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Ascension Stats

Hiya, Cyllyn, and welcome to the wiki! Thanks so much for helping to fill out missing stats, it's much appreciated. :)

Yep, we're in the process of adding the ability to track Ascension stats - you'll see the new link in future unit pages, but basically to edit Lorelei's ascension info (as well as max HP and mlb HP), you'd go here:

Note that what should be entered is the incremental increase for each ascension stage. So for example, if a unit starts with 100,000 HP and ascending it one single time brings them up to 150,000 HP, it's the 50,000 that should be entered into the 'Asc HP Inc' field. Same for Attack, Cost, and Range, always use the incremental amount.

We're still working through details, and I think Speed is just going to be a checkbox right now (it's hard to track, especially since there are units who can be fully ascended and their speed letter grade never visibily changes), but that should hopefully cover the basics.

Thanks again for the help! Let me know if that makes sense, or if you have any other questions. :) -Kattiara (talk)


I think I see what's happening - it's a little quirky, but whenever you go to the page for a unit that has multiple words (or numbers) in their name, you need to use an underscore for any spaces. So this doesn't work: 4

But this should:

Let me know if that works, and thanks again for all your help! :) -Kattiara (talk)


Hiya, thanks for the heads up about Jinx! Question for you, in your Inbox, does it say where you got her from? Rank reward, dream box, etc? I remember I saw her files get added to the game awhile ago, but couldn't figure out a source (tbh I thought she wasn't actually receivable). -Kattiara (talk)

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