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Soul Linking
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Soul Linking was a feature first added to Fantasica on October 7th, 2016. It allowed players to convert a unit into a Soul, using Ally Points. When originally introduced, 4 different types of slots were available to place a Soul.

Slot Types

Slot Unlocked With Amount of Stones to Unlock
11★ 10★ 9★ 8★ 7★ 6★ 5★ 4★ 3★ 2★ 1★
Land Slot Earth Stone icon.png Earth Stones 250
Air Slot Breeze Stone icon.pngBreeze Stones
Sea Slot Wave Stone icon.png Wave Stones
HP Slot Life Stone icon.png Life Stones
Skill Slot* Skill Stone icon.png Skill Stones  ?

* The Skill Slot is currently locked, and will be unlocked at a later date

Converting A Unit

  • Visit the unit page
  • Select Details on the unit you wish to convert into a Soul
  • Select Convert Unit
  • If you have the requisite Ally Points, hit Yes
Ally Points to Convert a Unit into a Soul
11★ 10★ 9★ 8★ 7★ 6★ 5★ 4★ 3★ 2★ 1★
2,200 2,000 1,800 1,600 1,400 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 200

How to Soul Link

After converting a unit into a soul, place it into an unlinked unit slot using Keystones to raise stats for that unit.

  • Visit the unit page
  • At the top, change the tab to Souls
  • Select Details on the Soul you wish to link
  • Select the Linked Unit bar
  • Choose the unit you wish to link
  • Choose the slot you wish to link
  • If you have the requisite number of Keystones, hit Yes

NOTE: Monsters cannot be linked with Souls.

Linked Units & Souls

  • A unit that has a slot unlocked becomes untradable.
  • Converted Units (Souls) cannot be traded
  • You CAN reverse a converted unit from a Soul to a normal Unit using the Conversion process listed above

Acquiring Keystones

  • Currently, Keystones can be acquired through events.
  • Over the Moon 2 was the first event that offered Keystones as BT point rewards, Final Rank Rewards and Bonus Rank Rewards.

Soul Capacity

  • A new Skill, Soul Forge, was added to be able to increase the number of Souls you may possess.

Soul Stats

The new stats for a Unit converted to a Soul are determined by a simple math formula, which is dependent on the Rarity of the unit being converted. These formulae include Ascended and Empowered stat increases.

  • 11★: Unit Stat x 0.2 = Soul Stat
  • 10★: Unit Stat x 0.2 = Soul Stat
  • 9★: Unit Stat x 0.2 = Soul Stat
  • 8★: Unit Stat x 0.3 = Soul Stat
  • 7★: Unit Stat x 0.4 = Soul Stat
  • 6★: Unit Stat x 0.5 = Soul Stat
  • 5★: Unit Stat x 0.6 = Soul Stat
  • 4★: Unit Stat x 0.7 = Soul Stat
  • 3★: Unit Stat x 0.8 = Soul Stat
  • 2★: Unit Stat x 0.9 = Soul Stat
  • 1★: Unit Stat x 1.0 = Soul Stat

HP Stats for units with 9★ rarity or higher are 0.3x its unit stat instead of 0.2x.

Due to the smaller denominator in the 8★ formula, those units often make stronger souls than 9★ units, and even many fully-ascended and empowered 10★ units. In fact, the strongest 8★ units make far better souls than any 9★ unit you could possibly find.

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