Mini Stardust Packs

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Mini Stardust Packs
Mini Stardust Packs banner.png
Start Date 2016-01-10
End Date 2016-01-12
Pack Type Preset Packs
Related Event Under the Starry Skies
10★ 1
8★ 1
6★ 1
Mini Stardust Packs release.jpg

Purchasing from Mini Stardust Packs granted you one of five pre-set card packs, each of which contained 5 units.

There's no limit to the number of packs you can purchase, and you can receive the same pack multiple times.

Mini Stardust Packs included the new, exclusive units, 10★ Hrund and 8★ Svenne. Additionally, 6★ Aoide was introduced and added to Standard Card Packs. New units gave bonuses during the Under the Starry Skies training event. All other units were reprints and did not offer bonuses.


Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
New Units
Hrund.gif Hrund icon.png
10 Melee 30 B 130 288,797 293,692 274,270 Slow,

Penta Attack
Mini Stardust Packs
Ticket 10 Eta icon.png 10★ Eta Ticket Exchange
5 Star Plus Packs 24
Svenne.gif Svenne icon.png
8 Melee 30 B 130 149,745 179,619 115,615 Slow,

Nerve Strike
Mini Stardust Packs
Standard Card Packs
Aoide.gif Aoide icon.png
6 Magic 15 C 150 51,715 69,755 73,075 Slow,

Stone Breath
Standard Card Packs
Added during Under the Starry Skies
Reprinted Units
Elle.gif Elle icon.png
9 Magic 30 D 150 189,861 203,736 263,895 Poison December Flash Packs
Mini Stardust Packs
OP Unit Exchange
OP Unit Exchange 4
Janice.gif Janice icon.png
9 Melee 30 C 130 240,753 192,178 199,116 Slow Dream Packs Season 46
Challenger Packs 38
Mini Stardust Packs
Dream Packs Season 89
OP Unit Exchange
OP Unit Exchange 4
Lisbeth.gif Lisbeth icon.png
8 Melee 25 B 150 154,029 121,272 137,375 Poison,

Penta Attack
Dream Packs Season 51
Mini Stardust Packs
Standard Card Packs
Metatron.gif Metatron icon.png
7 Magic 20 C 130 99,702 101,314 88,211 Slow,

Elite Packs 2
Mini Stardust Packs
Standard Card Packs
Lorelai.gif Lorelai icon.png
7 Missile 10 C 150 80,485 96,218 85,154 Slow Dance Packs
Mini Stardust Packs
Standard Card Packs
Risa.gif Risa icon.png
7 Missile 15 C 150 99,629 86,670 82,832 Knockback,

Quad Attack
Step Up Packs 49
Mini Stardust Packs
Standard Card Packs
Sullivan.gif Sullivan icon.png
7 Missile 20 C 150 118,063 104,177 92,194 Slow,

Quad Attack
Summoner Packs
Reach Packs
Mini Arcana Packs
Mini Stardust Packs
Standard Card Packs

Hrund card.jpg

Svenne card.jpg

Aoide card.jpg

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