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Hi, my name's Lexi. I'm a semi-veteran of Fanta, having started in 2013, but I took a break shortly before 11★ came out. I have a lot of LE 3★, 4★, 5★, and 6★, so feel free to have a look and make an offer!

My all time favorite Apt card will probably always be Alt, because she was the first Apt card I ever laid eyes on. I fell in love instantly.(*^3^)/~♡

The Apt Collection Tab is my personal collection, and will most likely not be sold. The Previous Sales tab are previous sales I have done, and can be a reference for those looking to price units. I will include date of the sale as well, to show how current the price is.

Be forewarned, all my LE's are listed as offer because I DO NOT know the price. Offer me something and if I think it's worth/I like it, I'll let you know.

My Units/Mons

Ohana Lappin Honoka Jogasaki Nanao
Ohana card.jpg
Ohana.gif Untradeable Ohana.gif
Lappin card.jpg
Lappin.gif Untradeable Lappin.gif
Honoka card.jpg
Honoka.gif Untradeable Honoka.gif
Jogasaki Nanao card.jpg
Jogasaki Nanao.gif Untradeable Jogasaki Nanao.gif

Faqtail Okyo Ogin Zhang Jiao Suzihime
Faqtail card.jpg
Faqtail.gif Untradeable Faqtail.gif
Okyo mlb card.jpg
Okyo mlb.gif Untradeable A3 Okyo mlb.gif
Ogin mlb card.jpg
Ogin mlb.gif Untradeable A4 Ogin mlb.gif
Zhang Jiao mlb card.jpg
Zhang Jiao mlb.gif Untradeable A2 Zhang Jiao mlb.gif
Suzihime mlb card.jpg
Suzihime mlb.gif Untradeable Suzihime mlb.gif
Beowulf 11 v2 Lich 11 Altair Cheng Pu Mikoto
Beowulf 11 v2 card.jpg
Beowulf 11 v2.gif Untradeable Beowulf 11 v2.gif
Lich 11 mlb card.jpg
Lich 11 mlb.gif Untradeable Lich 11 mlb.gif
Altair mlb card.jpg
Altair mlb.gif Untradeable Altair mlb.gif
Cheng Pu mlb card.jpg
Cheng Pu mlb.gif Untradeable Cheng Pu mlb.gif
Mikoto card.jpg
Mikoto.gif Untradeable Mikoto.gif
Sax Neri Trindel Xun You Rosalind 11
Sax card.jpg
Sax.gif Untradeable Sax.gif
Neri card.jpg
Neri.gif Untradeable Neri.gif
Trindel card.jpg
Trindel.gif Untradeable Trindel.gif
Xun You card.jpg
Xun You.gif Untradeable Xun You.gif
Rosalind 11 card.jpg
Rosalind 11.gif Untradeable Rosalind 11.gif
Arikiya Bondyelle Olivia 11 Mythos
Arikiya card.jpg
Arikiya.gif Untradeable Arikiya.gif
Bondyelle mlb card.jpg
Bondyelle mlb.gif Untradeable Bondyelle mlb.gif
Olivia 11 card.jpg
Olivia 11.gif Untradeable Olivia 11.gif
Mythos card.jpg
Mythos.gif Untradeable Mythos.gif

Ikarin Caerulea Laura 10 Martie Chia
Ikarin card.jpg
Ikarin.gif 150 pure Ikarin.gif
Caerulea card.jpg
Caerulea.gif 10 pure Caerulea.gif
Laura 10 mlb card.jpg
Laura 10 mlb.gif 30 pure Laura 10 mlb.gif
Martie card.jpg
Martie.gif 10 pure Martie.gif
Chia card.jpg
Chia.gif 10 pure Chia.gif
Silene Achus 10 Josie 10 Hikari Foemina
Silene card.jpg
Silene.gif 10 pure Silene.gif
Achus 10 mlb card.jpg
Achus 10 mlb.gif 250 pure Achus 10 mlb.gif
Josie 10 card.jpg
Josie 10.gif 10 pure Josie 10.gif
Hikari card.jpg
Hikari.gif 10 pure Hikari.gif
Foemina card.jpg
Foemina.gif 10 pure Foemina.gif
Lilene Bonaparte Cirro Bonnie Mishtik
Lilene card.jpg
Lilene.gif 10 pure Lilene.gif
Bonaparte mlb card.jpg
Bonaparte mlb.gif 150 pure Bonaparte mlb.gif
Cirro card.jpg
Cirro.gif 10 pure Cirro.gif
Bonnie card.jpg
Bonnie.gif 10 pure Bonnie.gif
Mishtik card.jpg
Mishtik.gif 10 pure Mishtik.gif
Miyoko Glenda Princess Saho Chichiru Elinora
Miyoko card.jpg
Miyoko.gif 10 pure Miyoko.gif
Glenda card.jpg
Glenda.gif 10 pure Glenda.gif
Princess Saho card.jpg
Princess Saho.gif 10 pure Princess Saho.gif
Chichiru card.jpg
Chichiru.gif 10 pure Chichiru.gif
Elinora card.jpg
Elinora.gif 10 pure Elinora.gif
Runa v2 Siobhan Brunhildr Emiko
Runa v2 card.jpg
Runa v2.gif 10 pure Runa v2.gif
Siobhan card.jpg
Siobhan.gif 10 pure Siobhan.gif
Brunhildr card.jpg
Brunhildr.gif 10 pure Brunhildr.gif
Emiko card.jpg
Emiko.gif 10 pure Emiko.gif

Carillon Cuisiner Raina Paloma Senka
Carillon card.jpg
Carillon.gif Offer Carillon.gif
Cuisiner card.jpg
Cuisiner.gif Offer Cuisiner.gif
Raina card.jpg
Raina.gif Offer Raina.gif
Paloma card.jpg
Paloma.gif Offer Paloma.gif
Senka card.jpg
Senka.gif Offer Senka.gif
Yuma Faine Pyrene Methwick Okiku
Yuma card.jpg
Yuma.gif Offer Yuma.gif
Faine card.jpg
Faine.gif Offer Faine.gif
Pyrene card.jpg
Pyrene.gif 150 Pyrene.gif
Methwick card.jpg
Methwick.gif Offer Methwick.gif
Okiku card.jpg
Okiku.gif Offer Okiku.gif

Morden Celesta Porthos Marnie Cadence
Morden card.jpg
Morden.gif Offer Morden.gif
Celesta card.jpg
Celesta.gif 450 Celesta.gif
Porthos card.jpg
Porthos.gif Offer Porthos.gif
Marnie card.jpg
Marnie.gif Offer Marnie.gif
Cadence card.jpg
Cadence.gif Offer Cadence.gif
Drizzle Trickle Tavri Theracie Vonda
Drizzle card.jpg
Drizzle.gif Offer Drizzle.gif
Trickle card.jpg
Trickle.gif Offer Trickle.gif
Tavri card.jpg
Tavri.gif Offer Tavri.gif
Theracie card.jpg
Theracie.gif Offer Theracie.gif
Vonda card.jpg
Vonda.gif Offer Vonda.gif
Drizella Denisa Vitoria Charise Melrose
Drizella card.jpg
Drizella.gif Offer Drizella.gif
Denisa card.jpg
Denisa.gif Offer Denisa.gif
Vitoria card.jpg
Vitoria.gif Offer Vitoria.gif
Charise card.jpg
Charise.gif Offer Charise.gif
Melrose card.jpg
Melrose.gif Offer Melrose.gif
Ur Hocus Roti Boniface
Ur card.jpg
Ur.gif Offer Ur.gif
Hocus card.jpg
Hocus.gif Offer Hocus.gif
Roti card.jpg
Roti.gif Offer Roti.gif
Boniface card.jpg
Boniface.gif Offer Boniface.gif
Gryps 8 m Cruella m Thymos m
Gryps 8 m card.jpg
Gryps 8 m.gif Offer Gryps 8 m.gif
Cruella m card.jpg
Cruella m.gif Offer Cruella m.gif
Thymos m card.jpg
Thymos m.gif Offer Thymos m.gif

