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Um hi I’m sfaulhab1 and you can contact me in Fantasica at 1000252646

I don’t have the time to actually code this whole page so if you want to see what something looks like, you’re gonna have to click on the link. I basically only sell or trade 10*, so if you don’t like them then, oh well. I am open to any offers / mix offers / trades, but be ready for me to say no. I love any studio eight units (though I will trade them occasionally), any girls with guns, and any really anime girls. These prices are just from what I’ve seen so sorry if they’re WAAAY off. Feel free to offer. And I do offer bundles/ bulk prices so just ask.


Trading/Sales Rules

1) Don’t be pushy(or mean,...or just really aggravating) cause if you do that means I won’t trade/sell you the unit :( And remember, treat others the way you want to be treated

2) When working out a trade/sale with me, please do it at a time that is good for you ^^ I absolutely hate it when I’m working out a trade/sale with someone and they don’t respond for 12+ hours(I get that you need sleep but I mean C’MON people, I have a life too)

3) If I do fires sales or bundles, please don’t take those prices as the real PCs of the units

4) When trying to sell me units, be warned that unless I reach out to you, I may not have any pure at the moment ^^ (I use pure really, REALLY fast)

5) Don’t get mad at me if I don’t respond to you immediately ^^ I’m usually on from 6-16 so try contacting me then

6) When doing spins on a WoF, please don’t cancel after I respond to you because you don’t like what you got >.<

Recommended Sellers

These are some of the people I’ve bought from that I think offer great deals, are really nice and work with the seller, or are just plain awesome

Cmpoon - awesome person who sells a lot of 10* (see why I like them?) and offers great deals too

User:LHGalthena - another awesome person who sells lots of cheap units (and 10*!) and is willing to trade with you

Daria37558 - a cool ally of mine who loves all Studio Eight units

User:Hellestra2 - never bought from them, but they have a lot of rare stuff that you didn’t know you needed

User:DontBeASadKitty - lots of cute and rare units so just go check them out

Smileychanny - doesn’t have that much for sale but has a huge male collection

10* Sales

Shulna = 15 (800 print, Level 131)

Baenu = 15 (Pullable 10*, Fresh)

Mafalda = 15 (Pullable 10*, Fresh)

Ivette = 10 (Pullable 10*, Fresh)

Juventas = 15 (Guild War Rank 1-100, Level 2, Low Cost)

Ichigo= 15 (Fantasica Chronicles Rank 1-100, Level 126)

Rydia= 10 (Pullable 10*, Fresh, Looks like a Pokémon)

Ferandra= 10 (Pullable 10*, Fresh, Low Cost)

Loht= 15 (Pullable 10*, Level 158)

Kailani= 10 (Pullable 10*, Level 150)

Ledger = 20 (Anyway You Spell It final panel reward, Level 171)

Marseina = 15 (800 print, Level 200)

Any other unit sales

Solomon = 90 (9*, Level 200, Rare LE)


My wishlist is basically studio eight 10* that I don’t have so if you have a studio eight 10* that I don’t have, I’d love to album it or maybe even trade you for it (Remember, I rarely have any pure >.<)




Pumpkin ~ I will never get her










Lys Limor


  • Anything under this tab may be available for sale…for the right price! (Just offer, it can’t hurt!)
  • I included PCs for all of these units for reference

    • Studio Eight Collection

Terisa (Pullable 10*, Level 150) 15 pure

Osanne (Pullable 10*, Level 150) 15 pure

Charlier (The Magic Show reward, Level 240, Ascent 1) 120 pure

Mairya (Pullable 10*, Level 240) 20 pure

Couleur (Pullable 10*, Level 1)15 pure

Ivory (Alice’s Wonderful Adventure final panel reward, Level 240, Ascent 1) 35 pure

Andras (Pullable 10*, Level 1)15 pure

Maethys (Pullable 10*, Level 240) 15 pure

Wilhelmina (Pullable 10*, Fresh) 10 pure

Caerulea (Pullable 10*, Fresh) 10 pure

Sharle (Pullable 10*, Level 240) 25 pure

    • 10* Collection

Azhdaha (Pullable 10*, Level 240, Ascent 1) 20 pure

Foemina (Pullable 10*, Level 240, Ascent 1) 20 pure

Kalm (800 print, Level 240, Ascent 1) 25 pure

Fair (800 print, Level 240, Ascent 1) 30 pure

Leucothea (800 print, Level 240) 20 pure

Eskel (800 print, Level 240) 35 pure

Silene (Pullable 10*, Level 151) 15 pure

Hortensia (Pullable 10*, Level 150) 15 pure

Yukina (Pullable 10*, Level 150) 15 pure

Lilene ( Pullable 10*, Level 157) 15 pure

Ires (Pullable 10*, Level 150) 15 pure

Tirrenu (Pullable 10*, Level 150)15 pure

Unno (800 print, Level 240) 25 pure

Canopus (The Stars of Space Rank 1-120 Reward + Recruitment, Level 240, Ascent 1) 45 pure

Capra (Pullable 10*, Level 1) 10 pure

Skylar (Pullable 10*, MLB, Level 64) 20 pure

    • 11* Collection

(Sorry this is a really sad collection XD I just started liking them ^^ S means that when 11* are tradable I will be selling/trading them :) No S means get your hands off my pretties!)

Magdalena (Login Reward, Level 123 lol an awesome level) S

Gilles (Pullable 11*, Level 260)

Meriam (Grand Sphere packs, Level 13) S

Suzihime (300 print, MLB, Level 126)

Neri (Login bonus, Fresh)

Leona (Grand Sphere packs, Ascent 1, Level 260)

Vega (Grand Sphere packs, Fresh) S

Benio ( Fresh, 2 available)

    • 12* Collection

(Lol the lone 12*)

Tunney ( Level 260)

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