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Units for Sale!

Hey! I've returned after a long time and want to sell or trade stuff. Needs updating!! :) Please kik me if your interested in anything at all. I'm happy to do trades as well as pure offers to just go ahead and offer me and I can also reserve any units for however long you need :) I'd also prefer trades for my rarer units but mix/pure offers are welcome

Buy any units get the cheapest free :D (Only really works if you buy 3 or more units *^* ) Only LE6* are available here!

Lumia Rie Io Bandoneon Este
Lumia card.jpg
AskingLumia.gif 3p
Rie card.jpg
AskingRie.gif 3p
Io card.jpg
AskingIo.gif 40p
Bandoneon card.jpg
AskingBandoneon.gif 3p
Este card.jpg
AskingEste.gif 3p
Saki Bessie] Kiku Domina Perona
Saki card.jpg
AskingSaki.gif 400p
Bessie card.jpg
AskingBessie.gif 15p
Kiku card.jpg
AskingKiku.gif 5p
Domina card.jpg
AskingDomina.gif 20p
Perona card.jpg
AskingPerona.gif 15p
Padme_6 Mummy_6 Leviathan_6 Maria_6 Suzuka_6
Padme 6 card.jpg
AskingPadme 6.gif 50p
Mummy 6 card.jpg
AskingMummy 6.gif 250p
Leviathan 6 card.jpg
AskingLeviathan 6.gif 5p
Maria 6 card.jpg
AskingMaria 6.gif 50p
Suzuka 6 card.jpg
AskingSuzuka 6.gif 50p
Isolda Terra_6 Semiha Marron_6 Zoeya
Isolda card.jpg
Asking (BOGOF)Isolda.gif 3p
Terra 6 card.jpg
AskingTerra 6.gif 50p
Semiha card.jpg
AskingSemiha.gif 50p
Marron 6 card.jpg
AskingMarron 6.gif 20p
Zoeya card.jpg
AskingZoeya.gif 50p
Cirrus Octilla Perona Frappe Flavie
Zoeya card.jpg
AskingZoeya.gif 50p
Cirrus card.jpg
AskingCirrus.gif 7p
Octilla card.jpg
AskingOctilla.gif 5p
Frappe card.jpg
AskingFrappe.gif 7p
Flavie card.jpg
AskingFlavie.gif 2p

All 7* are LE here! I hardly have any - Sorry!

Juliet_7 Mathilde Chastity Eight Hieracium
Juliet 7 card.jpg
AskingJuliet 7.gif 550p
Mathilde card.jpg
AskingMathilde.gif 3p
Chastity card.jpg
AskingChastity.gif 7p
Eight card.jpg
AskingEight.gif 5p
Hieracium card.jpg
AskingHieracium.gif 1p
Raisie Arland Boey Geppetta
Raisie card.jpg
AskingRaisie.gif 2p
Arland card.jpg
AskingArland.gif 200p
Boey card.jpg
AskingBoey.gif 3p
Geppetta card.jpg
AskingGeppetta.gif 50p
Kaihime Pocus Cineraria Thalassa
Kaihime card.jpg
AskingKaihime.gif 20p
Pocus card.jpg
AskingPocus.gif 5p
Cineraria card.jpg
AskingCineraria.gif 7p
Thalassa card.jpg
AskingThalassa.gif 3p

All 8* are LE here! I hardly have any - Sorry!

Ameno Pleione Tsukiyo Aurore Ardris
Ameno card.jpg
AskingAmeno.gif 2p
Pleione card.jpg
AskingPleione.gif 5p
Tsukiyo card.jpg
AskingTsukiyo.gif 20 Print unit OBO
Aurore card.jpg
AskingAurore.gif 30 Print unit OBO
Ardris card.jpg
AskingArdris.gif 30 Print unit OBO
Sim_8 Nordin Tressi Nagamasa_Kuroda Oram
Sim 8 card.jpg
AskingSim 8.gif 1p
Nordin card.jpg
AskingNordin.gif 1p
Tressi card.jpg
AskingTressi.gif 5p
Nagamasa Kuroda card.jpg
AskingNagamasa Kuroda.gif 8p
Oram card.jpg
AskingOram.gif 850p
Gioma Petal Mikie
Gioma card.jpg
AskingGioma.gif 1p
Petal card.jpg
AskingPetal.gif 10p (MAX)
Mikie card.jpg
AskingMikie.gif 1p

All 9* are LE here! I hardly have any - Sorry!

Dashinben Bickle Ushitora Flora_9 Franny
Dashinben card.jpg
AskingDashinben.gif 30p
Bickle card.jpg
AskingBickle.gif 5p
Ushitora card.jpg
AskingUshitora.gif 6p
Flora 9 card.jpg
AskingFlora 9.gif 2p
Franny card.jpg
AskingFranny.gif 55p
Gretchen Biskette Lady_Uneme Chevalier_dEon Seb
Gretchen card.jpg
AskingGretchen.gif 50p
Biskette card.jpg
AskingBiskette.gif 80p
Lady Uneme card.jpg
AskingLady Uneme.gif 300p
Chevalier dEon card.jpg
AskingChevalier dEon.gif 100p
Seb card.jpg
AskingSeb.gif 50p
Lourdes Maria_9 McGonagal
Lourdes 9 card.jpg
AskingLourdes 9.gif 2p
Maria 9 card.jpg
AskingMaria 9.gif 2p
McGonagal card.jpg
AskingMcGonagal.gif 300p

All 10* are LE here! I hardly have any - Sorry!

Alhm Fernie Quentin Palamino_&_Bunny Lady_Faewood
Alhm card.jpg
AskingAlhm.gif 30p
Fernie card.jpg
AskingFernie.gif 650p
Quentin card.jpg
AskingQuentin.gif 40p
Palamino & Bunny card.jpg
AskingPalamino & Bunny.gif 20p
Lady Faewood card.jpg
AskingLady Faewood.gif 160p

  • Units
Cosmopolitan card.jpg
Kuratsuki card.jpg
Sakihisa Konoe card.jpg
Sakihisa Konoe.gif
Jewel card.jpg
Avani card.jpg
Jinnai Kosaka 10 card.jpg
Jinnai Kosaka 10.gif
Dozan Manase card.jpg
Dozan Manase.gif
Mei Feng card.jpg
Mei Feng.gif
Panthera card.jpg
Indrah card.jpg
Lady Kasen card.jpg
Lady Kasen.gif

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