 banner Heroic Pack 16 poster Sprites Teena and Penance 1/18 Ultimate plus Packs 72 and 71 banners Pestige packs Volume 47 Ultimate Challenger Packs 41 banner triple Shot Packs 15 page misc packs page September monthly rankings banner 1 shot packs 132 + 147 banners


Hey there, I wanted to bring up an idea I had for the sales list on the front page. It might be beneficial to add a "category" to each sale page just so the front page of the wiki doesn't become too crowded (e.g. everyone who has a page adds the text "[[Category:Sales]]" to the bottom of their page) and then just include a link to the category page on the front page of the wiki. That way the sellers will also be automatically alphabetized, making the whole sorting process a lot less manual. For sellers that have their cards priced, you can have a sub-category (e.g. "[[Category:Sales:Priced]]"). I think the rest of the sections (new/updated, fire sales, buying, albuming, auction/wof/etc) on the front can stay there, but for the sake of organization they could have sub-categories too. Let me know what you think. ~Jarrbox

Kitty! Not sure which section to put this under, but just had a question xD Do you have kik by any chance? -adowakat

Hi. I would like to know how do you do to get cards pictures and gif ? i really want it pls - ForTheLink


Do you mean like a page that has a complete list of cards being sold, and clicking on a specific card brings up a list of people selling the card and at what price they're selling at? I think it might be possible, I just have to see how to make it as automatic as possible so it's not a huge headache to implement. I'll do a little research into it and get back to you.

Oh shoot sorry, I was supposed to get back to you about the Fantasitrade thing! I had one idea, but it would be very tedious and I'm not sure how to implement it... I was basically thinking something along the lines of adding a Fantasitrade category ([[Category:Fantasitrade]]), maybe with sub-categories to organize by rarity or something, and creating a new Fantasitrade page basically for each unit being sold (this is the tedious part). The unit's fantasitrade page ([[Category:Fantasitrade:UnitName]]?) would then contain a list of everyone selling that card with their price, if applicable (They might have to put it in the page manually? Or maybe just add [[Category:Fantasitrade:UnitName]] to their page so their name shows up and is linked in the list). I don't know though, the more I think about it the more of a bad idea it sounds haha. I was also exploring the possibility of adding new sales templates for people to use that would be a little easier to use (e.g. {{Fantasitrade|NameOfUnit|Level|Price}}) that would automatically take the inputs from the template and put them in a table somewhere (similar to how the front page of Fantasitrade had the "newly added" sales, except I don't know how to indicate time-based ordering), but I don't know enough about MediaWiki to attempt that yet LOL. But yeah, those are just my thoughts about it right now.

Yeah... I think so too, unfortunately. I'll see what else we can do about it probably next week, been a little busy because of finals this week haha.

Feeding Aragons to Leana... Burning Inbox feels like drinking alone... Arioch (talk) 00:07, 1 April 2019 (UTC)

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