Romania Iruka Philia Griselda Amber 7
Romania card.jpg
Romania.gif Offer Romania.gif
Iruka card.jpg
Iruka.gif Offer Iruka.gif
Philia card.jpg
Philia.gif Offer Philia.gif
Griselda card.jpg
Griselda.gif Offer Griselda.gif
Amber 7 card.jpg
Amber 7.gif Offer Amber 7.gif
Lulabelle 7 Ninette 7 Bernadette 7 Banshey Mirsh
Lulabelle 7 card.jpg
Lulabelle 7.gif Offer Lulabelle 7.gif
Ninette 7 card.jpg
Ninette 7.gif Offer Ninette 7.gif
Bernadette 7 card.jpg
Bernadette 7.gif Offer Bernadette 7.gif
Banshey card.jpg
Banshey.gif Offer Banshey.gif
Mirsh card.jpg
Mirsh.gif Offer Mirsh.gif
Daigoro Jordan Sayoko Rhona Lapinea
Daigoro card.jpg
Daigoro.gif Offer Daigoro.gif
Jordan card.jpg
Jordan.gif Offer Jordan.gif
Sayoko card.jpg
Sayoko.gif Offer Sayoko.gif
Rhona card.jpg
Rhona.gif Offer Rhona.gif
Lapinea card.jpg
Lapinea.gif Offer Lapinea.gif
Harmone Pansy Pocus Wendigo Eolh
Harmone card.jpg
Harmone.gif Offer Harmone.gif
Pansy card.jpg
Pansy.gif Offer Pansy.gif
Pocus card.jpg
Pocus.gif Offer Pocus.gif
Wendigo card.jpg
Wendigo.gif Offer Wendigo.gif
Eolh card.jpg
Eolh.gif Offer Eolh.gif
Bishamonten Jezebel Accenta Dullahan 7 Rena 7
Bishamonten card.jpg
Bishamonten.gif Offer Bishamonten.gif
Jezebel card.jpg
Jezebel.gif Offer Jezebel.gif
Accenta card.jpg
Accenta.gif Offer Accenta.gif
Dullahan 7 card.jpg
Dullahan 7.gif Offer Dullahan 7.gif
Rena 7 card.jpg
Rena 7.gif Offer Rena 7.gif
Apropos Armis Queen of Hearts Avrille Fracaso
Apropos card.jpg
Apropos.gif Offer Apropos.gif
Armis card.jpg
Armis.gif Offer Armis.gif
Fracaso card.jpg
Fracaso.gif Offer Fracaso.gif
Queen of Hearts card.jpg
Queen of Hearts.gif Offer Queen of Hearts.gif
Avrille card.jpg
Avrille.gif Offer Avrille.gif
Kidomaru Wood Golem 7 Fafnir 7 Sanami Cocina
Kidomaru card.jpg
Kidomaru.gif Offer Kidomaru.gif
Wood Golem 7 card.jpg
Wood Golem 7.gif Offer Wood Golem 7.gif
Fafnir 7 card.jpg
Fafnir 7.gif Offer Fafnir 7.gif
Sanami card.jpg
Sanami.gif Offer Sanami.gif
Cocina card.jpg
Cocina.gif Offer Cocina.gif
Caspia Kajia Mousqueton Carole
Caspia card.jpg
Caspia.gif Offer Caspia.gif
Kajia card.jpg
Kajia.gif Offer Kajia.gif
Mousqueton card.jpg
Mousqueton.gif Offer Mousqueton.gif
Carole card.jpg
Carole.gif Offer Carole.gif
Erz m Erostya m Lyric m Skelly m Magic Mirror m
Erz m card.jpg
Erz m.gif Offer Erz m.gif
Erostya m card.jpg
Erostya m.gif Offer Erostya m.gif
Lyric m card.jpg
Lyric m.gif Offer Lyric m.gif
Skelly m card.jpg
Skelly m.gif Offer Skelly m.gif
Magic Mirror m card.jpg
Magic Mirror m.gif Offer Magic Mirror m.gif
Moira m
Moira m card.jpg
Moira m.gif Offer Moira m.gif

Gepetto Ldrange Maugham Forchia Planchet
Gepetto card.jpg
Gepetto.gif Offer Gepetto.gif
Ldrange card.jpg
Ldrange.gif Offer Ldrange.gif
Maugham card.jpg
Maugham.gif Offer Maugham.gif
Forchia card.jpg
Forchia.gif Offer Forchia.gif
Planchet card.jpg
Planchet.gif Offer Planchet.gif
Nixie Giuliette Moana Ziggy Affetto
Nixie card.jpg
Nixie.gif Offer Nixie.gif
Giuliette card.jpg
Giuliette.gif Offer Giuliette.gif
Moana card.jpg
Moana.gif Offer Moana.gif
Ziggy card.jpg
Ziggy.gif Offer Ziggy.gif
Affetto card.jpg
Affetto.gif Offer Affetto.gif
Wanda Lailah Ashton Isolda Artorius
Wanda card.jpg
Wanda.gif Offer Wanda.gif
Lailah card.jpg
Lailah.gif Offer Lailah.gif
Ashton card.jpg
Ashton.gif Offer Ashton.gif
Isolda card.jpg
Isolda.gif Offer Isolda.gif
Artorius card.jpg
Artorius.gif Offer Artorius.gif
Bubbles Bai Ying Roxette Berenice Shearley
Bubbles card.jpg
Bubbles.gif Offer Bubbles.gif
Bai Ying card.jpg
Bai Ying.gif Offer Bai Ying.gif
Roxette card.jpg
Roxette.gif Offer Roxette.gif
Berenice card.jpg
Berenice.gif Offer Berenice.gif
Shearley card.jpg
Shearley.gif Offer Shearley.gif
Earlene Bathilda Romanus Pandewyn Rime
Earlene card.jpg
Earlene.gif Offer Earlene.gif
Bathilda card.jpg
Bathilda.gif Offer Bathilda.gif
Romanus card.jpg
Romanus.gif Offer Romanus.gif
Pandewyn card.jpg
Pandewyn.gif Offer Pandewyn.gif
Rime card.jpg
Rime.gif 350 Rime.gif
Kelly Cantrip Edward Caraqua Maire
Kelly card.jpg
Kelly.gif Offer Kelly.gif
Cantrip card.jpg
Cantrip.gif Offer Cantrip.gif
Edward card.jpg
Edward.gif Offer Edward.gif
Caraqua card.jpg
Caraqua.gif Offer Caraqua.gif
Maire card.jpg
Maire.gif Offer Maire.gif
Noko Bayne Konoe Raphelie Premory
Noko card.jpg
Noko.gif Offer Noko.gif
Bayne card.jpg
Bayne.gif Offer Bayne.gif
Konoe card.jpg
Konoe.gif Offer Konoe.gif
Raphelie card.jpg
Raphelie.gif Offer Raphelie.gif
Premory card.jpg
Premory.gif Offer Premory.gif
Tsubame Shikanagi Hagall Pochette Julius
Tsubame card.jpg
Tsubame.gif Offer Tsubame.gif
Shikanagi card.jpg
Shikanagi.gif Offer Shikanagi.gif
Hagall card.jpg
Hagall.gif Offer Hagall.gif
Pochette card.jpg
Pochette.gif Offer Pochette.gif
Julius card.jpg
Julius.gif Offer Julius.gif
Dew Zarina Forte Rena 6 Puppe
Dew card.jpg
Dew.gif Offer Dew.gif
Zarina card.jpg
Zarina.gif Offer Zarina.gif
Forte card.jpg
Forte.gif Offer Forte.gif
Rena 6 card.jpg
Rena 6.gif Offer Rena 6.gif
Puppe card.jpg
Puppe.gif Offer Puppe.gif
Amo Bandoneon Lexi Hexen Alanis
Amo card.jpg
Amo.gif Offer Amo.gif
Bandoneon card.jpg
Bandoneon.gif Offer Bandoneon.gif
Lexi card.jpg
Lexi.gif Offer Lexi.gif
Hexen card.jpg
Hexen.gif Offer Hexen.gif
Alanis card.jpg
Alanis.gif Offer Alanis.gif
Nadja Rie Sharakh
Nadja card.jpg
Nadja.gif Offer Nadja.gif
Rie card.jpg
Rie.gif Offer Rie.gif
Sharakh card.jpg
Sharakh.gif Offer Sharakh.gif

