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Could include rates of getting the different cards. -ChaosCleff

It would take a LOT of tracking just to get even an estimate of the drop rates. The game itself gives no information about the drop rates :(. -Kadaan (talk)
Haha, true enough. Guess no one is bored enough to do that. Anyways, I was thinking about adding the names of the units under their respective images for ease of searching, and listing the training mission in which the units can be found in the units and monsters pages. Will be a little tedious, but if you're ok with it, I can spend some time doing it =). -ChaosCleff
I think it would be great if you would spend some time doing that because most newbies might want to know the names. -Shadowtail2013

Level 43+

Just noticed that there's now a Level 43 for training, titled "The Hunter's Forest" with turns costing 34 training points. Must be fairly recent, because I just hit the end of 42 a week or two ago, and at that time there was no level 43.

43-1 is titled "A Dark Wood." I've only seen 2 of the 4 cards so far (Dain in slot #2, Sahagin in slot #3).

43-2 is titled "A Winged Threat." Ian in slot #1, Carol in slot #2, and #3 is gold (but I don't yet know what card it is).

43-3 is titled "Bear Season." Emily in slot #1, Markku in slot #2, and #4 is gold.

43-4 is titled "Chickening Out." Gordon (#1), Dennis (#2), unknown/gold (#3), Goblin (#4)

43-5 is titled "Claw Marks." Markku (#1), William (#2), Emily (#3), unknown/gold (#4)

The Boss of level 43 is Chimera.

There's also a Level 44 ("Forward, Never Back", 34 training points per move)

44-1 is titled "The Strange Cemetary." Miranda (#1), unknown (#2), Dominique (gold, #3), Giant Bat (#4)

44-2 is titled "Boned." Dennis (#1), Emily (#2), Unknown (#3), Rabid Wolf (#4)

44-3 is titled "Paying Respects." unknown (#1), Markku (#2), unknown/gold (#3), Blood Lizard (#4)

44-4 is titled "Sleeping Dogs." Gordon (#1), Carol (#2), Kirill (#3/gold), unknown (#4)

44-5 is titled "Stoned." Natalie (#1), Ada (#2), Claire (#3), unknown/gold (#4)

BOSS monster

Every "walking" episodes are ended with special "boss fight" one. That is not mentioned in a slightest. Also, that boss fight gives a choice between calling a random ally or fighting singlehandedly. What does that choice change? Arioch (talk) 21:34, 24 October 2017 (UTC)

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