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Mirror Image
Mirror Image banner.png
Start Date 2018-08-14
End Date 2018-08-27
Event Type Colosseum Event
Event Cards Three Step Packs 94
5 Star Plus Packs 72
Preceded By On Ghostly Tides
Open Waters
Followed By The Fantasica Chronicles 66
Mirror Image release.jpg

Event Info

Are you ready for high stakes and higher adventure!

This event is divided into multiple areas. Fight your way through Areas I - IX and investigate!

At the end of each area lurks a boss. Defeat the boss to move on to the next area.

You can also fight with other players in the Battle of Heroes mode to earn BT Pts.

You may be eligible for prizes depending on the amount of BT Pts you have earned and the number of victories you have in the Battle of Heroes mode.

  • All rewards will be sent to your Inbox.

Event Schedule

The Mirror Image event will take place during the period listed below:

Start: August 14, 2018 at 12:00 am PST/PDT

End: August 27, 2017 at 10:00 pm PST/PDT

  • The above times may be subject to change without prior notice.
  • Rewards will be distributed after the event has finished.

Please check your Inbox after the end of the event.

Event Items

Use Warm Cordial within the event to temporarily boost the attack strength of your units, as well as your player life total for all event battles.

You will also receive an increased amount of BT Pts for a set amount of time.

You can occasionally find Warm Cordial (S) during Training.

The durations of these power-up items are listed below: Warm Cordial (L) - 2 min. Warm Cordial (S) - 10 min.

You will only receive a BT Pt bonus if you reach the Results screen within the active time limit.

  • Warm Cordial will not be usable in any future events and may be deleted at the end of the Point of Ignition event. Please be forewarned.

New Units

The following units introduced in Three Step Packs 94 gave bonuses in the Mirror Image event:

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Three Step Packs 94
Luanova.gif Luanova icon.png
12 Melee 20 B 130 388,935 388,935 388,935 Poison,
Iron Wall
Three Step Packs 94
Vida.gif Vida icon.png
10 Magic 25 B 150 232,902 258,086 258,086 Knockback,
Atk Boost (Female),
Three Step Packs 94
Passana.gif Passana icon.png
8 Missile 10 C 150 0 0 0 Knockback,
Speed Order
Three Step Packs 94

Reward Units

Unit Type C S R Ground icon.png Air icon.png Sea icon.png Skill Source
Okyo.gif Okyo icon.png
11 Magic 25 S 170 333,790 333,790 279,653 Slow,
Bale Storm
Mirror Image
Area 8 Clear Reward


Area Rewards

Area Pts to Clear Type Reward
Area 1 1,750 Missile ↑
Magic ↓
Warm Cordial (L)(Mirror) icon.png Warm Cordial (L) x 2
Area 2 17,500 Magic ↑
Melee ↓
Aurora Essence icon.png Aurora Essence x 3
Area 3 75,000 N/A Nerio icon.png Nerio x 1
Area 4 175,000 Missile ↑
Melee ↓
Bellona icon.png Bellona x 1
Area 5 750,000 Melee ↑
Missile ↓
Empyreal Orb icon.png Empyreal Orb x 5
Area 6 750,000 N/A ↓ Star Coin icon.png Star Coin x 4
Area 7 1,750,000 Magic ↑
Melee ↓
Empyreal Orb icon.png Empyreal Orb x 10
Area 8 1,750,000 Magic ↑
Missile ↓
Okyo icon.png 11★ Okyo x 3
Area 9 1,750,000 Magic ↑
Missile ↓
Aeroma icon.png Aeroma x 2

Victory Count Rewards

Victories Reward
1 Potion p icon.png Potion (P) x 5
5 Time elixir p icon.png Time Elixir (P) x 5
10 Earth Stone icon.png Earth Stones x 25
20 Nerio icon.png Nerio
30 Breeze Stone icon.png Breeze Stones x 25
40 Nerio icon.png Nerio

Victory Count Rewards

Victories Reward
50 Wave Stone icon.png Wave Stones x 25
60 Nerio icon.png Nerio
70 Life Stone icon.png Life Stones x 25
80 Bellona icon.png Bellona
90 Aurora Essence icon.png Aurora Essence x 3
100 Aerora icon.png Aerora

Every additional 50 victories, Aurora Essence icon.png Aurora Essence x 1 (first at 150).

No rank rewards.

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