Siemens m Medora m Condena m Meeko m Rajere m
Siemens m card.jpg
Siemens m.gif Offer Siemens m.gif
Medora m card.jpg
Medora m.gif Offer Medora m.gif
Condena m card.jpg
Condena m.gif Offer Condena m.gif
Meeko m card.jpg
Meeko m.gif Offer Meeko m.gif
Rajere m card.jpg
Rajere m.gif Offer Rajere m.gif
Meteo m Corpo m Sniphy m Gorgon 6 m Zephy m
Meteo m card.jpg
Meteo m.gif Offer Meteo m.gif
Corpo m card.jpg
Corpo m.gif Offer Corpo m.gif
Sniphy m card.jpg
Sniphy m.gif Offer Sniphy m.gif
Gorgon 6 m card.jpg
Gorgon 6 m.gif Offer Gorgon 6 m.gif
Zephy m card.jpg
Zephy m.gif Offer Zephy m.gif
Zhuge Liange m Araminta m Runon m Olette m Xanne m
Zhuge Liange m card.jpg
Zhuge Liange m.gif Offer Zhuge Liange m.gif
Araminta m card.jpg
Araminta m.gif Offer Araminta m.gif
Runon m card.jpg
Runon m.gif Offer Runon m.gif
Olette m card.jpg
Olette m.gif Offer Olette m.gif
Xanne m card.jpg
Xanne m.gif Offer Xanne m.gif
Keye m
Keye m card.jpg
Keye m.gif 25 Keye m.gif

Courage Skylla 5 Yiota Luyao Rees
Courage card.jpg
Courage.gif Offer Courage.gif
Skylla 5 card.jpg
Skylla 5.gif Offer Skylla 5.gif
Yiota card.jpg
Yiota.gif Offer Yiota.gif
Luyao card.jpg
Luyao.gif Offer Luyao.gif
Rees card.jpg
Rees.gif Offer Rees.gif
Melano Giada Filomena Liliana Paola
Melano card.jpg
Melano.gif Offer Melano.gif
Giada card.jpg
Giada.gif Offer Giada.gif
Filomena card.jpg
Filomena.gif Offer Filomena.gif
Liliana card.jpg
Liliana.gif Offer Liliana.gif
Paola card.jpg
Paola.gif Offer Paola.gif
Priscilla Gina Ella Fine 5 Cloud
Priscilla card.jpg
Priscilla.gif Offer Priscilla.gif
Gina card.jpg
Gina.gif Offer Gina.gif
Ella card.jpg
Ella.gif Offer Ella.gif
Fine 5 card.jpg
Fine 5.gif Offer Fine 5.gif
Cloud card.jpg
Cloud.gif Offer Cloud.gif
Huch Pocka Ina 5 Spritzer Friede
Huch card.jpg
Huch.gif Offer Huch.gif
Pocka card.jpg
Pocka.gif Offer Pocka.gif
Ina 5 card.jpg
Ina 5.gif Offer Ina 5.gif
Spritzer card.jpg
Spritzer.gif Offer Spritzer.gif
Friede card.jpg
Friede.gif Offer Friede.gif
Taurus Colt Hu Episteme Matar
Taurus card.jpg
Taurus.gif Offer Taurus.gif
Colt card.jpg
Colt.gif Offer Colt.gif
Hu card.jpg
Hu.gif Offer Hu.gif
Episteme card.jpg
Episteme.gif Offer Episteme.gif
Matar card.jpg
Matar.gif Offer Matar.gif
Rei_5 Kako Wish Chloris Naori
Rei 5 card.jpg
Rei 5.gif Offer Rei 5.gif
Kako card.jpg
Kako.gif Offer Kako.gif
Wish card.jpg
Wish.gif Offer Wish.gif
Chloris card.jpg
Chloris.gif Offer Chloris.gif
Naori card.jpg
Naori.gif Offer Naori.gif
Roswitha Mariana Meran Helmut (Halloween) Riviere
Roswitha card.jpg
Roswitha.gif Offer Roswitha.gif
Mariana card.jpg
Mariana.gif Offer Mariana.gif
Meran card.jpg
Meran.gif Offer Meran.gif
Helmut (Halloween) card.jpg
Helmut (Halloween).gif Offer Helmut (Halloween).gif
Riviere card.jpg
Riviere.gif Offer Riviere.gif
Agricola Cazador Nokto Lala Clementine
Agricola card.jpg
Agricola.gif Offer Agricola.gif
Cazador card.jpg
Cazador.gif Offer Cazador.gif
Nokto card.jpg
Nokto.gif Offer Nokto.gif
Lala card.jpg
Lala.gif Offer Lala.gif
Clementine card.jpg
Clementine.gif Offer Clementine.gif
Onihime Yan Matches Srikandi Lizzie
Onihime card.jpg
Onihime.gif Offer Onihime.gif
Yan card.jpg
Yan.gif Offer Yan.gif
Matches card.jpg
Matches.gif Offer Matches.gif
Srikandi card.jpg
Srikandi.gif Offer Srikandi.gif
Lizzie card.jpg
Lizzie.gif Offer Lizzie.gif
Peggy Iggy Hallow Claudia Erin
Peggy card.jpg
Peggy.gif Offer Peggy.gif
Iggy card.jpg
Iggy.gif Offer Iggy.gif
Hallow card.jpg
Hallow.gif Offer Hallow.gif
Claudia card.jpg
Claudia.gif Offer Claudia.gif
Erin card.jpg
Erin.gif Offer Erin.gif
Moray Brisky Iris Chick Esthero
Moray card.jpg
Moray.gif Offer Moray.gif
Brisky card.jpg
Brisky.gif Offer Brisky.gif
Iris card.jpg
Iris.gif 300 Iris.gif
Chick card.jpg
Chick.gif Offer Chick.gif
Esthero card.jpg
Esthero.gif Offer Esthero.gif
Stacy Lulu Lucia Odelia Joyce
Stacy card.jpg
Stacy.gif Offer Stacy.gif
Lulu card.jpg
Lulu.gif Offer Lulu.gif
Lucia card.jpg
Lucia.gif Offer Lucia.gif
Odelia card.jpg
Odelia.gif Offer Odelia.gif
Joyce card.jpg
Joyce.gif Offer Joyce.gif
Tiara 5 Hana Horus Ater Bete
Tiara 5 card.jpg
Tiara 5.gif 100 Tiara 5.gif
Hana card.jpg
Hana.gif Offer Hana.gif
Horus card.jpg
Horus.gif Offer Horus.gif
Ater card.jpg
Ater.gif Offer Ater.gif
Bete card.jpg
Bete.gif Offer Bete.gif
Renard card.jpg
Renard.gif Offer Renard.gif
Peacekeeper m Noir m Chan m David m Ares m
Peacekeeper m card.jpg
Peacekeeper m.gif Offer Peacekeeper m.gif
Noir m card.jpg
Noir m.gif 300 Noir m.gif
Chan m card.jpg
Chan m.gif Offer Chan m.gif
David m card.jpg
David m.gif Offer David m.gif
Ares m card.jpg
Ares m.gif Offer Ares m.gif
Poker m Bremen m Sangre m Scylla m Gryps 5 m
Poker m card.jpg
Poker m.gif Offer Poker m.gif
Bremen m card.jpg
Bremen m.gif Offer Bremen m.gif
Sangre m card.jpg
Sangre m.gif Offer Sangre m.gif
Scylla m card.jpg
Scylla m.gif Offer Scylla m.gif
Gryps 5 m card.jpg
Gryps 5 m.gif Offer Gryps 5 m.gif
Pale m Alexander 5 m Kyle m Ixis m Kappara m
Pale m card.jpg
Pale m.gif Offer Pale m.gif
Alexander 5 m card.jpg
Alexander 5 m.gif Offer Alexander 5 m.gif
Kyle m card.jpg
Kyle m.gif Offer Kyle m.gif
Ixis m card.jpg
Ixis m.gif Offer Ixis m.gif
Kappara m card.jpg
Kappara m.gif Offer Kappara m.gif
Pepi m Chain m Comette m Pistole 5 m
Pepi m card.jpg
Pepi m.gif Offer Pepi m.gif
Chain m card.jpg
Chain m.gif Offer Chain m.gif
Comette m card.jpg
Comette m.gif Offer Comette m.gif
Pistole 5 m card.jpg
Pistole 5 m.gif Offer Pistole 5 m.gif

