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Update: Started table layout & pricing. Added Unit names for convenient CTRL+F searching
Thanks to Ganbaranai8 for layout inspiration and Mastupuchu for useful layout tips! In-depth wiki table guide here: Wiki Table Guide

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Selling & Trading (Updated 07/02/18)

>>> Note: Some units may not be readily available because of the 1000 inbox limit, especially after events like Dice that overloads your inbox with random items.

I'm not 100% sure on prices for many of these units, but feel free to offer (I do bundle sales if paying in pure, just be reasonable about it). Some prices are based on what I've seen in-game, on wiki, or Fantasica Trade FB page, whereas some are based on what I value them (i.e. year printed, # of copies, LB or not). I love trades and will definitely consider similar-print units for most! I do album (including anything on my collection page) with proper collateral. Help me save up for the stuff in my wishlist! ^^

Unsold items will be orbed

10★ for 5p each

Anjin Adams card.jpg Anjin Adams v2 card.jpg Astoria card.jpg Azura 10 card.jpg Azuria card.jpg

Bijou card.jpg Celestia card.jpg Centera card.jpg Cloris card.jpg Clymeneste card.jpg

Crimsyn card.jpg Diva card.jpg Elinora card.jpg Emmoline card.jpg Ethel card.jpg

Hecate card.jpg Jophiel card.jpg Josie 10 card.jpg Keren card.jpg Lenore card.jpg

Lint card.jpg Loht card.jpg Mafalda card.jpg Meery card.jpg Millerna card.jpg

Mitsumenyudou card.jpg Motoko card.jpg Nea card.jpg Ruc card.jpg Quandry card.jpg

Seirenes card.jpg Skylar card.jpg Suiren card.jpg Tamayura card.jpg Tessalon card.jpg

Tourbillion card.jpg Wilhelmina card.jpg Ui card.jpg

9★ below for 1p each

Ampelus card.jpg

Angelique card.jpg Asterisk card.jpg Bexley card.jpg Chatur card.jpg Fabienne card.jpg Lumina card.jpg Minaduki card.jpg Poinsettia v2 card.jpg Rosina card.jpg Xesta 8 card.jpg Xhalth card.jpg

Juss card.jpg Kikyo 7 card.jpg Tonique card.jpg

  • Selling or trading for other pullable 10★s
  • Also note for trades: PLEASE send me a list of units to choose from. As much as possible, I'd like to get something I haven't owned/albummed :)
Ava card.jpg Baenu card.jpg Brunhildr card.jpg Couleur card.jpg Duibhne card.jpg Empyria card.jpg Ethelred 10 (Miso) card.jpg Isidore card.jpg Kazu card.jpg Lafraise card.jpg Laura 10 card.jpg Levron card.jpg Mafalda card.jpg Marta card.jpg Meletica card.jpg Miyoko card.jpg Mordra card.jpg Monet card.jpg Musashi Miyamoto card.jpg Orthrus 10 card.jpg Pronoe card.jpg Runa card.jpg Sansa card.jpg Saruki card.jpg Shikimaru card.jpg Skylar card.jpg Tadachika Okubo card.jpg Tian Gong card.jpg

  • 10★ levels vary, but all are LB at minimum (saves you OP points! ^^)
Alaire_10 Arbre_10 Avery Balmung Calcabrina
Alaire 10 card.jpg
Price: 50
Arbre 10 card.jpg
Price: 20 > 15
Avery card.jpg
Price: 40 > 30
Balmung card.jpg
Price: 30
Calcabrina card.jpg
Price: 70
Heed_10 Rock_Tortoise_10 Mattelda
Heed 10 card.jpg
Price: 50
Rock Tortoise 10 card.jpg
Price: 30
Mattelda card.jpg
Price: 100->50
Raquelle Shen_Gongbao Shulna Sibulla
Raquelle card.jpg
Price: ?
Shen Gongbao card.jpg
Price: 50
Shulna card.jpg
Price: 15
Sibulla card.jpg
Price: 15
Urania Violca (120 print)
Urania card.jpg
Price: 35
Violca card.jpg
Price: 350->200

