Soul Hunters Vengeance

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Soul Hunters Vengeance
Soul Hunters Vengeance announcement banner.png
Start Date 1/25/2013
End Date 2/4/2013
Event Type Training Event
Event Cards Chiara, Bernard, Forneus
Japanese Wiki Hunting of true beauty and soul
Preceded By Magic Academy
Followed By Mina's Trials of Whim 4
Soul Hunters Vengeance announcement.jpg

About Soul Hunters: Vengeance!

The Phantoms are back! Phantoms appear at random during training. defeat them and free the remaining Spirit Warriors from their captivity!

Defeat phantoms to gain BT Pts. Earn BT Pts to secure a high rank. Higher ranks give rare prizes!

You can also gain rewards by collecting Spirit Shards - an item that drops from phantoms once you've defeated them.

You can collect your Rank Rewards by tapping the "Receive" button on the Rankings page after the event has finished. If the reward is a card, and your unit list is full, it will be sent to your Inbox instead.

Fighting Phantoms

You can deploy one of your own units, and whatever allies come to your assistance, to do battle with a phantom.

You can increase the number of your own units that you can summon by using Life Wards.

Life Wards can only be used once per battle and are lost on use.

Once you have initiated battle with a phantom, you will need to defeat it within a certain window of time. If you don't, it will flee.

Furthermore, unit skills, such as poison or knockback, have no effect in phantom battles.

You can rechallenge previous phantoms that you have defeated or have fled, but they will start at full health at the beginning of the next battle.

Finally, equipping Special Units (more info below) will increase your chances of encountering rarer phantoms. The increase depends on the rarity of the special unit.

New Units

Some special units, when equipped as your leader unit, will grant bonuses exclusive to the Soul Hunters: Vengeance! event. You have a chance of pulling these new units in Premium Card Packs, Boxes, Megaboxes, and Season 2 of the Step-Up Packs.

Below is a list of the special units:

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Chiara.gif Chiara icon.png
6 Magic 30 D 150 76,220 86,110 61,165 Knockback Standard Card Packs
Added during Soul Hunters Vengeance
Bernard.gif Bernard icon.png
5 Melee 25 B 130 31,100 31,100 23,300 Slow Standard Card Packs
Added during Soul Hunters Vengeance
Forneus.gif Forneus icon.png
3 Missile 15 C 150 11,539 10,962 9,892 Standard Card Packs
Added during Soul Hunters Vengeance

These special units confer the following bonuses:

  • Increase your chances of meeting rarer phantoms.
  • Increase the damage of aura spikes sent from allies.

The amount of the increase depends on the rarity of the special unit.

These bonuses only apply to the Soul Hunters: Vengeance event.

Reward Units

The following units were rewards in Soul Hunters event:

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Rank Rewards
Grey.gif Grey icon.png
6 Melee 30 B 130 82,790 86,058 63,080 Poison Soul Hunters Vengeance
Rank Reward + Recruitment
1st - 15th
Oliver.gif Oliver icon.png
5 Missile 25 C 150 41,325 38,775 36,250 Knockback Soul Hunters Vengeance
Rank Reward + Recruitment
1st - 5th
16th - 200th
190 units awarded
Anne.gif Anne icon.png
4 Missile 15 D 130 23,507 9,323 17,087 Soul Hunters
Rank Reward + Recruitment
201st - 700th
Soul Hunters Vengeance
Rank Reward + Recruitment
301st - 700th
900 units awarded
Spirit Shard Rewards
Aragon.gif Aragon icon.png
6 Melee 30 A 130 66,120 46,340 46,340 Slow Soul Hunters Vengeance
BT Pts Reward
160,000 Spirit Shards
Seymour.gif Seymour icon.png
5 Missile 20 D 175 37,150 20,800 23,875 Area Attack Soul Hunters Vengeance
70,000 Spirit Shards Reward
Cleves.gif Cleves icon.png
4 Melee 15 B 130 18,370 10,179 13,051 Poison Soul Hunters Vengeance Reward
12,500 Spirit Shards


Boss Type Melee icon.png Missile icon.png Magic icon.png
Anne m.gif Anne m icon.png
4 Ground icon.png D C C
Mary m.gif Mary m icon.png
4 Air icon.png C D C
Henry m.gif Henry m icon.png
4 Air icon.png C C D
Elizabeth m.gif Elizabeth m icon.png
5 Ground icon.png C C D
Ethelred m.gif Ethelred m icon.png
6 Sea icon.png C D C
Oliver m.gif Oliver m icon.png
5 Ground icon.png C C C
Grey m.gif Grey m icon.png
6 Air icon.png D C C


Spirit Shard Rewards

Spirit Shards Reward
50 Aura spike icon.png Aura Spike
300 Life ward icon.png Life Ward
600 Brave Pts icon.png 600 Brave
1,000 Luna icon.png 30,000 Luna
2,500 Premium ticket icon.png Premium Ticket
3,500 Brave Pts icon.png 3,000 Brave
5,500 Potion icon.png Potion x 2
7,500 Life ward icon.png Life Ward x 2
Spirit Shards Reward
10,000 Aura spike icon.png Aura Spike x 2
12,500 Cleves icon.png 4★ Cleves
20,000 Luna icon.png 60,000 Luna
35,000 Life ward icon.png Life Ward x 3
70,000 Seymour icon.png 5★ Seymour
100,000 Potion icon.png Potion x 3
160,000 Aragon icon.png 6★ Aragon
180,000+ Soul stone l icon.png Soul Stone L x 3
(every 20,000 shards)

Rank Rewards

Rank Grey m icon.png
Oliver m icon.png
Leviathan icon.png
Anne m icon.png
Soul stone l icon.png Premium ticket2 icon.png Premium ticket icon.png Time elixir p icon.png
1st 6★ Grey 5★ Oliver 5★ Leviathan Soul Stone (L) x 5
2nd - 5th 6★ Grey 5★ Oliver
6th - 10th 6★ Grey Soul Stone (L) x 5
11th - 15th 6★ Grey
16th - 30th 5★ Oliver Soul Stone (L) x 2 4★+ Ticket x 2
31st - 50th 5★ Oliver 4★+ Ticket
51st - 100th 5★ Oliver Premium Ticket
101st - 200th 5★ Oliver
201st - 300th 5★ Leviathan 4★+ Ticket
301st - 400th 4★ Anne Premium Ticket x 2
401st - 500th 4★ Anne Premium Ticket
501st - 700th 4★ Anne
701st - 1,000th Premium Ticket x 3 Time Elixir(P) x 3
1,001st - 2,000th Premium Ticket x 3 Time Elixir(P) x 2
2,001st - 4,000th Premium Ticket x 2 Time Elixir(P) x 2
4,001st - 5,000th Time Elixir(P) x 3
5,001st + Time Elixir(P) x 2
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