Tempus Tenor Macaria Viole Defaite
Tempus card.jpg
Tempus.gif Offer Tempus.gif
Tenor card.jpg
Tenor.gif Offer Tenor.gif
Macaria card.jpg
Macaria.gif Offer Macaria.gif
Viole card.jpg
Viole.gif Offer Viole.gif
Defaite card.jpg
Defaite.gif Offer Defaite.gif
Desert Alisa Nonna Renata Darla
Desert card.jpg
Desert.gif Offer Desert.gif
Alisa card.jpg
Alisa.gif Offer Alisa.gif
Nonna card.jpg
Nonna.gif Offer Nonna.gif
Renata card.jpg
Renata.gif Offer Renata.gif
Darla card.jpg
Darla.gif Offer Darla.gif
Zashiki Warashi Ifrit Calcitrare Record Cion
Zashiki Warashi card.jpg
Zashiki Warashi.gif Offer Zashiki Warashi.gif
Ifrit card.jpg
Ifrit.gif Offer Ifrit.gif
Calcitrare card.jpg
Calcitrare.gif Offer Calcitrare.gif
Record card.jpg
Record.gif Offer Record.gif
Cion card.jpg
Cion.gif Offer Cion.gif
Diaha Sienta Sabella Connaissance Mesti
Diaha card.jpg
Diaha.gif Offer Diaha.gif
Sienta card.jpg
Sienta.gif Offer Sienta.gif
Sabella card.jpg
Sabella.gif Offer Sabella.gif
Connaissance card.jpg
Connaissance.gif Offer Connaissance.gif
Mesti card.jpg
Mesti.gif Offer Mesti.gif
Padre Kisaka Aithria Marica Leraye
Padre card.jpg
Padre.gif Offer Padre.gif
Kisaka card.jpg
Kisaka.gif Offer Kisaka.gif
Aithria card.jpg
Aithria.gif Offer Aithria.gif
Marica card.jpg
Marica.gif Offer Marica.gif
Leraye card.jpg
Leraye.gif Offer Leraye.gif
Houri Minotaur 4 Lechou Saturn Arena
Houri card.jpg
Houri.gif Offer Houri.gif
Minotaur 4 card.jpg
Minotaur 4.gif Offer Minotaur 4.gif
Lechou card.jpg
Lechou.gif Offer Lechou.gif
Saturn card.jpg
Saturn.gif Offer Saturn.gif
Arena card.jpg
Arena.gif Offer Arena.gif
Carola Nerea Rita Tio Jasmine
Carola card.jpg
Carola.gif Offer Carola.gif
Nerea card.jpg
Nerea.gif Offer Nerea.gif
Rita card.jpg
Rita.gif Offer Rita.gif
Tio card.jpg
Tio.gif Offer Tio.gif
Jasmine card.jpg
Jasmine.gif Offer Jasmine.gif
Sagittarius Oolong Mikinosuke Iori Astraea
Sagittarius card.jpg
Sagittarius.gif Offer Sagittarius.gif
Oolong card.jpg
Oolong.gif Offer Oolong.gif
Mikinosuke card.jpg
Mikinosuke.gif Offer Mikinosuke.gif
Iori card.jpg
Iori.gif Offer Iori.gif
Astraea card.jpg
Astraea.gif Offer Astraea.gif
Pugme Lina Urgia Rufa Kappa 4
Pugme card.jpg
Pugme.gif Offer Pugme.gif
Lina card.jpg
Lina.gif Offer Lina.gif
Urgia card.jpg
Urgia.gif Offer Urgia.gif
Rufa card.jpg
Rufa.gif Offer Rufa.gif
Kappa 4 card.jpg
Kappa 4.gif Offer Kappa 4.gif
Lycanthrope Blanc Olive Penna Xyla
Lycanthrope 4 card.jpg
Lycanthrope 4.gif Offer Lycanthrope 4.gif
Blanc card.jpg
Blanc.gif Offer Blanc.gif
Olive card.jpg
Olive.gif Offer Olive.gif
Penna card.jpg
Penna.gif Offer Penna.gif
Xyla card.jpg
Xyla.gif Offer Xyla.gif
Liberta Mephisto Kadi Lulabelle 4 Roi
Liberta card.jpg
Liberta.gif Offer Liberta.gif
Mephisto card.jpg
Mephisto.gif Offer Mephisto.gif
Kadi card.jpg
Kadi.gif Offer Kadi.gif
Lulabelle 4 card.jpg
Lulabelle 4.gif Offer Lulabelle 4.gif
Roi card.jpg
Roi.gif Offer Roi.gif
Widget Olga Spa Fawn (ArenaBorne) Krissa Sepia
Widget card.jpg
Widget.gif Offer Widget.gif
Olga Spa card.jpg
Olga Spa.gif Offer Olga Spa.gif
Fawn (ArenaBorne) card.jpg
Fawn (ArenaBorne).gif Offer Fawn (ArenaBorne).gif
Krissa card.jpg
Krissa.gif Offer Krissa.gif
Sepia card.jpg
Sepia.gif Offer Sepia.gif
Laise Trissa Ione Nephelai Varme
Laise card.jpg
Laise.gif Offer Laise.gif
Trissa card.jpg
Trissa.gif Offer Trissa.gif
Ione card.jpg
Ione.gif Offer Ione.gif
Nephelai card.jpg
Nephelai.gif Offer Nephelai.gif
Varme card.jpg
Varme.gif Offer Varme.gif
Reir Basillo Luchs Spring Demar
Reir card.jpg
Reir.gif Offer Reir.gif
Basillo card.jpg
Basillo.gif Offer Basillo.gif
Demar card.jpg
Demar.gif Offer Demar.gif
Luchs card.jpg
Luchs.gif Offer Luchs.gif
Spring card.jpg
Spring.gif Offer Spring.gif
Emral Marena
Emral card.jpg
Emral.gif Offer Emral.gif
Marena card.jpg
Marena.gif Offer Marena.gif
Centaur m May m Margaery m Anbien m Lyusya m
Centaur m card.jpg
Centaur m.gif Offer Centaur m.gif
May m card.jpg
May m.gif Offer May m.gif
Margaery m card.jpg
Margaery m.gif Offer Margaery m.gif
Anbien m card.jpg
Anbien m.gif Offer Anbien m.gif
Lyusya m card.jpg
Lyusya m.gif Offer Lyusya m.gif
Dauphin m Crimly m Paars m Black Tortoise m Viola_m
Dauphin m card.jpg
Dauphin m.gif Offer Dauphin m.gif
Crimly m card.jpg
Crimly m.gif Offer Crimly m.gif
Paars m card.jpg
Paars m.gif Offer Paars m.gif
Black Tortoise m card.jpg
Black Tortoise m.gif Offer Black Tortoise m.gif
Viola m card.jpg
Viola m.gif Offer Viola m.gif
Fire Baby m Frost Baby m Earth Baby m Thunder Baby m Ginette m
Fire Baby m card.jpg
Fire Baby m.gif Offer Fire Baby m.gif
Frost Baby m card.jpg
Frost Baby m.gif Offer Frost Baby m.gif
Earth Baby m card.jpg
Earth Baby m.gif Offer Earth Baby m.gif
Thunder Baby m card.jpg
Thunder Baby m.gif Offer Thunder Baby m.gif
Ginette m card.jpg
Ginette m.gif Offer Ginette m.gif
Hector (Thief) m Hera m Pluto m Oskar (Fairy Tale) m Dreyse m
Hector (Thief) m card.jpg
Hector (Thief) m.gif Offer Hector (Thief) m.gif
Hera m card.jpg
Hera m.gif Offer Hera m.gif
Pluto m card.jpg
Pluto m.gif Offer Pluto m.gif
Oskar (Fairy Tale) m card.jpg
Oskar (Fairy Tale) m.gif Offer Oskar (Fairy Tale) m.gif
Dreyse m card.jpg
Dreyse m.gif Offer Dreyse m.gif
Margot m Geju m Dorothy m Agnes m Cion m
Margot m card.jpg
Margot m.gif Offer Margot m.gif
Geju m card.jpg
Geju m.gif Offer Geju m.gif
Dorothy m card.jpg
Dorothy m.gif Offer Dorothy m.gif
Agnes m card.jpg
Agnes m.gif Offer Agnes m.gif
Cion m card.jpg
Cion m.gif Offer Cion m.gif
Calcitrare m Spade m Galileo m Sacrum m Record m
Calcitrare m card.jpg
Calcitrare m.gif Offer Calcitrare m.gif
Spade m card.jpg
Spade m.gif Offer Spade m.gif
Galileo m card.jpg
Galileo m.gif Offer Galileo m.gif
Sacrum m card.jpg
Sacrum m.gif Offer Sacrum m.gif
Record m card.jpg
Record m.gif Offer Record m.gif
Sadako m Adriel m Amarelo m Kildare m Falkirk m
Sadako m card.jpg
Sadako m.gif Offer Sadako m.gif
Adriel m card.jpg
Adriel m.gif Offer Adriel m.gif
Amarelo m card.jpg
Amarelo m.gif Offer Amarelo m.gif
Kildare m card.jpg
Kildare m.gif Offer Kildare m.gif
Falkirk m card.jpg
Falkirk m.gif Offer Falkirk m.gif
Lise m card.jpg
Lise m.gif Offer Lise m.gif