Units (LE Rewards/SP Tickets)
Acht Amari Belphegor_9  ! Dagwood (135 print) Dalheis
Acht card.jpg
Price: 4
Amari card.jpg
Price: 150
Belphegor 9 card.jpg
Price: 4
Dagwood card.jpg
Price: 250->100
Dalheis card.jpg
Price: 4
Dwynwen card.jpg
Price: 150
Elysere card.jpg
Price: 70
Enfude card.jpg
Price: 4
Enmaten card.jpg
Price: 4
Kanna card.jpg
Price: 75
Heine Herceler Lisha_9
Heine card.jpg
Price: 4
Herceler card.jpg
Price: 4
Lisha 9 card.jpg
Price: 150->100
Lesath Lourdes_9 Manicura Melik
Lesath card.jpg
Price: 10
Lourdes 9 card.jpg
Price: 4
Manicura card.jpg
Price: 10
Melik card.jpg
Price: 10
Mousse Psyche Sherria Throne
Mousse card.jpg
Price: 4
Psyche card.jpg
Price: 4
Sherria card.jpg
Price: 100->75
Throne card.jpg
Price: 4
Tigera Papillon Paloma Monta
Tigera card.jpg
Price: 20
Papillon card.jpg
Price: 5
Paloma card.jpg
Price: 20
Monta card.jpg
Price: 5

Units (LE Rewards/SP Tickets)
Azraelle Boro
Azraelle card.jpg
Price: 5
Boro card.jpg
Price: 8
Clarabelle Fanaticus
Clarabelle card.jpg
Price: 5
Fanaticus card.jpg
Price: 150->100
Jackalope_8 Jasper Kanon Leviathan_8
Jackalope 8 card.jpg
Price: 50
Jasper card.jpg
Price: 3
Kanon card.jpg
Price: 3
Leviathan 8 card.jpg
Price: 150
Karren Massot Meguri Missa
Karren card.jpg
Price: 3
Massot card.jpg
Price: 3
Meguri card.jpg
Price: 5
Missa card.jpg
Price: 3
Morstan Noella Nordin Shireen Sim_8
Morstan card.jpg
Price: 3'
Noella card.jpg
Price: 3
Nordin card.jpg
Price: 3
Shireen card.jpg
Price: 100->75
Sim 8 card.jpg
Price: 5
Shlomit Sycon Wilf Woomera
Shlomit card.jpg
Price: 3
Sycon card.jpg
Price: 3
Wilf card.jpg
Price: 3
Woomera card.jpg
Price: 5
Dragon Zombie m card.jpg
Price: 5

  • Units (LE Rewards/SP Tickets)
Acedia card.jpg Arcor card.jpg Cadencia card.jpg Cocina card.jpg Chululu 7 card.jpg Dinargl card.jpg Doji card.jpg Furcas card.jpg Griselda card.jpg Elisha 7 card.jpg Erla card.jpg Frida card.jpg Ginji card.jpg Geppetta card.jpg Hellebores card.jpg Hieracium card.jpg Iwein card.jpg Joanne card.jpg Kario card.jpg Little Flower card.jpg Lupin card.jpg Marsyth card.jpg Ostara card.jpg Ninette 7 card.jpg Ossra card.jpg Pico card.jpg Poppy card.jpg Powde card.jpg Rhody card.jpg Ruxelle card.jpg Tekla card.jpg Tessa card.jpg Therip card.jpg Tonique card.jpg Woods card.jpg Yuanshi Tianzun card.jpg Zepar card.jpg
  • Monsters
Grimm Devourer m card.jpg Juss m card.jpg Lava Golem card.jpg Ashlea m card.jpg Midgard m card.jpg

  • Units (LE Rewards/SP Tickets)
Allegretta card.jpg Bai Ying card.jpg Ciriatto card.jpg Delene 6 card.jpg Doria card.jpg Estela card.jpg Fraise 6 card.jpg Larah card.jpg Ldrange card.jpg Kuniha card.jpg Madelyn card.jpg Mallymkun card.jpg Nilrae card.jpg Ogier card.jpg ProdiGy card.jpg Rajere card.jpg Runon card.jpg Saura card.jpg Thallia card.jpg
  • Monsters
Jackalope m card.jpg Volcanic Dragon m card.jpg

