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Are you the person who has been uploading all of the images for units etc????

No it seems to be a maintenance script of some sort... Special:RecentChanges ZachBora (talk) 02:31, 3 July 2015 (UTC)


Modified Artists

Yeah, Ra is a weird one. You'll see it every once in a while. Basically, it means there's a typo somewhere on Mobage's side of things.. either the JP or the US version has an incorrect artist listed. Unfortunately, there's not really any way for us to be 100% certain which is right and which is wrong (though, some artists do have recognizable styles).. generally I'd say if they're different, let's leave it categorized as the US listed artist. :) -Kattiara (talk)


Good eye.. should be set now. It was spelled differently in the instructions, on the unit card, and on the monster card. I've set them to the unit card's spelling.


Hiya - the intent is appreciated, but the apostrophe was missing because I'm in the middle of testing and trying to figure out the right syntax. Would appreciate if you don't modify while I'm in the midst, since that threw me off. :) -Kattiara (talk)

mlb template

YAY, thank you!!! :D -Kattiara (talk)

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