Vipere Lu Xun Poison Baby m Killer Bee 3 Bakeneko
Vipere card.jpg
Vipere.gif Offer Vipere.gif
Lu Xun card.jpg
Lu Xun.gif Offer Lu Xun.gif
Poison Baby m card.jpg
Poison Baby m.gif Offer Poison Baby m.gif
Killer Bee 3 card.jpg
Killer Bee 3.gif Offer Killer Bee 3.gif
Bakeneko card.jpg
Bakeneko.gif Offer Bakeneko.gif
Sage Lucy
Sage card.jpg
Sage.gif Offer Sage.gif
Lucy card.jpg
Lucy.gif Offer Lucy.gif

Cerbera Jinnai Kosaka 10 Bijou Margeaux Raha
Cerbera card.jpg
10 pure 8/27/18
Jinnai Kosaka 10 card.jpg
175 pure 8/27/18
Bijou card.jpg
Traded w/ 70p + Margeaux.gif for Diana (apt).gif 8/27/18
Margeaux card.jpg
Traded w/ 70p + Bijou.gif for Diana (apt).gif 8/27/18
Raha card.jpg
Jill o Lan.gif + Achus 10.gif + Bonaparte.gif 8/28/18
Tansy m Dunella m Trane m Sammy Estela
Tansy m card.jpg
10 pure 8/28/18
Dunella m card.jpg
15 pure 8/28/18
Trane m card.jpg
100 pure 8/29/18
Sammy card.jpg
10 pure 8/30/18
Estela card.jpg
4 pure 8/30/18
Charice Yoko Kai Aleia Ravyn m
Charice card.jpg
Bundle 30 pure 8/30/18
Yoko card.jpg
Bundle 30 pure 8/30/18
Kai card.jpg
Bundle 30 pure 8/30/18
Aleia card.jpg
Bundle 30 pure 8/30/18
Ravyn m card.jpg
Bundle 30 pure 8/30/18
Tycho Couper Kahlua Malaise m Pulmo
Tycho card.jpg
Bundle 30 pure 8/30/18
Couper card.jpg
Bundle 30 pure 8/30/18
Kahlua card.jpg
Bundle 30 pure 8/30/18
Malaise m card.jpg
Bundle 30 pure 8/30/18
Pulmo card.jpg
4 pure 8/30/18
Monomakhia Nollie Minotaur 6 Jingchun m Maab m
Monomakhia card.jpg
Bundle 40 pure 8/10/18
Nollie card.jpg
Bundle 40 pure 8/10/18
Minotaur 6 card.jpg
Bundle 40 pure 8/10/18
Jingchun m card.jpg
Bundle 40 pure 8/10/18
Maab m card.jpg
Bundle 40 pure 8/10/18
Keye m Zand m Caesar m Hayate Quaria
Keye m card.jpg
Bundle 40 pure 8/10/18
Zand m card.jpg
Bundle 40 pure 8/10/18
Caesar m card.jpg
Bundle 40 pure 8/10/18
Hayate card.jpg
Bundle 40 pure 8/10/18
Quaria card.jpg
4 pure 8/30/18
Lovisa Roderik Vida Mirage Bereguinias
Lovisa card.jpg
40 pure 8/31/18
Roderik card.jpg
10 pure 8/31/18
Vida card.jpg
10 pure 9/1/18
Mirage card.jpg
40 pure 9/3/18
Bereguinias card.jpg
Trade w/ Ms. Toffelees.gif + Seirenes.gif for Sekirei.gif 9/9/18
Seirenes Ms. Toffelees Ruc Genghis Mr. Meph
Seirenes card.jpg
Trade w/ Ms. Toffelees.gif + Bereguinias.gif for Sekirei.gif 9/9/18
Ms. Toffelees card.jpg
Trade w/ Seirenes.gif + Bereguinias.gif for Sekirei.gif 9/9/18
Ruc card.jpg
10 pure 9/23/18
Genghis card.jpg
Bundle 20 pure 9/24/18
Mr. Meph card.jpg
Bundle 20 pure 9/24/18
Jormung Jackalope m Dragon Zombie m Modred Morgan le Fay
Jormung card.jpg
Bundle 20 pure 9/24/18
Jackalope m card.jpg
2 pure 9/24/18
Dragon Zombie m card.jpg
8 pure 9/24/18
Modred card.jpg
10 pure 9/24/18
Morgan le Fay card.jpg
10 pure 9/24/18
Hatsu Isabella Bellerophon Pesca Lora
Hatsu card.jpg
20 pure 9/25/18
Isabella card.jpg
10 pure 9/25/18
Bellerophon card.jpg
10 pure 9/25/18
Pesca card.jpg
200 pure 9/26/18
Lora card.jpg
15 pure 9/26/18
Anjin Adams v2 Rouletta Fuschia Eonis Othello m
Anjin Adams v2 card.jpg
10 pure 9/27/18
Rouletta card.jpg
trade for Charlene.gif 9/27/18
Fuschia card.jpg
trade for Naomasa Ii.gif 9/27/18
Eonis card.jpg
11 pure 9/29/18
Othello m card.jpg
5 pure 10/4/18
King 10 Fidelity Sanyuan Sansa Jill o Lan
King 10 card.jpg
10 pure 10/6/18
Fidelity card.jpg
10 pure 10/16/18
Sanyuan card.jpg
10 pure 10/16/18
Sansa card.jpg
11 pure 10/17/18
Jill o Lan card.jpg
400 pure 10/20/18
Jocelyn Zhanna Ava Triske Abyad
Jocelyn card.jpg
10 pure 10/21/18
Zhanna card.jpg
9 pure 10/22/18
Ava card.jpg
4 pure 10/22/18
Triske card.jpg
6 pure 10/22/18
Abyad card.jpg
21 pure 10/22/18
Coronado Cthele Arael Lafraise Iphisnara
Coronado card.jpg
2 pure 10/22/18
Cthele card.jpg
3 pure 10/22/18
Arael card.jpg
3 pure 10/22/18
Lafraise card.jpg
5 pure 10/22/18
Iphisnara card.jpg
1 pure 10/22/18
Ivory Merilda Renai Pico Savilla m
Ivory card.jpg
20 pure 10/26/18
Merilda card.jpg
10 pure 10/26/18
Renai card.jpg
5 pure 10/26/18
Pico card.jpg
1 pure 10/26/18
Savilla m card.jpg
2 pure 10/26/18
Sakihisa Konoe Naomasa Ii v2 Laura 10 Sapphy Demora
Sakihisa Konoe card.jpg
20 pure 10/27/18
Naomasa Ii v2 card.jpg
20 pure 10/27/18
Laura 10 card.jpg
25 pure 10/27/18
Sapphy card.jpg
5 pure 10/28/18
Demora card.jpg
1 pure 10/28/18
Brucke Snow White Ines Nukteris m Freeja
Brucke card.jpg
1 pure 10/28/18
Snow White card.jpg
1 pure 10/28/18
Ines card.jpg
5 pure 10/28/18
Nukteris m card.jpg
1 pure 10/28/18
Freeja card.jpg
5 pure 10/29/18
Shikimaru card.jpg
30 pure 10/29/18