  • Units (LE Rewards/SP Tickets)
Adairia card.jpg Baiser card.jpg Belvedere card.jpg Cateline card.jpg Chain card.jpg Chantage card.jpg Elisa card.jpg Filomena card.jpg Helmut (Halloween) card.jpg Kako card.jpg Katana card.jpg Lapis card.jpg Lena card.jpg Lola card.jpg Lyn card.jpg Maie card.jpg Malleus card.jpg Mariana card.jpg Mortia card.jpg Nanci card.jpg Paola card.jpg Quattro card.jpg Remi card.jpg Renee card.jpg Rime 5 card.jpg Ritsu card.jpg Rochelle card.jpg Qiang card.jpg Sei card.jpg Srikandi card.jpg Taurus card.jpg
  • Units (Special Packs/Common Packs)
Arietta card.jpg
  • Monsters
Chain m card.jpg

Units (LE Rewards/SP Tickets/Special Packs)
Hikaru Howard Vipere
Hikaru card.jpg
Price: 15
Howard card.jpg
Price: 30
Vipere card.jpg
Price: 15
Carola (2014 BT reward) Jiang_Shi (2013) Marian (2014)
Carola card.jpg
Price: 100
Jiang Shi card.jpg
Price: 100
Marian card.jpg
Price: 10
Venusta (2014) Yan
Venusta card.jpg
Price: 5
Yan card.jpg
Price: 5

Margot m card.jpg
Price: 200

Trading these for Unit versions
Nyathe 10 m card.jpg
Asbury 9 m card.jpg Alisaie 9 m card.jpg Annalise card.jpg Apelrose m card.jpg Barbossa m card.jpg
Grotte m card.jpg Neikea 9 m card.jpg Palomiss m card.jpg Petrarcha 9 m card.jpg Pillory m card.jpg
Raikiri m card.jpg Terah m card.jpg Turques m card.jpg Valoxia 9 m card.jpg Yixiu m card.jpg
Atari 8 m card.jpg Chambers m card.jpg Circinus m card.jpg Glaciana m card.jpg
Minthe 8 m card.jpg Nyra 8 m card.jpg
Canopus m card.jpg Chululu 7 m card.jpg Lyric m card.jpg Rubina m card.jpg WDH m card.jpg
Heed m card.jpg Morea 7 m card.jpg
6* and lower
Alisaie 6 m card.jpg Clarine m card.jpg Icari m card.jpg Zephy m card.jpg
Zhuge Liange m card.jpg Eurema m card.jpg Peacekeeper m card.jpg

Trading for Monster version
Alaire 10 card.jpg

Note: I don't hoard pures, so I won't have a lot to offer other than maybe card trades.

  • Pullable 10★

Dana 10 card.jpg Hideyasu Yuki 10 card.jpg

  • LE 10★

Auriel card.jpg Chisato card.jpg Diabla card.jpg Dierna card.jpg Eridia card.jpg Eira 10 card.jpg Issunboshi card.jpg Kanbei Kuroda v2 card.jpg Leanidhe card.jpg Lycan 10 card.jpg Moonstone card.jpg

MouSe 10 card.jpg Nagas card.jpg Oblivion card.jpg Odille card.jpg Orange & White card.jpg Oryx card.jpg Paradise card.jpg Pelanor card.jpg Pumpkin card.jpg Rah card.jpg Raven card.jpg Shikanosuke Yamanaka card.jpg Snelsa card.jpg Velendia card.jpg

  • 9★

Bella card.jpg Superbia 9 card.jpg The World card.jpg

  • 8★

Acacia card.jpg Lie card.jpg Ulfric card.jpg Wheel of Fortune card.jpg

  • 7★

Andres card.jpg Fang card.jpg Merrow card.jpg Ravira card.jpg Temperance card.jpg

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