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Monster Sprites

Hiya! I was curious how/where you're pulling the images for the animated sprites -- would love to help out if I can by getting them loaded and linked for Monsters as well, but wasn't sure how to go about it. :) -Kattiara

Ahh, cool! Could you point me in the direction of the decryption instructions? I won't bother with the monster sprites after all, but would love to know how just for my own reference. I tried looking on the forums but couldn't find. :) -Kattiara

Also curious about this process. If you could PM me on That would be helpful. -KB

7 Star Units

I created a 7 Star Units page, if you don't mind adding it to the left side bar. :) -Kattiara


Good evening, sorry to bother. Been a while since I last edited a wiki, but to get on the fact: I was browing through the wiki and I noticed, there are not many categories started. I think it would be very helpful. Some categories in mind would be: male/female, melee/magic/ranged, dif skills, arena skills, etc. Probably if I had a look on the big English Wikipedia, might find other things that might be useful to be implemented on it. What is your thought about it? Best Regards, kdanv.

Unit Row editing

Oh this was exactly what I was talking about! Thanks Kadaan and Kattiara :)

- Ohrose

Idea Bis


First, I'd like to thank you for this wiki ... sooo helpful !

Not long since I started to participate to this wiki but I would like to submit a category : card bugs (I'm not native English so any other name could be fine) :

Examples : Loreena reads Loreen on the back (double name) / Lorrie has only 4stars on her picture whereas she's a 5* (rarity)

I'm sure there are plenty of examples like these ones. This would add some fun, instead of just descriptive wiki



Admin Membership

Hey Kadaan

I am hoping to help keep this site going. I took over last month since the others have left. I keep making simple errors and would like permissions to fix mine and others errors. I have been playing Fanta since 2013. I have one of the largest album counts but use Kittylitter here to protect my in game identity. Please contact me to discuss taking over this wonderful site

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