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Want to see my male collection? Click here: User:Smileychanny

Fanta ID:77332863, kik smileychanny2, lineID chenchan23456


Last updated: * 8 June 2018 - Updated Sales

Hihi, welcome to my page!! First of all:

  • All firesales, if I ever do have some, are in pure only.

Other prices given are in pure, will be a bit higher if trade/mix. If you would like to offer feel free to contact me in-game, or through the methods given above. In-game and Kik are the best methods, and LINE will be slower.

Second of all:

  • Please don't edit or fiddle with my page! You're welcome to borrow the layout, which I've borrowed from the awesome Jrakeon (all credits to them) but if you do edit anything without my permission, I'll please don't. Much appreciated!

Thanks for dropping by~

Other Awesome Sellers You Should Check Out

Since there's nothing much on my sales page I'm referring you guys to other people who have great sales going on, it's totally worth it checking out their stuff!!Lol they also have a lot more going on in their page so yeah do see what you can find there

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smiley's TINYMART

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Card Price Potion icon.pngorTime elixir icon.png Comment Card Price Potion icon.pngorTime elixir icon.png Comment Card Price Potion icon.pngorTime elixir icon.png Comment
Flow m card.jpg 30 Enia card.jpg 25 Olivia card.jpg 30
Kharis card.jpg 25 Carter card.jpg 5 Palomiss m card.jpg 15

All cards listed here are in brave packs. If you would like to buy from here, prices and conditions are as follows:

  • 7-8★s are 1 each. Sets cost 4 each.
  • 9★s are 2 each. Sets cost 8 each.
  • Please KIK me if you would like specific units from a set, or multiple sets. It's a hassle to message in-game because of the character limit (and because of spam-happy allies :v). Otherwise, OT me in-game if you would like to buy and based on what you have sent I will send random units.
  • This list is constantly updated as I continue to rage pull from Brave Packs, and as stuff gets sold. Please check back regularly!
  • 7★
Rinae card.jpg Cilla card.jpg Koji Kashin card.jpg Raechel card.jpg Princeton card.jpg Petrichora card.jpg Meliphy card.jpg Harper card.jpg Caryl card.jpg Bisette card.jpg Organtino card.jpg Quintin card.jpg Arzir card.jpg Rosary card.jpg Etoile card.jpg Marianne card.jpg Euphemia card.jpg Laetitia card.jpg Midis card.jpg Cerulea card.jpg Gidget card.jpg Quorra card.jpg Lilliput card.jpg Kait card.jpg Femur card.jpg Corica card.jpg Yls card.jpg Pamyel card.jpg Luis Frois card.jpg Georgia card.jpg Yuki Onna card.jpg Pania card.jpg Heloise card.jpg Riki card.jpg Ceresti card.jpg
  • 8★
Shrike card.jpg Minase card.jpg Veneno card.jpg Valk card.jpg Chantelle card.jpg Seiya card.jpg Meridian card.jpg Kurama card.jpg Mistral card.jpg Idine card.jpg Belier card.jpg Azma card.jpg Saccharine card.jpg Seraia card.jpg Helga card.jpg Epide card.jpg Marbas card.jpg Dulcie card.jpg Tschari card.jpg Lunaka card.jpg
  • 9★
Sol card.jpg Judgment card.jpg Diarmuid card.jpg Cherl card.jpg Shinpachi card.jpg Asuka card.jpg Ither card.jpg Shingen card.jpg Cermy card.jpg Fantasia card.jpg Libitina card.jpg Ujiyasu Hojo 9 card.jpg

  • A list of all the 10★s I have pulled from Brave Points/Premium Tix...
Sharle card.jpg Skylar card.jpg Chia card.jpg Lorexia card.jpg Prunelle card.jpg Sorin Otomo card.jpg Rello card.jpg Tabriel card.jpg Ethelred 10 (Miso) card.jpg Spyder card.jpg Ruc card.jpg Celestia card.jpg Anjin Adams v2 card.jpg Freeja card.jpg Mastis card.jpg Naruko card.jpg Musashi Miyamoto card.jpg Selas card.jpg Ferandra card.jpg Mishtik card.jpg Zaramu card.jpg Yunokawa card.jpg Kinneas card.jpg

Card Price Potion icon.pngorTime elixir icon.png Comment Card Price Potion icon.pngorTime elixir icon.png Comment Card Price Potion icon.pngorTime elixir icon.png Comment
Kurenaibotan card.jpg  ? S8 Legion RR Takauji card.jpg  ? Legion BT Rwd Abadin card.jpg  ? GW BT Rwd
Guerrehet card.jpg  ? Tower BT Rwd Berserker card.jpg  ? Defender Quest Rwd Meru card.jpg  ? Quest Challenge Rwd
Eioh card.jpg  ? Quest Challenge Rwd Sandora card.jpg  ? Quest Challenge Rwd Genira card.jpg  ? Quest Challenge Rwd
Aspro card.jpg  ? Tactics RR Yaerin card.jpg  ? Tactics Battle Rwd Kleene card.jpg  ? Legion BT Rwd

Victual card.jpg Montagu card.jpg Basille card.jpg Altair card.jpg Areus card.jpg Cu Chulainn card.jpg Felix & Huxley card.jpg Cynebald card.jpg Matthias card.jpg Holger card.jpg Holoniex card.jpg Calet card.jpg Gafgarion card.jpg Loki 10 card.jpg Girardo card.jpg Allen card.jpg Zeus card.jpg Aegroth card.jpg Ming card.jpg

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