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Celestialchil Fanta ID: 96484831 Kik: T3enale Revere.gif

9★s And 10★S PC up to date as of Nov 9th, 2018


I am not an expert with PC so please if you know PC just offer your best pure or card and I will decide from there. Thank you

Featured Cards I Want to Buy

Collecting Lady Royal Cards...Cards that look like classy lady, princess and queens, with long gowns, corset & beautiful!

Eridia card.jpg
Offer me 30 Prints
Under the Starry Skies
Artrix card.jpg
Offer 7,000,000 BT Points Reward
On a Sword Edge
Anath card.jpg
Offer 243 units
The Fantasica Chronicles 43
Annika card.jpg
Get 120 Prints
Hunter, Hunted

Cards I’m Looking for

This is my collection and some cards I am looking for. The users underneath are people who I bought cards from, & a pleasure to trade with. I definitely recommend them for your future buying needs. YuyukoSaigyouji - User:Garaki - User:Raugmoth - User:Lexi61299 - User:Jrakeon - User:XlonelytearsX - User:Shadowblade465

Oriens m card.jpg
Leucothea card.jpg
Want to buy
Snelsa card.jpg
Want to buy
Nuit card.jpg
Want to Buy
Merlin card.jpg
Want to buy
Eridia card.jpg
Want to Buy
Marlowe m card.jpg
Want to Buy
Milady card.jpg
Bijou card.jpg
Blanchette card.jpg
Want to Buy
Darleen card.jpg
Want to Buy
Tilly card.jpg
Want to Buy
Guinevere card.jpg
Palamino & Bunny card.jpg
Want to Buy
Belamere card.jpg
Tyranny card.jpg
Want to Buy
Kanbei Kuroda v2 card.jpg
Want to Buy
Annika card.jpg
Lilinette card.jpg
Sansa card.jpg
Diabla card.jpg
Want to Buy
Lilly card.jpg
Chenay card.jpg
Want to Buy
Anath card.jpg
Want to buy
Penelopeia card.jpg
Want to Buy
Sirocco card.jpg
Want To Buy
Sandryne card.jpg
Lady Faewood card.jpg
Muhur card.jpg
Want to Buy
Chopin card.jpg
Ferz card.jpg
Mensonge card.jpg
Want to Buy
Artrix card.jpg
Want to Buy
Loki 10 card.jpg
Papameilland card.jpg
Fritillaria card.jpg

NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg

NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg

NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg

NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg
NAME card.jpg

For Sale

Arcryt Armaros Archangel Andras Allen
Arcryt card.jpg
FArcryt.gif 25
Armaros card.jpg
FArmaros.gif 25
Archangel mlb card.jpg
NFS Archangel mlb.gif PC 50
Andras card.jpg
NFS Andras.gifPC 8
Allen card.jpg
F Allen.gif 14
Alichino Ancienne Brandimarte Bosie Bijou
Alichino card.jpg
NFSAlichino.gif PC 15
Ancienne card.jpg
NFSAncienne.gif PC 15
Brandimarte mlb card.jpg
X Brandimarte mlb.gif50
Bosie card.jpg
Lvl 48 Bosie.gif 50
Bijou card.jpg
NFS Bijou.gif PC 10
Belamere Caerulea Chopin Couleur Crimsyn
Belamere mlb card.jpg
NFS Belamere mlb.gif PC 1k
FCaerulea.gif 10
Chopin mlb card.jpg
NFS Chopin mlb.gif PC 120
FCouleur.gif 20
Crimsyn card.jpg
FCrimsyn.gif 15
Clepysdra Delphix Everlie Eva_10 Eries
Clepysdra mlb card.jpg
X Clepysdra mlb.gif 50
Delphix card.jpg
NFS Delphix.gif PC 20
Everlie card.jpg
FEverlie.gif 10
Eva 10 card.jpg
F Eva 10.gif 25
Eries card.jpg
F Eries.gif 15
Evariste Epimeleia_10 Ferz Fidelia Fidelity
Evariste card.jpg
NFSEvariste.gif PC 10
Epimeleia 10 mlb card.jpg
X Epimeleia 10 mlb.gif 25
Ferz card.jpg
NFSFerz.gif PC 60
Fidelia card.jpg
F Fidelia.gif 15
Fidelity card.jpg
NFS Fidelity.gif PC 50
Fritillaria Gremory_10 Ivory Israfela Jienn
Fritillaria card.jpg
NFS Fritillaria.gif PC 25
Gremory 10 mlb card.jpg
NFS Gremory 10 mlb.gif PC 200
Ivory card.jpg
F Ivory.gif 20
Israfela card.jpg
NFSIsrafela.gif PC 50
Jienn card.jpg
F Jienn.gif 15
Jukeini Katsuie_Shibata Kinto Karol Loki_(Xmas)
Jukeini card.jpg
F Jukeini.gif 20
Katsuie Shibata mlb card.jpg
NFS Katsuie Shibata mlb.gif PC 2K
Kinto card.jpg
F Kinto.gif 10
Karol mlb card.jpg
X Karol mlb.gif 50
Loki (Xmas) card.jpg
F Loki (Xmas).gif 25
Loki_10 Lilly Lorexia Liore Liore
Loki 10 mlb card.jpg
NFSLoki 10 mlb.gif PC 75
Lilly card.jpg
NFS Lilly.gif PC 50
Lorexia card.jpg
NFSLorexia.gif PC 25
Liore card.jpg
F Liore.gif 20
Liore mlb card.jpg
X Liore mlb.gif 25
Lady_Faewood Lilinette Lilinette Morgoth Merilda
Lady Faewood card.jpg
NFS Lady Faewood.gif1k
Lilinette mlb card.jpg
XLilinette.gif 1.5K
Lilinette card.jpg
NFS Lilinette.gif PC 1.5K
Morgoth card.jpg
F Morgoth.gif 15
Merilda card.jpg
F Merilda.gif 12
Matteo Maethys Masamune_Date Marlina Merilda
Matteo card.jpg
FMatteo.gif 15
Maethys card.jpg
FMaethys.gif 15
Masamune Date mlb card.jpg
X Masamune Date mlb.gif 75
Marlina card.jpg
FMarlina.gif 25
Merilda card.jpg
FMerilda.gif 15
Nobuyuki_Sanada Orthrus Pompey Quentin Qulperia
Nobuyuki Sanada card.jpg
F Nobuyuki Sanada.gif 20
Orthrus card.jpg
F Orthrus.gif 18
Pompey card.jpg
F Pompey.gif 15
Quentin card.jpg
MLB Quentin.gif 50
Qulperia card.jpg
FQulperia.gif 12
Raquelle Rock_Tortoise_10 Samari Sorin_Otomo Sandryne
Raquelle card.jpg
F Ventus.gif 20
Rock Tortoise 10 card.jpg
M Rock Tortoise 10.gif 50
Samari card.jpg
F Samari.gif 250
Sorin Otomo card.jpg
F Sorin Otomo.gif 25
Sandryne card.jpg
NFS Sandryne.gif PC 15
Sansa Shear Saule Shaldo Sadachika_Nagami_v2
Sansa card.jpg
NFS Sansa.gif PC 12
Shear card.jpg
F Shear.gif 12
Saule card.jpg
F Saule.gif 25
Shaldo card.jpg
M Shaldo.gif 25
Sadachika Nagami v2 mlb card.jpg
X Sadachika Nagami v2 mlb.gif 75
Tamayura Teeda Tsukiyomai Toire Takatora_Todo
Tamayura card.jpg
FTamayura.gif 15
Teeda card.jpg
FTakatora Todo.gif 20
Tsukiyomai card.jpg
FTsukiyomai.gif 15
Toire card.jpg
FToire.gif 12
Takatora Todo mlb card.jpg
XTakatora Todo mlb.gif 85
Violi Velvetta Ventus Wolfe Yukina
Violi card.jpg
FVioli.gif 12
Velvetta card.jpg
FVelvetta.gif 15
Ventus card.jpg
FVentus.gif 45
Wolfe mlb card.jpg
X Wolfe mlb.gif 1k
Yukina card.jpg
FYukina.gif 10

Phoenix m card.jpg
Briedara m card.jpg
Rosage m card.jpg
Annalise m card.jpg
Branor m card.jpg
Chambers m card.jpg
Cytherea m card.jpg
DC m card.jpg
Draecis m card.jpg
Dragon Zombie m card.jpg
Hestia m card.jpg
Kiersta m card.jpg
Materia m card.jpg
The Emerald Lady m card.jpg
Vinn m card.jpg
Chambers m card.jpg
Acala 9 m card.jpg
Diske m card.jpg
Shirayuki m card.jpg
Vivian 10 m card.jpg
Xogrid m card.jpg
Cage m card.jpg
Rapunzel 8 m card.jpg
Patmos 8 m card.jpg
Cinderella m card.jpg
Condena m card.jpg
Casia m card.jpg
Death m card.jpg
Hydrastea m card.jpg
Liere m card.jpg
Ichaival 7 m card.jpg
Rock Tortoise m card.jpg
Wood Golem m card.jpg
Njanna m card.jpg
Lamore m card.jpg
Passerina m card.jpg
Pixis m card.jpg
Saltaire m card.jpg
Siemens m card.jpg
Vermelho m card.jpg
Ximra m card.jpg
Zhuge Liange m card.jpg
Andoria m card.jpg
Cardiff m card.jpg

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