Three Step Packs 87

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Three Step Packs 87
Three Step Packs 87 banner.png
Start Date 2018-05-11
End Date 2018-05-14
Pack Type Step Up Packs
Related Event Dark Tides
The Dragon's Daughters
11★ 1
Three Step Packs 87 release.jpg

Pulling a Three Step Packs granted units, guaranteed 5★ or higher. Each subsequent step increased the chances for 7★+ units:

Step MobaCoin/Fanta Points Units 7★+ Chance
1 100 1 (base)
2 500 2 x 5
3 1000 5 x 25

Three Step Packs 87 included new units that granted bonuses in Dark Tides, a Legion Battle, and in The Dragon's Daughters, a Team Event.

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
New Units
Misty 11.gif Misty 11 icon.png
11 Magic 25 A 150 0 0 0 Slow, Knockback, Reviviscence Three Step Packs 87

Misty 11 card.jpg

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