Sadachika Nagami Sadachika Nagami v2 Sansa Okuni v2 Minazuki
Sadachika Nagami mlb card.jpg
Sadachika Nagami mlb.gifMy First 10★Sadachika Nagami mlb.gif
Sadachika Nagami v2 mlb card.jpg
Sadachika Nagami v2 mlb.gifInnocent MaidenSadachika Nagami v2 mlb.gif
Sansa mlb card.jpg
Sansa mlb.gifBlood Red BrideSansa mlb.gif
Okuni v2 mlb card.jpg
Okuni v2 mlb.gifStarry-Eyed IdolOkuni v2 mlb.gif
Minazuki card.jpg
Minazuki.gifWet T-Shirt ContestMinazuki.gif
Don Francisco Gashadokuro 10 Hatsu Selas Katsuie Shibata v2
Don Francisco card.jpg
Don Francisco.gif Summertime Prayer Don Francisco.gif
Gashadokuro 10 mlb card.jpg
Gashadokuro 10 mlb.gif Hot Springs Beauty Gashadokuro 10 mlb.gif
Hatsu card.jpg
Hatsu.gif Innocent Eyes Hatsu.gif
Selas card.jpg
Selas.gif Beautiful Scholar Selas.gif
Katsuie Shibata v2 card.jpg
Katsuie Shibata v2.gif Fearless Warrior Katsuie Shibata v2.gif
Sakihisa Konoe Dozan Manase Naomasa Ii v2 Adley 10 Jinnai Kosaka 10
Sakihisa Konoe card.jpg
Sakihisa Konoe.gif Elegant Advisor Sakihisa Konoe.gif
Dozan Manase card.jpg
Dozan Manase.gif Clumsy Physician Dozan Manase.gif
Naomasa Ii v2 card.jpg
Naomasa Ii v2.gif Relaxed Warlord Naomasa Ii v2.gif
Adley 10 mlb card.jpg
Adley 10 mlb.gif Death's Vacation Adley 10 mlb.gif
Jinnai Kosaka 10 mlb card.jpg
Jinnai Kosaka 10 mlb.gif Swimsuit ninja Jinnai Kosaka 10 mlb.gif
Diana (apt) Gremory 10 Spyder Rokuro Unno Saruki
Diana (apt) mlb card.jpg
Diana (apt) mlb.gif Moonlit Beauty Diana (apt) mlb.gif
Gremory 10 mlb card.jpg
Gremory 10 mlb.gif Deadly Seductress Gremory 10 mlb.gif
Spyder mlb card.jpg
Spyder mlb.gif Spider's Web Spyder mlb.gif
Rokuro Unno mlb card.jpg
Rokuro Unno mlb.gif Popsicle Lover Rokuro Unno mlb.gif
Saruki mlb card.jpg
Saruki mlb.gif Playful Monkey Saruki mlb.gif
Hideyasu Yuki 10 Sekirei Misumi Okuni Norah
Hideyasu Yuki 10 card.jpg
Hideyasu Yuki 10.gif Beach Idol Hideyasu Yuki 10.gif
Sekirei card.jpg
Sekirei.gif Samurai's Lover Sekirei.gif
Misumi mlb card.jpg
Misumi mlb.gif Oriental Lady Misumi mlb.gif
Okuni card.jpg
Okuni.gif Dedicated Thespian Okuni.gif
Norah card.jpg
Norah.gif Crazy Gunman Norah.gif
Sakon Nobuharu Baba Matsu Maeda Odyn Rokuro Unno v2
Sakon mlb card.jpg
Sakon mlb.gif Immortal Warrior Sakon mlb.gif
Nobuharu Baba card.jpg
Nobuharu Baba.gif Sake Lover Nobuharu Baba.gif
Matsu Maeda card.jpg
Matsu Maeda.gif Mom of the Year Matsu Maeda.gif
Odyn mlb card.jpg
Odyn mlb.gif Asgard's King Odyn mlb.gif
Rokuro Unno v2 mlb card.jpg
Rokuro Unno v2 mlb.gif Hot Spring Lover Rokuro Unno v2 mlb.gif
Yodo-dono Luno Juzo Kakei v2 Naomasa Ii Charlene
Yodo-dono card.jpg
Yodo-dono.gif Angelic Usurper Yodo-dono.gif
Luno card.jpg
Luno.gif Interstellar Babe Luno.gif
Juzo Kakei v2 mlb card.jpg
Juzo Kakei v2 mlb.gif Gun Lover Juzo Kakei v2 mlb.gif
Naomasa Ii card.jpg
Naomasa Ii.gif Merciless Warrior Naomasa Ii.gif
Charlene card.jpg
Charlene.gif Flower Child Charlene.gif
Loki 10 Sorin Otomo Yoshitatsu Saito Ethelred 10
Loki 10 mlb card.jpg
Loki 10 mlb.gif Demonic Lover Loki 10 mlb.gif
Sorin Otomo card.jpg
Sorin Otomo.gif Caring Nun Sorin Otomo.gif
Yoshitatsu Saito card.jpg
Yoshitatsu Saito.gif Ruthless Gunman Yoshitatsu Saito.gif
Ethelred 10 mlb card.jpg
Ethelred 10 mlb.gif Summer Beauty Ethelred 10 mlb.gif
Labbeth 9 Adley Contrasse Kazumasa Sogo Rokuro Unno 9
Labbeth 9 card.jpg
Labbeth 9.gif Loving Succubus Labbeth 9.gif
Adley card.jpg
Adley.gif Death's Guide Adley.gif
Contrasse card.jpg
Contrasse.gif Keeper of Tomes Contrasse.gif
Kazumasa Sogo card.jpg
Kazumasa Sogo.gif Horned Lancer Kazumasa Sogo.gif
Rokuro Unno 9 card.jpg
Rokuro Unno 9.gif Clan's Emissary Rokuro Unno 9.gif
