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IGN: TariaT ID: 63990154 Kik: TariaT13

For Sale!

Last updated: May 27th, 2018

Please contact me through kik or comment on my wall in-game.

I'm having a few issues with kik not giving me notifications when someone new tries to contact me and I've got no clue how to fix it. I would like to apologize for this in advance as it will make my replies slower.

  • New Frame
Sacra card.jpg Galm card.jpg Canele card.jpg Inger card.jpg Oriens card.jpg
  • Old Frame
Kagoyumi card.jpg Rock Tortoise 10 card.jpg Ledger card.jpg
  • Empowered
Alala mlb card.jpg Ventus mlb card.jpg Gogh mlb card.jpg Attendre mlb card.jpg Armaros mlb card.jpg

  • 8★s
Panisha card.jpg Luluria card.jpg Konjikichou card.jpg Mascagni card.jpg Yatagarasu card.jpg Amnh card.jpg Azusayumi card.jpg Alascha card.jpg Aramis card.jpg

  • 8★
Momoka card.jpg Vinn card.jpg Tabatha card.jpg Ambra card.jpg
  • 9★
Cuisiner card.jpg Gisela card.jpg Poole card.jpg

  • 6★
Black Dragon card.jpg
  • 10★
Auriel card.jpg Gafgarion card.jpg
  • 11★
Saizou card.jpg

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