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Miscellaneous Packs that don't fit into any of the regular types of card packs.

Team Event Packs grant a single unit in exchange for a ticket. The tickets are obtained as rewards through Team Events, and are only available for a limited time following the end of the event. There are generally three 'tiers' of Team Event tickets:

  • Basic Tickets: Packs contain a chance to include units from related event
  • SP Tickets: Packs are guaranteed to include units from related event
  • DX Tickets: Packs are guaranteed to grant the winning (highest rarity) unit from the related event
Pack Name Start Date End Date Exclusives
Star Ticket icon.png Star Packs 2 05/27/2018 06/11/2018 Blank icon.png
Princess Ticket icon.png Princess Packs 02/22/2018 02/26/2018 Hu Shen icon.png
11★ Hu_Shen
Demsel Ticket icon.png Demsel Packs 01/15/2018 01/22/2018 Lilith 11 v2 icon.png
11★ Lilith_11_v2
Beauty Ticket icon.png Beauty Packs 11/12/2017 11/20/2017 Rossetto 11 icon.png
11★ Rossetto_11
Dessert Ticket icon.png Dessert Packs 10/01/2017 10/09/2017 Mackie icon.png
11★ Mackie
Ride Ticket icon.png Ride Packs 09/10/2017 09/18/2017 Adly icon.png
11★ Adly
Athlete Ticket icon.png Athlete Packs 08/13/2017 08/22/2017 Miss Cue icon.png
11★ Miss_Cue
Duo Ticket icon.png Duo Packs 07/01/2017 07/09/2017 Felix & Huxley icon.png
11★ Felix_&_Huxley
Legend Ticket icon.png Legend Packs 01/14/2017 01/19/2017 Nebthet icon.png
11★ Nebthet
Star Ticket icon.png Star Packs 11/01/2016 11/10/2016 Schedar icon.png
11★ Schedar
Beach Ticket icon.png Beach Packs 09/??/2016 09/??/2016 Caladesi icon.png
10★ Caladesi
Heart Ticket icon.png Heart Packs 08/??/2016 08/??/2016 Lupri icon.png
10★ Lupri
Chess Ticket icon.png Chess Packs 02/??/2016 02/??/2016 Kora icon.png
10★ Kora
Homecoming Ticket icon.png Homecoming Packs 01/??/2016 01/??/2016 Tenille 10 icon.png
10★ Tenille_10
Waltz Ticket icon.png Waltz Packs 11/??/2015 11/??/2015 Adrienne icon.png
9★ Adrienne
Payoff Ticket icon.png Payoff Packs 10/16/2015 10/20/2015 Carmelia icon.png
9★ Carmelia
Reunion Ticket icon.png Reunion Packs 10/??/2015 10/??/2015 Eira 10 icon.png
10★ Eira_10
Promise Ticket icon.png Promise Packs 8/??/2015 9/??/2015 Aerina 10 icon.png
10★ Aerina_10
Weaver Ticket icon.png Weaver Packs 7/??/2015 7/??/2015 Mesure icon.png
9★ Mesure

Random style packs for purchase grant units available under a specific set of conditions, like low cost or high speed. These packs are almost always reprint packs, however are usually packaged with items for use in the current event. Prices may vary.

Pack Start Date End Date Related Event
High Speed Packs 3 banner.png
High Speed Packs 3
07/28/2017 07/31/2017 The Fantasica Chronicles 55 release banner.png
The Fantasica Chronicles 55
Play to Win banner.png
Play to Win
Multi Hit Packs banner.png
Multi Hit Packs
06/28/2017 06/29/2017 Palace in the Sky release banner.png
Palace in the Sky
High Speed Packs 2 banner.png
High Speed Packs 2
06/04/2017 06/07/2017 Case Closed! release banner.png
Case Closed!
High Speed Packs banner.png
High Speed Packs
03/30/2017 03/31/2017 Brush With Death release banner.png
Brush With Death
Speedy Striker Packs banner.png
Speedy Striker Packs
03/14/2015 03/15/2015 Broken Circuit release banner.png
Broken Circuit

Valor Packs were available at several points during June 2014. They were unique in that the tickets were able to be ground or farmed in Training. The second Vault can only be accessed by resetting the first Vault. Somewhat similar to Dream Packs, it is possible to completely empty your Vault (and then to reset it, if you wish).

Valor Packs are not to be confused with Dream Packs - while the latter sometimes also has tickets that can be obtained through event actions, they are also directly purchaseable and have a set number of cards. Valor Packs units can only be obtained through the direct exchange of the Tickets, and have no limit to pulls (other than number of tickets acquired).

Pack Name Start Date End Date Exclusives
Valor4 Ticket icon.png Valor4 Packs 6/26/2014 6/30/2014 Lluvia icon.png
6★ Lluvia
Valor3 Ticket icon.png Valor3 Packs 6/16/2014 6/19/2014 Rime icon.png
6★ Rime
Valor2 Ticket icon.png Valor2 Packs 6/9/2014 6/16/2014 Clotho icon.png
6★ Clotho
Valor Ticket icon.png Valor1 Packs 6/1/2014 6/12/2014 Duelo 6 icon.png
6★ Duelo_6
M Ticket icon.png Marybell Packs 3/16/2014 3/24/2014 Marybell icon.png
6★ Marybell

Vault Packs are unique in that they come with a large, preset number of pullable cards. The second Vault can only be accessed by resetting the first Vault. Somewhat similar to Dream Packs, it is possible to completely empty your Vault (and then to reset it, if you wish).

Pack Name Start Date End Date Exclusives
Vault Packs Season 1 1/23/2015 1/26/2015 9★ Ophan, 8★ Dianthus, 7★ Ghix

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