Reach Packs

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Reach Packs
Reach Packs banner.png
Start Date 2015-04-18
End Date 2015-04-20
Related Event Heavens Reach
9★ 1
Reach Packs release.jpg

Purchasing from the Reach Packs granted you one of five pre-set card packs, each of which contained 5 units, one of which was already at a maxed level. All five packs have the same odds.

There's no limit to the number of packs you can purchase, and you can receive the same pack multiple times.

The Reach Packs included one new, exclusive 9★ Unit, Salamis which gave bonuses during the Heavens Reach event. All other units were reprints and did not offer bonuses.

Reprinted Units

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
New Units
Salamis.gif Salamis icon.png
9 Missile 30 C 175 208,536 231,502 222,246 Slow,

Reach Packs
Unlimited Challenger Packs 6
One Shot Packs 24
Challenger Packs 52
One Shot Packs 64
OP Unit Exchange
OP Unit Exchange 5
Akiva.gif Akiva icon.png
8 Melee 30 D 130 205,194 111,256 138,269 Knockback,

Iron Wall
Step Up Packs 47
Reach Packs
Challenger Packs 28
Sanctuary Packs
Dream Packs Summer Special
Dream Packs Season 79
Standard Card Packs
Christa.gif Christa icon.png
8 Melee 25 C 130 128,791 120,236 180,015 Area Attack,

Critical Shot
Step Up Packs 29
Reach Packs
Ultimate Plus Packs 17
Dream Packs Season 77
Dream Packs Season 86
Mini Wanderer Packs
Standard Card Packs
Meilen.gif Meilen icon.png
7 Missile 30 C 150 127,917 114,983 109,556 Poison,

Chain Lightning
Dream Packs Season 35
Standard Card Packs
Sela.gif Sela icon.png
7 Melee 25 B 130 120,716 95,791 99,653 Knockback,

Iron Wall
Step Up Packs 46
Standard Card Packs
Sullivan.gif Sullivan icon.png
7 Missile 20 C 150 118,063 104,177 92,194 Slow,

Quad Attack
Summoner Packs
Reach Packs
Mini Arcana Packs
Mini Stardust Packs
Standard Card Packs

Salamis card.jpg

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