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Added To add the version 2 cards you do the same as thw others you just have to include the _4 at the end of the hyperlink. Like for nue_4

Chop off And you are left with the cards name


You need to include the underscores and put the card in the [ x2 ] x2

So [ [ Kamanosuke_Yuri_6 ] ] no spaces

Not sure what you mean. I added you to the abc sale list

missing monsters

You aren't really missing the monsters. They were never released. The empty album slots arrived at the same time they introduced defender quest, so they added monsters in the album but never released them as cards. There are additional 3s,5s, and 5s that you will discover have the same problem.

Xlivia (talk)Thank you very much for taking your time to explain! I believe that you are referring to 6★ Jack that I noticed only as an GIF file at Fantasica Wiki, so I tried to understand why I could not find a monster page for that GIF file (Sprite animation without name) that looks like 6★Jack Monster at the event "Defenders Quest -Rise of the Pumpking." I'm very grateful for the reply, it helps me a lot in my search to complete the album!Xlivia (talk) 17:38, 25 October 2018 (UTC) Oh yeah you don't need permission. You just add the Label I did it for you.

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