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Please feel free to kik message me anytime i will respond asap. If you find something you are interested in please let me know.. I'm will negotiate a deal even if i don't get what i want but as with all trades they need to be fair on both sides
IGN : RazorPetalz
Fanta ID: 114212171
KIK: RazorPetalz
For Sale/Trade

  • LOOKING FOR CARDS.. Please note that I don't have an offer for these cards except for what i have to trade.
Sandryne card.jpg Vanesse card.jpg Anne 9 card.jpg Celestine 9 card.jpg Amanojaku card.jpg Estelle card.jpg Ahriman 7 card.jpg Atid card.jpg Leene card.jpg Luneville card.jpg Moon 7 card.jpg Revere card.jpg Cuniculus card.jpg

  • Units
Lucy card.jpgSabrina card.jpgLulubelle card.jpg

  • Units
Furfur card.jpg Christof card.jpg Benedetta card.jpg Teresa card.jpg Witch card.jpg Ghost (Halloween) card.jpg Mummie card.jpg

  • Units
Babu card.jpg Cait Sith card.jpg Phoebe 5 card.jpg

  • Units
Salix card.jpg Ibuki 6 card.jpg Seraph card.jpg

  • Units
Reese card.jpg Schminke card.jpg Mitre card.jpg Linbelle card.jpg Citrouille card.jpg Nickie card.jpg Faulta card.jpg Lecadeau card.jpg Tikus card.jpg Dike Astraea card.jpg Werden card.jpg Bowers card.jpg Raisie card.jpg

  • Units
Eremita card.jpg Nezha card.jpg Nichola card.jpg Wanta card.jpg Iphrael card.jpg Hellhound card.jpg Crystal card.jpg OHare card.jpg Pandra card.jpg Prongs card.jpg Parra card.jpg

  • Units
Miss L. Tow card.jpg Lisha 9 card.jpg McGonagal card.jpg Lesath card.jpg { Jiarby card.jpg Aziza card.jpg Sara 9 card.jpg Lourdes 9 card.jpg Pone card.jpg

  • Units
Settia card.jpg Ahriman card.jpg Edite card.jpg Sleipnir 10 card.jpg Lefsten card.jpg Shulna card.jpg Balmung card.jpg Alhm card.jpg Avery card.jpg Naphula card.jpg Saule card.jpg Masaharu & Ujiharu Oda card.jpg Vivian 10 card.jpg

  • 4★
Luce m card.jpg Dorothy m card.jpg Charl m card.jpg
  • 5★
Cait Sith m card.jpg Sonia m card.jpg
  • 6★
Jackalope m card.jpg Asbury m card.jpg
  • 7★
Rock Tortoise m card.jpg Heed m card.jpg Fran m card.jpg Hoshi m card.jpg Morrow m card.jpg Fubuki m card.jpg Fujo m card.jpg
  • 8★
Dragon Zombie m card.jpg Catalina 8 m card.jpg Tippet m card.jpg The Emerald Lady m card.jpg Iyo m card.jpg Genevieve m card.jpg Chambers m card.jpg

  • 9* set for 5 pure
please kik message me a list of what u want and i will check if i have it. Or if you want a random set let me know.

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