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Page under construction. Proceed at you own caution.

Don't have kik, so don't ask. Got LINE and wall spam is ok. Can find me on Aoi too (spend more time there than fanta. IGN: AliceFrost)

I'm not good with prices, I just look around and assuming. Offers are welcome but be reasonable.

If I don't reply within a day, please rewrite on my wall. Spend 1/2 a day at work and might not check fanta often.

I'll try update as soon as I could. If you have something I want/looking for/wishlish, feel free to let me know or offer. Thank you for drop by.

UPDATE: 7 SEPT. 2018

Inbox Sales

Prier Luce
Prier card.jpg
Price: 50
Luce card.jpg
Price: 50

Alraune Hydria Pomme
Alraune card.jpg
Price: 200
Hydria card.jpg
Price: 70
Pomme card.jpg
Price: 100

Thanatos Lyra Chandelle Leah
Thanatos card.jpg
Price: 100
Lyra card.jpg
Chandelle card.jpg
Price: 50
Leah card.jpg
Price: 30
Mary 6 Will Azu Wakiya
Mary 6 card.jpg
Price: 100
Will card.jpg
Price: 200
Azu card.jpg
Price: 100
Wakiya card.jpg
Price: 100
Aphrodite Marron 6 Triendl Organdy
Aphrodite card.jpg
Price: 150
Marron 6 card.jpg
Price: 50
Triendl card.jpg
Price: 150
Organdy card.jpg
Price: 100

Cineraria Acedia Khara Lizbeth
Cineraria card.jpg
Price: 20
Acedia card.jpg
Price: 70
Khara card.jpg
Lizbeth card.jpg
Price: 30
Mai Aoi Megumi Marinna
Mai card.jpg
Price: 50
Aoi card.jpg
Price: 50
Megumi card.jpg
Price: 100
Marinna card.jpg
Price: 120

Sophie Claudine Ivana Juliette
Sophie card.jpg
Price: 50
Claudine card.jpg
Price: 30
Ivana card.jpg
Price: 50
Juliette card.jpg
Price: 120
Hellhound card.jpg
Price: 200

Arabelle McGonagal Feleena Tiburon
Arabelle card.jpg
Price: 100
McGonagal card.jpg
Price: 50
Feleena card.jpg
Price: 120
Tiburon card.jpg
Price: 100
Starina Farore Three Lesath
Starina card.jpg
Price: 10
Farore card.jpg
Price: 100
Three card.jpg
Price: 70
Lesath card.jpg
Price: 15

MLB means fully empowered (X), but might not level 240.

Cerbera Naomasa Ii Naomasa Ii v2 Ujiyasu Hojo
Cerbera card.jpg
MLB, Price:15/Fresh, Price:10
Naomasa Ii card.jpg
MLB, Price:25
Naomasa Ii v2 card.jpg
MLB, Price:25
Ujiyasu Hojo card.jpg
MLB, Price:25
Diva Minazuki Musashi Miyamoto Triske
Diva card.jpg
Minazuki card.jpg
MLB, Price:15/Fresh, Price:10
Musashi Miyamoto card.jpg
MLB, Price:70
Triske card.jpg
MLB, Price:30
Allen Sansa Lint Mastis
Allen card.jpg
Fresh, Price:20
Sansa card.jpg
Lint card.jpg
Mastis card.jpg
MLB, Price:20
Desiree Anjin Adams Vodyanoy Butterfly
Desiree card.jpg
Fresh, Price:20
Anjin Adams card.jpg
MLB, Price:30
Vodyanoy card.jpg
MLB, Price:no idea/offer
Butterfly card.jpg
MLB, Price:15

Fang card.jpg Mazie card.jpg Dozan Manase card.jpg Kanbei & Nagamasa Kuroda card.jpg Juzo Kakei card.jpg Juzo Kakei v2 card.jpg Blanchette card.jpg Prince Harming card.jpg Prince Harming m card.jpg |-

|| ⋆ The Love of My Life ⋆ ||

Victual card.jpgAreus card.jpgFelix & Huxley card.jpgBasille m card.jpgCu Chulainn card.jpgCynebald card.jpgMatthias card.jpgBellette card.jpgAbadin card.jpgAdasis card.jpgRaguel card.jpgArthur 11 card.jpgLilith 11 v2 card.jpgCutlerya m card.jpgKubo Hime card.jpg

Girardo card.jpgKenzoku card.jpgHampton card.jpgSindbad 10 card.jpgVergilius card.jpgAram card.jpgAlhm card.jpgDuquesne card.jpgSaule card.jpgMisty card.jpgCintra card.jpgVodyanoy card.jpgHera 10 card.jpgPalamino & Bunny card.jpgOto card.jpgRikers card.jpgLady Faewood card.jpg

Superbia 9 card.jpgTepes card.jpgAdonis card.jpgSerasto card.jpgAlmr card.jpgSaizou Kirigakure card.jpgXenith card.jpgPrince Charming card.jpgAgent Ambrose card.jpgEtaine card.jpgAlexis card.jpgPillory card.jpgKagutsuchi 9 card.jpgJerome card.jpgTsukuyomi card.jpgAmari card.jpgTsukishiro card.jpgAmpelus card.jpgWelkin m card.jpgEtheleazar card.jpg

Ohiroth card.jpgEvzen card.jpgRassul card.jpgHeixing card.jpgByron card.jpgAchilles card.jpgGenevieve card.jpgYunivelle card.jpgKiersta m card.jpgDino card.jpgLady Kichou card.jpgNerida card.jpgLumecia card.jpgDC m card.jpgByakko card.jpg

Arthur card.jpgLilith card.jpgMagdalena card.jpgAlias card.jpgHemo card.jpgAlrekur card.jpg

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