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Monster Speeds in Raising

I've noticed that monsters used in raising events have attack speeds when in your team different from moving and recruited attack speeds. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to begin collecting information on this to add to monster pages. An example would be BremenM, who is Speed B when in your team for raising, but otherwise is Movement Speed D when in a monster parade. Another would be CardiffM who's attack speed is C, but movement speed is D. Just wanted to share my idea ^-^
~KOTails :3


Haha, okay. I'll try that out. Hopefully by the end of the day my attempt at Atelier of Angels' poster should be up >.< Thanks for all the help!
~KOTails :3 EDIT:It's up! How does it look? ;) It didn't take as long as I thought, only about 30 minutes. That pesky Mobage icon kept getting in the way though >.<

Adding Images

KOTails here again. I'm going to have a lot of spare time this week, so I was wondering where to find and how to add the English versions of card images, sprites, event/card pack banners, etc. I've tried taking a screenshot with my device, but it saves as an incompatible image file type. I know how to add the Japanese versions by saving as the images from their wiki, but the global ones I'm not too sure how to do.
Thanks in advance!
~KOTails :3

Walter M. Elon

Gee, thanks ^-^ By the way, Walter M. Elon in Pass into Legend is having some issues showing the sprite and weaknesses. I don't really know what's wrong, just letting you know in case you do XD

~KOTails :3

Monster Sprites

I've got all the monster sprites already, they're just all different sizes unlike the unit sprites so it's a much more manual process :(. All the images are stored on your phone but encrypted (/sdcard/Android/data/com.mobage/ww.a793.fanta_test_Android). Someone on the forum figured out how to decrypt them so that's where I get them. -Kadaan (talk)

Standards for boss-fight Exp listings

Hey there, I've just jumped on as an editor and dropped a couple of entries into the Night Of Wonder event, for Winter Star battles. You appear to be an active editor so I thought I'd write here.

I've observed that on normal quests, you get an extra 10% EXP for each ally deployed. I haven't tested this for Night Of Wonder yet, but it held true when fighting Barbara recently, so I'm guessing it's also the case here.

When listing the EXP granted for defeating a boss, should that include the maximum possible ally-boost, or not?

Ed.: Ah perfect, that makes sense, thanks!


Thanks Kattiara for changing the Unit list template! I was really worried I could have messed something up if I tried to myself haha. =) -Ohrose


Okay thanks for the advice. Do you by any chance have Aria?


I am an idiot

Hey i don't quite get how to add the pics. Can you edit my page and put the pics on?



Thanks (again)

Thanks i still don't really understand this but I'll call you when i need it again!

Monster MLB HP


I read you're the one who updated the monsters template. I don't know how to modify this template so I come to you. Wouldn't that be great to get also the MLB HP for the monsters : they are in the "Edit" spreadsheet but are not displayed in the cardlist.



Units Type Tab

Hi Kattiara,

I really enjoyed the new version of Unit lists ! Nice Work !

I however think there is a small mistake : there should be a "Recruitment" tab : some of the units aren't from standard card pack (as far as I know) but rather from Recruitment of standard card pack monsters (Stray Cat / Altum ...). I'm not even sure these 2 monsters are in standard card packs ...

I'm maybe mistaken ...

BTW : thank you for your reactivity on Monsters MLB values ;)


Album Updates

Hi Kattiara

Just saw u replied on my page ... sorry for delay. I'd just like to say it doesn't bother me to update albums.

But I only albumed 4* myself until now... and I still miss 80 or so albumed units (which makes it sometime uncertain) What is the way to extract album units: we miss Chasseur/Apis that have not been uploaded yet.

Now i'll need help to fill my 4*/5* album if u want that I help on 5* album as well.

I won't be able to help on 6*+ units for a long time i guess so i'll let older players on these albums for the moment.

Thank You

I was wondering how to do it but was unsure how. It makes a lot more sense now, thank you!


Modified Artists??

Hello! This one is weird, the japanese and english card have different artist? How can this be? ZachBora (talk) 20:05, 3 July 2015 (UTC)

Japanese Wiki

Hello, can you update the japanese wiki link in the sidebar? It currently redirects to ZachBora (talk) 18:20, 10 July 2015 (UTC)

Can you fix Coiriuil

This unit's name seems to have 3 versions now. When looking at her in the unit list she is named "Coiriul". On the card it's "Coiriuil" and on the wiki it's "Couiriul". Could you fix the page to reflect the card name?