Nefelli Yoshitatsu Saito 8 Dietlinde Otohime Retheresa
Nefelli card.jpg
Nefelli.gif The Supreme Ruler Nefelli.gif
Yoshitatsu Saito 8 card.jpg
Yoshitatsu Saito 8.gif Sexy Samurai Yoshitatsu Saito 8.gif
Dietlinde card.jpg
Dietlinde.gif The Sexy Vampire Dietlinde.gif
Otohime card.jpg
Otohime.gif Tentacle Porn Otohime.gif
Retheresa card.jpg
Retheresa.gif Firestarter Retheresa.gif

Orihime Labbeth
Orihime card.jpg
Orihime.gif Star Festival Orihime.gif
Labbeth card.jpg
Labbeth.gif Shy Succubus Labbeth.gif
Ethelred 7 Lana 7 Lycan 7 m Helena Marybell 7
Ethelred 7 card.jpg
Ethelred 7.gif Hell's Mistress Ethelred 7.gif
Lana 7 card.jpg
Lana 7.gif Bikini Angel Lana 7.gif
Lycan 7 m card.jpg
Lycan 7 m.gif Ruined Monster Lycan 7 m.gif
Helena card.jpg
Helena.gif Dark Angel Helena.gif
Marybell 7 card.jpg
Marybell 7.gif Merciless Killer Marybell 7.gif
Hikoboshi Gladina 7 Gladina 7 m Miss Khuri 7
Hikoboshi card.jpg
Hikoboshi.gif Star Festival Hikoboshi.gif
Gladina 7 card.jpg
Gladina 7.gif Broken Warrior Gladina 7.gif
Gladina 7 m card.jpg
Gladina 7 m.gif Broken Monster Gladina 7 m.gif
Miss Khuri 7 card.jpg
Miss Khuri 7.gif Lewd Teacher Miss Khuri 7.gif
Jinsuke Hayashizaki Tomohide Okuma Naomasa Ii 6 Krene Alt
Jinsuke Hayashizaki card.jpg
Jinsuke Hayashizaki.gif Scarred Warrior Jinsuke Hayashizaki.gif
Tomohide Okuma card.jpg
Tomohide Okuma.gif Sweet Bearer Tomohide Okuma.gif
Naomasa Ii 6 card.jpg
Naomasa Ii 6.gif Seductive Warlord Naomasa Ii 6.gif
Krene card.jpg
Krene.gif Lady of the Oasis Krene.gif
Alt card.jpg
Alt.gif Young Princess Alt.gif
Francette Francette m Motonari Mori Ibuki 6 Camelot
Francette card.jpg
Francette.gif Thief in White Francette.gif
Francette m card.jpg
Francette m.gif Monster in White Francette m.gif
Motonari Mori card.jpg
Motonari Mori.gif Coniving Tactician Motonari Mori.gif
Ibuki 6 card.jpg
Ibuki 6.gif Blushing Tengu Ibuki 6.gif
Camelot card.jpg
Camelot.gif Majestic Knight Camelot.gif
Aria Sommeil Slime 6 Ortensia Tokitaka Tanegashima 6
Aria card.jpg
Aria.gif Precious Snowflake Aria.gif
Sommeil card.jpg
Sommeil.gif Secret Santa Sommeil.gif
Slime 6 card.jpg
Slime 6.gif Bubblegum Beauty Slime 6.gif
Ortensia card.jpg
Ortensia.gif Dangerous Nun Ortensia.gif
Tokitaka Tanegashima 6 card.jpg
Tokitaka Tanegashima 6.gif Caramel Wonder Tokitaka Tanegashima 6.gif
Plame Toshitaka Kuroda Aeris Myoukyuu Hideyasu Yuki
Plame card.jpg
Plame.gif Blade of Flame Plame.gif
Toshitaka Kuroda card.jpg
Toshitaka Kuroda.gif Extra Loving Toshitaka Kuroda.gif
Aeris card.jpg
Aeris.gif Elven Beauty Aeris.gif
Myoukyuu card.jpg
Myoukyuu.gif Christmas Caroler Myoukyuu.gif
Hideyasu Yuki card.jpg
Hideyasu Yuki.gif Sweet Maiden Hideyasu Yuki.gif
Sakihisa Konoe 6 Sakihisa Konoe 6 v2 Hatsu 6
Sakihisa Konoe 6 card.jpg
Sakihisa Konoe 6.gif Influential Maiden Sakihisa Konoe 6.gif
Sakihisa Konoe 6 v2 card.jpg
Sakihisa Konoe 6 v2.gif War's Prisoner Sakihisa Konoe 6 v2.gif
Hatsu 6 card.jpg
Hatsu 6.gif Beloved Sister Hatsu 6.gif
Alraune Constance (Hero) Winston
Alraune card.jpg
Alraune.gif Enchanting Voice Alraune.gif
Constance (Hero) card.jpg
Constance (Hero).gif Red Rose Constance (Hero).gif
Winston card.jpg
Winston.gif Magic Apprentice Winston.gif
Xiahou Dun Sigurd Montague Henry Anne
Xiahou Dun card.jpg
Xiahou Dun.gif Ruthless Warrior Xiahou Dun.gif
Sigurd card.jpg
Sigurd.gif Loyal Knight Sigurd.gif
Montague card.jpg
Montague.gif Not A Doctor Montague.gif
Henry card.jpg
Henry.gif Dark As Night Henry.gif
Anne card.jpg
Anne.gif I Want My Mummy! Anne.gif
Mary Cats
Mary card.jpg
Mary.gif Painted Wings Mary.gif
Cats card.jpg
Cats.gif Master Thief Cats.gif

