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Latest Events and Card Packs
Mountains & Moehills release banner.png
Event Name Mountains & Moehills
Event Type Raising Event
Start Date 2017-06-19
End Date 2017-06-22
Three Choice Packs 9 banner.png
Card Pack Three Choice Packs 9
Pack Type Choice Packs
Start Date 2017-06-19
End Date 2017-06-22
Early Summer Login Bonuses banner.png
Event Name Early Summer Login Bonuses
Event Type Login Bonus
Start Date 2017-05-23
End Date 2017-06-26
10★ Psi Ticket Exchange banner.png
Event Name 10★ Psi Ticket Exchange
Event Type Ticket Exchange
Start Date 2017-06-01
End Date 2017-07-01
OP Unit Exchange 3 banner.png
Event Name OP Unit Exchange 3
Start Date 2017-03-12
End Date 2017-??-??
Soul Linking banner.png
Event Name Soul Linking
Start Date 2016-10-07
End Date N/A
Fantasica Faithful Rewards banner.png
Event Name Fantasica Faithful Rewards
Start Date 2014-10-01
End Date Currently Undetermined
Leana's Exchange Shop banner.png
Event Name Leana's Exchange Shop
Start Date 2013-03-25
End Date N/A

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My Status as Editor

Marybeth here. When I loaded the game to do the update today, June 19th, 2017, I discovered my Fantasica account was suspended. Why, I really don't know. I'll be contacting Fantasica support to investigate this, but... if you have been a longtime player of this game, you know how optimistic I feel about that. At this point, I give up. Since I took over from Kat in February, I have been so much more stressed out. This has been bad for my already poor health. I want to thank you all for the support you've given me across 4+ years of playing Fantasica. You may see me step in from time to time on this site because... really, I'd feel guilty just letting it fail. That's not the type of person I am.

What I have for you is Kat's manual with her method on how to edit the wiki if you are willing to contribute your time. It's on the sub page of her profile titled "2/20". Thank you for any assistance you provide.

For the Immediate Future

At this point, all updates are required on a regular basis

  • Here is a place to start.
  • Aside from reading the Editing Tips, Marybeth's Editing Tips (currently under construction) and the manual Kattiara has written, the only thing I can recommend to you is that you go through and view what has been done before on other pages. Go through prior events, prior pack types, units, monsters. Search for key words. Play around with it. Use the show preview button before you commit to a change.

Thanks to everyone for all the help you've given me since Kattiara left. I know it hasn't been perfect by any means, but it was good while it lasted. I wish you all the best... and chances are high I will check in. -mwilkens37 (talk)

5/30/17 : Ranking Updates

If you want your rankings loaded for groups that i'm not in, you need to kik forstle screenshots.

LF ranks 15-30 in The Fabulous Ones Event, kik me screenshots.

Units with Multiple Versions

Anyone who is familiar with using the Tabber feature, please keep an eye out for units with multiple versions and edit their coding appropriately. Take a look at the coding for Kanbei Kuroda or Juzo Kakei if you would like to familiarize yourself with how this function works! Make sure to follow the chain and update all applicable versions.

What's New?

Want to Help? Editing Tips!

  • There are some general guidelines, as well as a list of target areas that could use help, at the Editing Tips page.
  • The Missing Stats page has been UPDATED to be more user-friendly! Any max or max level broken stats for units or monsters is greatly appreciated in the community.
  • For anyone looking to add Ascension stats, check out Editing Ascension Stats.

Help is always appreciated! :)

Wiki Editor Contact Board

The Wiki Editor Contact Board is up! If you have any questions, concerns, statistics for units, or if you happen to notice any discrepancies on the site, please feel free to visit this section and contact one of your wiki editors!

Thank you for helping us make the wiki as wonderful as it can be!


Find the current feed of the official Fantasica announcements here:

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