Thanks, ZachBora (talk) 15:28, 11 July 2015 (UTC)

mlb template

Sweet! Got it working using a left join. Seems to be working fine. ZachBora (talk) 01:41, 15 July 2015 (UTC)


Congrats on pulling Verseau this morning!


Oh boy i hope i dont mess this up, if i do feel free to delete this!!

thanks for updating the dream(77) picture i posted! how did you get yours to look so small and good? Im trying to be a good editior but im new and usually end up messing stuff up!!!

thank you -chewycat12

edit: Mwilkens told me theyre images from the game file Dx If you ever need help contact me i really want to help! ^-^

How do I edit empowered 10* units?

Hello, i dont know who else to ask so i'm just asking u. yeah like the title says, how can i access the page to edit the stats of empowered 10* units? I can only find the link to the not-empowered units like this one -> and i already tried out stuff like unit_X or unit(X)in the url

help would be appreciated :)

Goldie's stats

Sorry to bother you, but I don't know how to edit really tho would like to help. Goldie's stats from Simply Elementary Event are Melee Def- C, Missile Def- C, Magic Def- D, Speed- D. If it isn't too much of a nuisance would you mind explaining how to edit unit/monster stats so I may help fill in some of the missing information on the wiki?

Sincerely, Bryan

Thank you! The links you provided and instructions made it very east to fill in missing stats.

Thanks for all your help!

I'll probably most actively work on helping update Training Event information and sorry about the mistake on Gashadokuro's 10* stats, I didn't realize there was a difference between the regular and empowered 10*s. Currently I'm working on leveling some 4-6*s I have that are missing stats on the wiki to update it however I don't really level break 4*s unless I really like the unit so the MLB stats will still be missing for the 4* units I'm working on leveling.

Sincerely, Bryan

My apologies

I tried adding the Labbeth page to update the stats since it wasn't added to the wiki yet, but messed up and don't know how to delete the page so I just blanked the page. Bryan

player requests

I'm working on filling in missing stats for 8-10s atm. Allies and Facebook fans are being super helpful, but had requests to add hp and ascension if at all possible. Let me know. Probably easiest to reach me at kik or line armygirl691. Thanks!


Hi. I'm usually just edit card stats that are missing for you guys when I get a chance but I noticed you added the ascension part to the page finally and I can't figure out how you edit it. It tells me to go to the usual page to edit card but doesn't have the boxes to add that in. I was trying to edit for you so drop me a note on Kik, username huntressxcyllyn, on how to do it and I can start fixing that up for you if able. Oh, and also I noticed there is a spot for hp now but no way to enter it from what I've seen. Thanks again!

RE: Ascension

Thanks for the quick reply. I will edit the new address in if you haven't already on ones I add to. I couldn't get the Marron 4 page to come up correctly so it is probably on your list of a million things to add. When you get it up, let me know and I will add in the level 100 stats.

Just to let you know, the underscore added to the unit name did work for Marron 4*. Woot. ;D

Ascension (Speed question)

Not a new topic, but I have also been recording Ascension info in a spreadsheet and would like to add the information to the Wiki. Updating character stats is all I ever really do here. Other than reading up on stuff... Can you tell me what I need to do?

Also, how are you handling speed? Some units are getting a quick step up then ending with the same speed and some (Jane) go to Ascension 4 and still have E (Kinda like E++++. Not quite a D) Talk back to me here.

(Update) Thank you. Perfect! I will get to it!


While cleaning out my inbox, I seemed to have found a card I can't find on the wiki. It is 5* Jinx, Awful Luck and is on page 35 of 40 when you view the 5* album. I don't know how to add new cards in, so I'll leave that to your discretion.

RE: Jinx

Sorry, I pulled her out of the inbox inadvertently. I'm pretty sure it said she was an reward of some type and she was from late last year.

Hihi! NP & many thanks (:

Hey Kattiara!
Thanks for maintaining this crazy thing pretty much on your own for so long, it's about time you got some help!
I'll be around to do what I can :3

-TORAelle (talk)

Artist: Yasuyuki Syuri / Yasuyuki Syurit

Wondering why the category for Yasuyuki Syuri is Yasuyuki Syurit? I was about to recreate the category page for Yasuyuki Syuri, but found it was deleted before because of Yasuyuki Syurit.
Why was Yasuyuki Syurit chosen? I'm majorly confused o__o

-TORAelle (talk)

Thank You for all of your work over the years!

I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you've put in over the years. The wiki has been an invaluable tool for all the time I've spent in Fanta. You will be missed, but you have gone far above and beyond in your volunteer service to the community.


May pleasant winds be ever at your back and fortune in your favor.

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