Neon card.jpg
Neon.gif Endgame Neon.gif
Aleztra Alt 11 Anne 11 Arcanum Arthur 11 v2
Aleztra card.jpg
Aleztra.gif 11★ Wishlist Aleztra.gif
Alt 11 card.jpg
Alt 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Alt 11.gif
Anne 11 card.jpg
Anne 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Anne 11.gif
Arcanum card.jpg
Arcanum.gif 11★ Wishlist Arcanum.gif
Arthur 11 v2 card.jpg
Arthur 11 v2.gif 11★ Wishlist Arthur 11 v2.gif
Arthur 11 v3 Asahi Azuhi Babylon Belliza
Arthur 11 v3 card.jpg
Arthur 11 v3.gif 11★ Wishlist Arthur 11 v3.gif
Asahi card.jpg
Asahi.gif 11★ Wishlist Asahi.gif
Azuhi card.jpg
Azuhi.gif 11★ Wishlist Azuhi.gif
Babylon card.jpg
Babylon.gif 11★ Wishlist Babylon.gif
Belliza card.jpg
Belliza.gif 11★ Wishlist Belliza.gif
Calice Constance 11 Dvorak Elizabeth 11 Els
Calice card.jpg
Calice.gif 11★ Wishlist Calice.gif
Constance 11 card.jpg
Constance 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Constance 11.gif
Dvorak card.jpg
Dvorak.gif 11★ Wishlist Dvorak.gif
Elizabeth 11 card.jpg
Elizabeth 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Elizabeth 11.gif
Els card.jpg
Els.gif 11★ Wishlist Els.gif
Elsies Fodoon Frokey Ganieda Hatsu 11
Elsies card.jpg
Elsies.gif 11★ Wishlist Elsies.gif
Fodoon card.jpg
Fodoon.gif 11★ Wishlist Fodoon.gif
Frokey card.jpg
Frokey.gif 11★ Wishlist Frokey.gif
Ganieda card.jpg
Ganieda.gif 11★ Wishlist Ganieda.gif
Hatsu 11 card.jpg
Hatsu 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Hatsu 11.gif
Hideyasu Yuki 11 Hideyasu Yuki 11 v2 Jisai Kanemaki 11 Juzo Kakei 11 Kanbei Kuroda (Xmas)
Hideyasu Yuki 11 card.jpg
Hideyasu Yuki 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Hideyasu Yuki 11.gif
Hideyasu Yuki 11 v2 card.jpg
Hideyasu Yuki 11 v2.gif 11★ Wishlist Hideyasu Yuki 11 v2.gif
Jisai Kanemaki 11 card.jpg
Jisai Kanemaki 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Jisai Kanemaki 11.gif
Juzo Kakei 11 card.jpg
Juzo Kakei 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Juzo Kakei 11.gif
Kanbei Kuroda (Xmas) card.jpg
Kanbei Kuroda (Xmas).gif 11★ Wishlist Kanbei Kuroda (Xmas).gif
Kanbei Kuroda 11 v2 Loki 11 Malva Meteor Michaela
Kanbei Kuroda 11 v2 card.jpg
Kanbei Kuroda 11 v2.gif 11★ Wishlist Kanbei Kuroda 11 v2.gif
Loki 11 card.jpg
Loki 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Loki 11.gif
Malva card.jpg
Malva.gif 11★ Wishlist Malva.gif
Meteor card.jpg
Meteor.gif 11★ Wishlist Meteor.gif
Michaela card.jpg
Michaela.gif 11★ Wishlist Michaela.gif
Mordred 11 Naomasa Ii 11 Naomasa Ii 11 v3 Niflheimr Nobu & Nobu
Mordred 11 card.jpg
Mordred 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Mordred 11.gif
Naomasa Ii 11 card.jpg
Naomasa Ii 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Naomasa Ii 11.gif
Naomasa Ii 11 v3 card.jpg
Naomasa Ii 11 v3.gif 11★ Wishlist Naomasa Ii 11 v3.gif
Niflheimr card.jpg
Niflheimr.gif 11★ Wishlist Niflheimr.gif
Nobu & Nobu card.jpg
Nobu & Nobu.gif 11★ Wishlist Nobu & Nobu.gif
Owen Padus Primula Reika Sae
Owen card.jpg
Owen.gif 11★ Wishlist Owen.gif
Padus card.jpg
Padus.gif 11★ Wishlist Padus.gif
Primula card.jpg
Primula.gif 11★ Wishlist Primula.gif
Reika card.jpg
Reika.gif 11★ Wishlist Reika.gif
Sae card.jpg
Sae.gif 11★ Wishlist Sae.gif
Sakihime 11 Sakon 11 Shellrose Shuten Sorin Otomo 11
Sakihime 11 card.jpg
Sakihime 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Sakihime 11.gif
Sakon 11 card.jpg
Sakon 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Sakon 11.gif
Shellrose card.jpg
Shellrose.gif 11★ Wishlist Shellrose.gif
Shuten card.jpg
Shuten.gif 11★ Wishlist Shuten.gif
Sorin Otomo 11 card.jpg
Sorin Otomo 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Sorin Otomo 11.gif
Sorin Otomo 11 v3 Tsumugi 11 Victual Yunying Zahhak
Sorin Otomo 11 v3 card.jpg
Sorin Otomo 11 v3.gif 11★ Wishlist Sorin Otomo 11 v3.gif
Tsumugi 11 card.jpg
Tsumugi 11.gif 11★ Wishlist Tsumugi 11.gif
Victual card.jpg
Victual.gif 11★ Wishlist Victual.gif
Yunying card.jpg
Yunying.gif 11★ Wishlist Yunying.gif
Zahhak card.jpg
Zahhak.gif 11★ Wishlist Zahhak.gif

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