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Arrythmia icon.png mayramorte

I D : 44246258
K I K / L I N E : mayramorte

Hi there, nice to meet you! My name is Mia and I'm a 2 0 1 2 player

I.r.l. I'm a PHP programmer and webdesigner and enjoy various activities such as:

  • G a m i n g
  • R e a d i n g m a n g a
  • P l a y i n g a i r s o f t w / f r i e n d s
  • H a n g i n g o u t w/ m y b f ღ A c i n o n y x ღ
  • P l a y i n g A o I / O t o g i / o t h e r m o b i l e s t u f f
  • Bothering cats with my undying love for them ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ)

I am and always have been very passionate about Fantasica,
that's why I decided I wanted to do anything in my power to help build an amazing community!
I hope we can get along well ~

If you have any questions or wanna chat feel free to send me a message on KIK or line!

M y S a l e s

Seasa card.jpg Audra card.jpg Killer Bee 2 card.jpg Harpy 2 card.jpg Hertz card.jpg Prudence card.jpg Sheena card.jpg Annie card.jpg Alfred card.jpg Schwarz card.jpg Heinz card.jpg Leopold card.jpg Lucy card.jpg Karl card.jpg Hector card.jpg Toad 3 card.jpg Vipere card.jpg

Orc 3 card.jpg

Lycanthrope 4 card.jpg Minotaur 4 card.jpg Orc 4 card.jpg Fawn card.jpg Macaria card.jpg

Qiang card.jpg

Cinder card.jpg

Night card.jpg

Pryscilla card.jpg

Namar card.jpg Beethoven card.jpg Patsy card.jpg Widdershins card.jpg Yiling card.jpg

Shulna card.jpg Sibulla card.jpg Zal card.jpg Priest card.jpg Kalm card.jpg Cordey card.jpg Ferz card.jpg Leucothea card.jpg Arbre 10 card.jpg Verana card.jpg Dimia m card.jpg

Hikari card.jpg Little Match Girl card.jpg Agneya card.jpg Tourbillion card.jpg Mordra card.jpg Ruyi Bang card.jpg Morgan le Fay card.jpg Lucie 10 card.jpg Zhanna card.jpg Feranth card.jpg Yunokawa card.jpg Hecate card.jpg Eonis card.jpg Mafalda card.jpg Jophiel card.jpg LEngle card.jpg Ferandra card.jpg Sakuya-hime card.jpg
Aterui card.jpg Le Monde card.jpg Shigetsuna Katakura 11 card.jpg Deela card.jpg Lioss card.jpg Olivier card.jpg Andersen card.jpg Rahulik card.jpg

Nothing to see here ┬┴┬┴┤・ω・)ノ

D I S C L A I M E R on some cards I will only take offers that interest me regardless of pc other people may offer, trades for equal print cards A L W A Y S prefered!

S h o w c a s i n g M y F a v o r i t e s ( ❥ n o t s a l e s ! )

Tadakatsu Honda icon.png Shigetsuna Katakura 9 icon.png Nagamasa Kuroda 9 icon.png Sara 9 icon.png Anaitis icon.png Arrythmia icon.png Ashe icon.png Moa icon.png Tzigane icon.png Gorgon 9 icon.png Blysse icon.png Blaylock icon.png Julienne icon.png Aggie icon.png Lolixis icon.png Nobushige Takeda icon.png Kazumasa Sogo icon.png Shiro icon.png Kenshin Uesugi icon.png Ironblood icon.png Lemora icon.png
Gladina 10 icon.png Izayoi icon.png

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